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    Frequently Asked Questions


    How to use this thread

    SMT along with our other staff get 100s of request and questions a day and that number is only growing due to our community growing. This thread serves to answer a lot of the questions we get asked daily and might save both yourself and our staff some time in the process.


    The best way to use this thread is to use your browser's Find feature (ctrl+f) and search up some keywords of what you might need help with. For example, if I got RDM'ed in-game or someone broke NLR and came back and stole all my hard earned Gaminglight Bucks then I might use Ctrl+F and search for RDM or NLR and scroll through until I find what might point me in the correct direction. 

    We hope that this does help you have a better experience here and please let us know if we should add a section to this so that we might better help others! Thank you!



    1. I was RDM/NLR/FailRP/etc
      • Most in-game issues should be handled in-game. No situation such as RDM/NLR/FailRP/etc should be brought to Superadmin+ in Teamspeak since that can be handled in-game and the staff in-game are more equipped to help with the issue.
    2. There is no one on to whitelist.
      • Unfornutely, we can not have people on 100% of the time to whitelist. We understand that this can be frustrating. Please just wait till someone gets online to whitelist. Do NOT spam discord, Teamspeak, or the website to get someone on to whitelist.
    3. The server crashed while I had printers/a base built. 
      • If it is on PoliceRP, you can refund your printers once the server comes back up. For the base, unfortunately, you'll have to rebuild it. ?  If it is on another server then we have no clue how you got a printer and you should probably hide them ? 
    4. Where can I find the workshop links?


    1. I was banned what do I do?
      • If you truly did something wrong then wait out your ban.
      • If you believe that you did nothing wrong or that there was missing information about what happened feel free to open a ban appeal on the forums under the server the ban was on.
      • If you actually did do something wrong and would like to apologize to the involved parties (we are a friendly community so we like this option), you can make a ban appeal and just say "Hey sorry I messed up. I didn't mean to do that. My bad." Depending on what you did, most of the time your ban will be shortened. 
    2. I want someone else banned.
      • Do you have evidence?
        • No -> Get evidence.
        • Yes -> Make a post under the correct server in Report Center.



    1. I donated for a Teamspeak channel but it didn't get made.
      • Unfornutely, we do not do Teamspeak channels automatically due to the permissions we set upon them. Please join a requesting SMT channel and one of them will be able to check your account for the donation and make the channel for you.
    2. I donated and the credits didn't show up on my account.
      • Did you use an eCheck on PayPal?
        • If so, allow 5-7 days for that to clear.
      • Otherwise, please join a support room with the following information ready: STEAMID and transactionID



    1.    Where are the forum rules?
    2. Why do I have to sign up with a steam account?
      • This is a much more secure way of making accounts and managing them. We do not see any of your steam account infomation on our end such as passwords, that is all handled on the steam site through API.
      • If you have an account from when we allowed email registration you will need to have it merged with your new steam account which has to be done by Zeeptin. Please message him with your old forum account name and your new forum account name (steam account). This does NOT require you to join his waiting room. Just message him.



    1. How do I transfer to another server in Gaminglight?
      • You must get permission from a HoS+ on both the server you are on currently and the server you want to transfer to. 
    2. I need my staff tags from a recent promotion/demotion.
      • Please message a HoS+ with the following information: Username, STEAMID, current rank, tags that you need removing and tags you need, who promoted you, and when.



    1. What is the Teamspeak IP?
      • ts.gaminglight.com
    2. Why is the security level so high?
      • It is not unusual for GMoD communities to get griefed by people joining on VPNs and alternate ID's. We do this so it makes it just a little bit harder to do all this. We appreciate you guys understanding so that you can have a better experience once in Teamspeak.

    Custom Jobs/Classes

    1. How often are custom jobs done?
      • Custom Jobs are usually done 2-3 times per week. If we are busier then they will be checked only once a week.
    2. Are custom jobs done in any order?
      • Yes, the custom jobs at the bottom of the thread are done first. (So if you spam post on the thread it will be the last one done probably)
    3. What is a weapon entity name?
      • A weapon entity name is a name that the code uses to identify that weapon. EX: tfa_csgo_negev
      • You can get this by going into the Q menu > weapons > find the category of the weapon > right click > copy to clipboard
    4. How do I get a playermodel path?
      • Subscribe to the playermodel addon on the workshop > restart your gmod > open singleplayer > Q menu > Under browser on the left panel go to addons > find the addon > right click the playermodel > copy to clipboard (be sure it is the playermodel and not the NPC it should have something like player or playermodel if there are multiple different models)
    5. Where can I find more info on custom jobs?
      •  This post is pretty detailed. If this does not answer all your questions then feel free to ask a staff member.
    6. How do I pay for custom job additions (EX extra players, extra armor, extra weapons)
      • These MUST be paid for using the "Custom Donation - $10/$20" under the where you buy credits.
      • We do NOT accept credits under any circumstance for custom job additions.
    7. I want to buy out a custom class in-game where the owner is either blacklisted or never plays anymore.
      • We do allow people to buyout custom jobs of players that no longer player on the server.
      • We offer these at discount prices that are marked down from the original total that it cost to get everything on the job.
      • This is a great way to get a custom job with a lot of additions for cheaper than you would buying your own.
      • If you are interested in doing this. First, figure out who the owner is and if they still play. Then message Zeeptin with the custom job name and the steamid of the owner. He will then give you a quote for how much the custom job will be at the discounted price. That quote is only valid for that one day. As future quotes will probably be more expensive.


    1. What is the discord link?
    2. Someone is spamming, abusing, etc. in discord.
      • Report this to a discord administrator


    1. I am being harassed in-game, Teamspeak, website, discord, steam, or Snapchat relating to Gaminglight.
      • If it is on Snapchat, for future reference you shouldn't add people from Gaminglight on Snapchat regardless. If you are being harassed though, take a screenshot of the messages. Do not be surprised if nothing is done because it is hard to link a snapchat name with a Gaminglight player.
      • Before taking any harassment to SMT+, consult another lower staff member to see what they think about the situation and if they can mediate the situation for you. Majority of these "harassment" cases are actually not harassment at all but just a misunderstanding.
      • That staff member will then refer the case to SMT+ if they believe that there is an actual problem.
    2. Is racism allowed?
      • No. If you are being racist don't get upset when you get blacklisted from our community. 


    1. What is a blacklist?
      • A blacklist is a ban from all of Gaminglight services. This includes the website, all servers, teamspeak, discord, etc. If you get blacklisted you are not welcome to play on our community anymore.
    2. Why might I be blacklisted?
      • If we believe you are not playing on our servers to roleplay in a friendly manner with other players you could be subject to a blacklist.
    3. Can I appeal my blacklist?
      • No, blacklists are inherently unappealable.
      • We know our community is the best community on this Earth and everyone wants to play here BUT if you get blacklisted it is probably best to move on to another community.






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