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  1. Texas added a post in a topic What's the difference   

    i'd beg to differ
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  2. Texas added a post in a topic What's the difference   

    beyond things, to many that I want to list cause I could name a lot come talk to me in ts if u really wanna know 
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  3. Texas added a post in a topic New Job's/Weapons - Added to Donation store?   

    could be mingy tho.... but looks good otherwise
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  4. Texas added a topic in FBI   

    Texas's AD App
    What is your in-game name?: Texas
    What is your in-game rank?: FBI Deputy AD
    Who gave you permission?: FBI Director NoOne, FBI Chief of Staff Nolan, FBI ADD Nimo (he just wanted to if he could so I just put him here)
    Why do you think you deserve your rank?: I think I deserve this for a lot but I will just name a few so this wont go on for long. I have been in FBI for a while but not that active since recently because I couldn't really do much so I am trying to work up the ranks so I can give FBI discipline that they need to stay in shape. I also would host FBI meetings more often to give others a chance for a promotion. Going back to the discipline thing,  I have a ton of experience of command and I do thing fast and disciplined and correct. I am also CMDR of the FBI Drill Team and I don't really go easy. If you disrespect me, expect to run 15 laps around outskirts is what I mean. I am also Very respected in FBI by many people (almost all) in FBI. I am also very trustworthy, I am an admin on another server so that gives me a little respect from others and high staff. I am also a great rp'er when needed I know most of my rules of PRP (still learning some). I would just let FBI have a chance to be better.(BTW NoOne Gave me permission to copy and past my EAD app)
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  5. Texas added a post in a topic Teamspeak Requirement - MilitaryRP - MUST READ   

    Good choice!
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  6. Texas added a post in a topic NoOne's Tmod App   


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  7. Texas added a post in a topic How To Play GTA Online   

    yea lol
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  8. Texas added a topic in General   

    How To Play GTA Online
    This will just be telling u a couple things about GTA Online To make playing it better.
    First off follow the MOTD by typing !motd in game chat to view all our rules me and snar made so there wouldn't be so much havoc.
    All of our staff on GTA are really busy with the server coming out so if we don't respond to your admin call immediately please wait cause we are doing something important.
    When you log no to GTA you will become a citizen, that is our default criminal class. Follow the MOTD!
    If you want to become a part of PD, go to PD (when you leave spawn, turn right and there is a door across the street, that's PD) Follow the MOTD!
    If you want to become a medic, got to hospital (go strait out of spawn, until your at the gas station, then make a right, then the hospital is on your left) Follow the MOTD!
    Also, If you find a bug, please report it in the bugs section of GTA Online.
    If you have any further questions, please post them in the comments below.
    If you want a gun, go to the gun dealer (take a right out of spawn, keep walking till you hit that garage place, make a right then a left then go into the stores).
    If you want to repair/get a lockpick (go to the gun dealer, make a left and its the closest shop to hospital).
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  9. Texas added a post in a topic Jabs Savage $2Mil Giveaway   

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  10. Texas added a post in a topic Marsgaming's 500K giveaway   

    743 I got it! xD
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  11. Texas added a post in a topic Marsgaming's 500K giveaway   

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  12. Texas added a post in a topic New Staff Meeting Time - 7pm EST - Saturday   

    Nice hopefully now I can make em'
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  13. Texas added a post in a topic Tupac's Major Promotion App   

    +/- Support
    -haven't really seen on lately
    +great guy
    +goods friend
    +knows what he's doing
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  14. Texas added a post in a topic Texas's EAD App   

    I got perms.... To  apply for this rank
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