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Brock's t-mod app

Should i get T-mod   3 votes

  1. 1. SHould i get t-mod

    • yes
    • no... plz leave a reason why it would be appreciated

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  1. What is your in-game name?: Brock Jones
  2. What is your steam name?: b-quack

  • What is your steam ID?:STEAM_0:1:196539692                               

  • Do you have any other experience with staffing?: (If yes, explain) Yes I was t-mod on Gaminglight's Star Wars rp server and I have experience with on a dark rp server as admin

  • What date did you start playing on the community? (roughly) November 15 2016 I believe or somewhere around that time

  • What date did you make your forums account? April 2nd

  • Current rank on server (This is a ULX rank ONLY! Not a RP Rank)? member

  • How many warns do you have on the server?0

  • Have you donated? Not yet when I get paid I'm pretty sure I will I love to support gaminglight

  • What rank are you applying for? t-mod

  • Have you read the staff guidelines at http://gaminglight.com/main/topic/8889-staff-handbook/? You will be tested on it: yes read and understood

  • Timezone: Pacific standard time

  • Permission (Admin+ need this): Mad Mazzy

  • Why do you believe that you deserve the rank? (Can be any length) I believe I deserve this rank because I love to help gaminglight whether its donations or helping out as t-mod. My main goal if I were to get this rank is to make the game better for everyone and what I mean by that is to take all the minges away and just have the players that wanna play stay and learn the game properly and not have minges ruin it for everyone and just showing to the minges that we will take them away it will improve the server people will wanna join because they will know that this server doesn't stand for minges they want real genuine player to play and have a fun time

  • How would you handle someone that is Mass RDMing and when you bring him/her to an admin sit all they do is curse at you? I would tp jail them to me and try to talk to them and ask them if they will listen to me and if they continue to curse I will gag them and mute them so they will listen and not interrupt me I would lay all the evidence that I have I would show him and ask why he did what he did and I would then unmute and gag him and ask him if he keeps cursing than gag and mute him again I would call a higher up and tell them what happened than warn him for Mass RDM and personally I would also warn him for staff diss because of his cursing.


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