1. USN Major

    Hey i am really happy to be apart of the community!!! 

  2. KrimsonWT » Alsher8

    Happy Sloth Day Alsher

  3. KrimsonWT » Kenny














    Com now

    Grab your gun ! Today we'll Won!



    Sailor's Fun!!!

    (Good ol Navy) 

    Thanks for fighting for our Country Kenny c:

  4. iPoopLegos

    Promoted to Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI.)


    PoliceRP - Government - FBI

  5. iPoopLegos

    [OLD] Fired from the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team due to "inactivity." (I apparently put the LOA in the wrong place, even know I put it there so that people wouldn't get annoyed by me putting LOAs all over the place.


    PoliceRP - Government - SWAT

  6. Brandon.

    We stand for our heroes, and kneel for our fallen. 
    Semper Fidelis 

    Herb Dover - April 24th 2017  

    Daniel Mcvicker - October 6th 2005 


  7. Peco :D

    "Kill Yourself"

    (This is for the people who are having a rough time out there, now listen up:)

    Have you ever felt sad or lonely?
    Have you even felt two feet tall?
    Have you ever thought, "Man if only I was anybody else at all"
    They like to kick you when times get rough
    And you give your all but it's not enough

    And sticks and stones might break your bones
    But words can break your heart
    And if you don't know where to go
    I'll show you where to start

    Kill yourself
    It will only take a minute
    You'll be happy that you did it
    Just go over to your oven and shove your head in it
    Kill yourself
    Really, you should do it
    There's really nothing to it
    Just grab a mug and chug a cup of lighter fluid

    I sound un-empathetic
    I sound mean and rude
    Suicide is an epidemic, and I don't want to be misconstrued
    Signs of depression go overlooked
    So if you're depressed, then you need to book

    A therapy session, talk about your depression
    Let a professional hear it
    But if you search for moral wisdom in
    Katy Perry's lyrics, then

    Kill yourself
    It won't be painful
    If you are able
    To give a little kiss to an oncoming train, you'll
    Kill yourself
    It's over, mull it
    There's a trigger, pull it
    Get it through your head, it being a bullet

    Stick your tongue in a plug
    Suck a pipe of exhaust
    Make some toast in the tub
    Nail yourself to a cross
    Hold your breath till it's gone
    Drink a gallon of mace
    Be *** in Iran
    Let Oprah sit on your face
    Jump off of a bridge
    Skinny dip in a flood
    Sky dive attached to a fridge
    Drink a Haitian guy's blood
    Break into the zoo
    Give a tiger a shove
    Eat a Philips head screw
    Marry Courtney Love

  8. Brandon.

    oorah Re-Enlisting 0317 

  9. Sloppy Joe

    famous quote by sloppy joe '' I like funny people peace''

  10. Sloppy Joe

    I like funny people peace

  11. Duke » Zeeptin

    So.. I am in a predicament... I can't get on for the staff meetings, because it is normally past my bed-time (Yea, It's around 10:30 for my timezone)...

  12. Vladimir Lenin

    One day, I really think I should apply for Senior Officer.

  13. Superfruge

    PoliceRP getting more btr day by day :)

  14. Lance Good

    I'm about to make ISIS become WASWAS.

  15. Lance Good

    Going Offline. See y'all in the afternoon!

  16. Scheffer

    Now CPT in USMC I have made it my mission to improve the MC to make it the most feared and respected branch in the game.

    So my first act is to help get the MC Heavy Gunner Back for more info and +Support click here ---->      http://gaminglight.com/main/topic/9462-usmc-heavy-gunner-class-and-we-want-it-back-please/


    USMC MARSOC CPT Scheffer


  17. Scheffer

    thank for everyone's support and feedback on my CPT App I hope everything goes well and when a CPT spot opens up I hope I get it!   

  18. iPoopLegos

    Promoted to Senior Special Agent (SNRSA) of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)


    PoliceRP - Government - FBI

  19. iPoopLegos

    Promoted to Sergeant Major (SM) of the Police Department (PD)


    PoliceRP - Government - Police

  20. iPoopLegos

    Promoted to Master Sergeant (MSG) of the Police (PD)


    PoliceRP - Government - Police

  21. iPoopLegos

    Promoted to Sergeant (SGT) of the Police Department (PD)


    PoliceRP - Government - Police

  22. iPoopLegos

    Promoted to Valvano Weed Grower (WVG) of the Valvanos (Gangsters)


    PoliceRP - Criminal - Gangsters - Valvano

  23. Trilogy


    Slitting My Wirst

    Telling My Girlfriend I love her.

    She apperently cuts too

    We cut together. <3