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    Forum Rules


    Notice: The Owner/Managers reserve the right to change/edit/delete any content at any time if they feel it is inappropriate. 

    General Forum Rules: 

    Do not:

    • Flame or insult other members. - 1 day ban
    • Bypass the swear filter or other filters. - 1 day ban
    • Abuse or encourage abuse of the Reputation, Post Reporting, or Private Messaging Systems - 1 week ban
    • Post personally identifiable information (i.e. name, address, email, phone number, etc.) - - Permaban
    • Randomly Bump threads - 1 day ban
    • Don't -/+ support threads if you havent played on that server or have never met said person
    • Post links to phishing sites. - Permaban
    • Post spam (i.e. +1, 10char, rickrolls) or Re-post Closed, Modified, Deleted Content. - 1 day ban
    • Repetitively post in the incorrect forum (Application/Abuse reports) - 1 day ban
    • Openly argue with a moderator. Contact the Moderator via a private message. - 1 day ban
    • Create alternate, backup, or multiple accounts. - ban based on case 
    • Publicly post or otherwise share PMs with other users unless you have the expressed permission of the sender to do so. Private Messages are intended to be just that - Private - 1 week ban
    • Using someone else image that you do not have permission to use or have stolen without them knowing. - 1 day ban
    • Use the @ feature to tag staff in posts. - Warn/Ban
    • Use none English characters in your forum name or post - Name change/Post deletion 
    • Do not respond to custom jobs that are not yours. You should only be responding if you are being added to the job or if it is yours. - Warn/1 day ban



    The following topics are strictly off limits, including in external links:

    • Porn, gross stuff, or anything else not safe for work - 1 week ban
    • Piracy, warez, Leaked content. *Any* discussion of piracy will result in a permanent ban
    • Cheating, hacking, game exploits - 1 week ban
    • Threats of violence or harassment, even as a joke- 1 week ban
    • Posting copyrighted material - 1 day ban
    • Soliciting, begging, auctioning, selling, advertising, referrals - ban based on case
    • Racism, discrimination, this includes no disrespect - 1 day ban

    No Backseat Moderating:

    Let the Forum Moderators do the moderating. Backseat Moderating is when people who are not Moderators try to enforce the forum rules. Whenever you see a person breaking the rules, take advantage of the "Report this post to a moderator". Or simply IGNORE the offensive post(s) or thread. The most common backseat reply is the "+1 in before lock" phrase. Backseat moderating is annoying, and pointless.

    This also includes - Telling people they are accepted or denied on their app, telling people their getting demoted ect... This also includes ANY other jobs that staff do on the forums.

    Keep Negativity to a minimum we are gaming community!

    Signature/Supporting Apps/Quoting/Other

    Signature should not contain any Racial/Inappropriate content and Video's. Manager's+ Have the right to edit any signature without the player knowing if they feel it is breaking the rules. Please ensure your signature is sensible and does not contain text that is size 72 and bright green.

    Supporting apps. When supporting an app please ensure you give a valid reason. Do not go -/+ Supporting an app for a server you do not play on.

    Signature Should not contain any forum of Picture or Gif. (Graphic Signature art is allowed)

    You MUST NOT Quote/Reply to players in your application, Once you have posted your application Do NOT reply to anyone on that Application. If you do your Application can be DENIED

    Report Post to the Moderators:

    Should you observe a fellow forum member breaking these rules please report the post by clicking the Report Post button "" located to the left of every post, or feel free to contact any of the Forum Staff.


    Users who are found to be repeat offenders will be removed from the forums.

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