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    1944RP Rules





    1944RP MOTD


    Use @ to contact an Admin


    Joining our TeamSpeak (ts.gaminglight.com) is a REQUIREMENT when playing on our server!


    Workshop Link - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1740478410


    No anti-semitism on both sides


    • Loopholing is not allowed for any rules

    • No RDM at any time killing can only be implemented in war or other situations check war rules for more information

    • Don’t talk out of character unless told to by a staff member

    • No forms of racism at any time

    • Don’t use any scripts, exploits or any type of game-breaking mechanics

    • No disrespect in OOC/adverts this can lead to an in-game punishment as well as an OOC punishment

    • Anything that would be considered FailRP so anything you wouldn’t do in real life you wouldn’t do in-game

    • No spawn-killing

    • No metagaming

    • No mic/camera spamming

    • No foul language in OOC/in-game

    • No purposefully offensive roleplay names

    • No teamkilling

    • Don’t spam admin chat please be patient if you do not receive assistance after 10 minutes you may use admin chat again however constant messages might get you warned

    • Don’t argue with staff if you have a problem with a staff member report it on the forums in the staff reports section

    • Don’t make a false staff call. Wasting our staff members time is punishable

    • Your RP name should always contain your name and your rank

    • Common Sense rules apply anything that can cause harm to players, the server, to the community, or affect roleplay is against the rules at any time.

    • Once one side calls debrief both sides must go back to base and wait for further notice (Debrief cannot be called after every hour)

    • Do not disrespect any or either of the sides at any time.

    • Do not use any emotes that does not fit into roleplay.


    Donator rules

    • You can use any donation job you want however if you are caught continuously only playing on one job in a different faction other than your own you will be forced to be in that faction and receive a two-rank demotion.

    • Any abuse of a donation job that can cause harm to the server will lead to the subject being removed from the donation job.

    • Do not give people who haven’t donated your donation weapons.

    • You CAN NOT talk as an animal! You may use /OOC or /me to Communicate.

    • As the Messenger Pigeon, you may not no-clip underneath the map or through other solid objects.

    • You cannot use any donation weapons on any of the animal jobs that are Tier 4.

    •  do not use donation Vehicles if you are not a part of a mechanized infantry units and make sure that Transport, Scout or Medevac jobs are not using tanks whatsoever.


    War rules

    • You must leave your base to go out to war.
    • All players should focus on the objective of the game mode.
    • Baiting is considered FailRP all players need to participate in a war. Baiting is considered standing next to your base.
    • All Points must be captured in order from beginning to last. (EX: Allies must capture point A to point E in order and Germans vice versa form E to A) 
    • You can not shoot at a medical transport if you do it is considered FailRP.
    • Tanks should not be driven underwater or vertical hills/walls.
    • No corkscrewing. (When two planes are flying in a circle more than two times in a row)
    • No air to air kamikaze. (no airplane ramming)
    • No purposely kamikazeing to infantry or vehicles.
    • You can not drop your weapon for other people to pick up and use.
    • You must have permission to leave base by a Team Leader(NCO)+.
    • No suiciding with a rocket launcher.
    • No vehicle ramming. (it also means you cannot run over players as well)
    • Tank crewmen must have two or more people inside a tank to operate it.
    • You must move in a squad of 3 or more people to attack objectives.
    •  do not customize your vehicles unless it is a camo. (if a certain vehicle has a skin that does not represent your side do not use it)
    • B-hopping in combat is discourage on the server if caught doing excessively by a staff member, you can be warned for FailRP.



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