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Status Updates

  1. iPoopLegos

    [OLD] Promoted to Corporal (CPL) of the US Army (US.)


    MilitaryRP - USA - US Army

  2. iPoopLegos

    Demoted to Master Sergeant (MSG) of the Taliban (Tali) for being promoted too fast.


    MilitaryRP - Taliban - Taliban

  3. iPoopLegos

    Promoted to Specialist (SPC) of the Taliban Guardsmen (GM)


    MilitaryRP - Taliban - Taliban Guardsmen

  4. iPoopLegos

    Promoted to Major (MAJ) of the Taliban (Tali)


    MilitaryRP - Taliban - Taliban

  5. Fuurlix

    I love dank memes

  6. iPoopLegos

    [OLD] Promoted to General (GEN) of the Soviet Air Force (RUAF)


    MilitaryRP - Russia - Soviet Air Force

  7. Gustard

    Want a cool Profile Pic like mine? 


  8. TimTheGrizBear

    Left Military yesterday, The next day, my girlfriend moved away, now I have to dump her 😢

  9. Dom

    When they remove your post and don't tell you why

    *insert sad face here*

  10. iPoopLegos

    Promoted to Corporal (CPL) of the Police Department (PD)


    PoliceRP - Government - Police

  11. iPoopLegos

    [OLD] Promoted to Special Agent (SA) of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)


    PoliceRP - Government - FBI

  12. iPoopLegos

    Promoted to Lance Corporal (LCPL) of the Police Department (PD.)


    PoliceRP - Government - Police

  13. Baba Shan » Zeeptin

    Is this where I apply for Moderator?

  14. iPoopLegos

    Promoted to Colonol (COL) of the Soviet Air Force (RUAF) Squadron B (SQB)


    MilitaryRP - Soviet Air Force - Squadron B

  15. iPoopLegos

    Promoted to Second Lieutenant (2LT) of the Soviet Airforce (RUAF) Squadron A (SQA)


    MilitaryRP - Soviet Air Force

  16. sewerhole

    praise the utah!

  17. iPoopLegos

    Promoted to Staff Sergeant (SSGT) of the Soviet Airforce (RUAF.)


    MilitaryRP - Soviet Airforce

  18. iPoopLegos

    Promoted to Airman First Class (AFC) of the Soviet Airforce (RUAF)


    MilitaryRP - Soviet Airforce

  19. iPoopLegos

    Promoted to Airman (AMN) of the Soviet Airforce (RUAF)


    MilitaryRP - Soviet Airforce

  20. iPoopLegos

    Promoted to Private (PVT) of the Clone Troopers (CT.)


    StarwarsRP - Normal Troopers

  21. iPoopLegos

    Demoted to Member for "abusing" Jeff.

    1. iPoopLegos

      MilitaryRP - Staff

  22. Betel

    I think three more days till i can request for admin again? woohooo! oh how i can't wait to be admin again, i actually miss doing sits to be honest, i remember when i first got mod i stayed on it non stop and Basic even said ''get off duty there is like 6 people on and rp'' and i said ''why?'' ''this is a lot of fun!'' anyway can't wait!

  23. iPoopLegos

    Promoted to Senior Patrol Officer (SNR) of the Police.


    PoliceRP - Police