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      Options>Other>Allow all custom files from server
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  1. [COL] Yeezus

    I miss being an manger I might apply for gaminglight  :3

  2. iPoopLegos

    [OLD] Promoted to Assistant to the Special Agent-In-Charge (ASAIC) of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI.)


    PoliceRP - Government - FBI

  3. iPoopLegos

    Promoted to Moderator (MOD) of the PoliceRP Administration.


    PoliceRP - Staff

  4. iPoopLegos

    Promoted to Trial Moderator (TMOD) of the PoliceRP Adminstration.


    PoliceRP - Staff

  5. iPoopLegos

    [OLD] Promoted to Lance Corporal (LCPL) of the United States Air Force (USAF.)


    MilitaryRP - United States - Air Force



    The USAF ranks have been changed since my promotion. My rank may now be Staff Sergeant (SSGT.)

  6. Majorr » Levi

    Blooper dooper, In yo feedoo

    1. [COL] Yeezus

      I feel like u are mad cause ur not staff anymore :3

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  7. John_

    Im looking to raid some pantries. Will yours be next?

  8. Kaeden

    Hoping to become A T-Mod on this amazing server... Fingers crossed

  9. Levi

    when you feel like it, most likely you don't actually do it - Levi


  10. Subzone

    Im Dead Inside

  11. jonathan5863 » Blaziken

    what the hell dude you first banned the wrong guy in police rp for a week and now today a try to join and now I got 16 days what dude you got the wrong guy and banned my for no reason for 16 days i don't use my prop gun ok please help my

  12. Gaur

    Hi Everyone visiting my page!!! :0

  13. Killerj1812

    I am on LOA for Band Camp untill June 29th

  14. iPoopLegos

    Promoted to Commander [CMDR] of the Lego US Army Regime


    WalkingDeadRP - Government - US Army - LAR

  15. iPoopLegos

    [OLD] Promoted to Specialist (SPC) of the United States Air Force (USAF.)


    MilitaryRP - US - USAF

  16. iPoopLegos

    Promoted to Private First Class (PFC) of the United States Air Force (USAF.)


    MilitaryRP - US - USAF

  17. TheListener

    Just got off the server


  18. Topper

    Im on the StarWarsRp server. Come on the server guys we need more players. Its an amazing server.

  19. Ghosted » Alsher

    Dude I need me tags on TS and the server Ive lost them after my LOA was put up in SZ fourms

  20. [AWOL] Jojo

    I'm crazy

  21. iPoopLegos

    [OLD] Promoted to Trooper in the Illinois State Police.


    PoliceRP - Government - State Troopers

  22. Seal Of Approval

    Just realized there is a status feed.

  23. Sherlock Holmes

    I am on LOA.

  24. KrimsonWT » Alsher

    Happy Sloth Day Alsher