1. Mitchel » Zeeptin

    Zeeptin can you pm ASAP!

  2. iPoopLegos

    Promoted to Vice Commander (VCMDR) of the United States Air Force (USAF.)


    MilitaryRP - United States - Air Force


    [OLD] Promoted to Sergeant Major (SGTMAJ) of the Spetsnaz (SZ.)


    MilitaryRP - Russia - Spetsnaz


    [OLD] Promoted to General Of the Armies (GOA) of the Afghani Armed Forces (AAF.)


    MilitaryRP - Taliban - AAF


    [OLD] Promoted to Captain (CPT) of the United States Military Police (USMP.)


    MilitaryRP - United States - Military Police


    [OLD] Promoted to Operator (OP) of the 116th Military Intelligence Branch (MIB.)


    MilitaryRP - United States - Military Police - 116th





  3. iPoopLegos

    That moment when you’re one rank higher in the USMP than in the USAF and switch to the US roster thinking it’s the USAF roster and nearly having a heart attack thinking that you just got promoted secretly and then suddenly see United States Military Police at the top and feel immediately saddened and then ashamed as you realise that you still get to be a USAF 1LT CPTMP anyway, (I know, this happens to a lot of people and so that’s why I’m addressing it.)

    1. iPoopLegos

      Ashamed as in ashamed that you felt saddened. “A tinge of guilt” would also have worked.

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  4. Star

    Missing my BB fiqar :'(


  5. Gaur » The Real Tupac

    Miss you Tupac, Come back! Lol

  6. jmsxbox


  7. Naby

    Which curry

  8. [GL]Ghost


  9. Everyday Bro » th3watchful

    Wus Poppin B, I have no idea how to add people.

    1. th3watchful

      yo ill follow you, have it set so people cant follow me


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  10. Aowwl » Colt45

    u profil pic kul thang

  11. Aowwl » Gustard

    Awh shit. You really left :(

  12. Cherry 9 news » Zeeptin

    Please PM ASAP, it's very important.

  13. Tole

    Right know i feel relived because i got banned for 1 day and reason was "valk".Don't  know why but some admins were calling me the ni*** and stuff don't know why maybe because they had to be on administrator for 1 week to become a mod I feel bad for all of the Trial mods they have to be on administrator for over 100 hours that's a lot of hour. The reason why i feel relived is i needed this ban so I could feel free and not worry about pd meetings witch they are probaly going to be like 500 pd meetings while all of the 20 people that got banned ya 20 people some i belive got perma ban i feel bad for them.Well everyone that is reading this right now have a nice day or night what ever time it is and all the people that are reading this always smile more and stay positive.


  14. iPoopLegos

    Demoted to Trainee of the Illinois State Police for alleged ordering around Troopers as PD SM.


    PoliceRP - Government - State Troopers

  15. // Jamess \\

    Whats this kek.

  16. iPoopLegos

    [OLD] Promoted to Assistant to the Special Agent-In-Charge (ASAIC) of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI.)


    PoliceRP - Government - FBI

  17. iPoopLegos

    Promoted to Moderator (MOD) of the PoliceRP Administration.


    PoliceRP - Staff

  18. iPoopLegos

    Promoted to Trial Moderator (TMOD) of the PoliceRP Adminstration.


    PoliceRP - Staff

  19. iPoopLegos

    [OLD] Promoted to Lance Corporal (LCPL) of the United States Air Force (USAF.)


    MilitaryRP - United States - Air Force



    The USAF ranks have been changed since my promotion. My rank may now be Staff Sergeant (SSGT.)

  20. Majorr » Levi

    Blooper dooper, In yo feedoo

  21. John_

    Im looking to raid some pantries. Will yours be next?