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  1. Oden added a post in a topic Androntel's Brigadier General Application   

    +Active on forms / Team-speak
    +Fit for BG
    +Knows how to deal with most problems
    +calm and collect in situations
    +Not spades (<3 spades)
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  2. Oden added a post in a topic Chikens BG app   

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  3. Oden added a post in a topic USMC MARSOC 1LT Keulono - CPT App   

    Not sure how much my word means anymore but +support
    +good leader / teacher
    +chill guy
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  4. Oden added a post in a topic USN Vice-commander tryouts   

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  5. Oden added a post in a topic NAVY MANDATORY MEETING #2   

    Are you on LOA?
    plus this is such an old post
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  6. Oden added a post in a topic NAVY SEAL APPLICATION FROM CASH   

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  7. Oden added a topic in Navy   

    USN Vice-commander tryouts
    The try outs will be held Monday 8/21/17 after noon at 1:00 pm EST eastern standard time
    Please be in game and on TeamSpeak, thank you
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  8. Oden added a post in a topic Marsgaming's Weekends activity   

    Oden dose not approve
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  9. Oden added a post in a topic NAVY MANDATORY MEETING #2   

    Wonderful job Androntel, keep it up
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  10. Oden added a topic in US Military   

    Oden's General Application
    1.What Is Your In-game Name : Lieutenant General AHTO Oden
    2.What is your current Rank : Lieutenant General
    3.What branch are you currently a Gen of : United States Navy
    4.Why Do You Want To Be a General?(30-50 Words Min): Rising through the ranks has been so much fun making new friends along the way and some hard decisions but that is what I like most about being a general it challenges you and you learn something new with every step you take, after a while I can step back and look at everything I have influenced, created and done over the corse of time. I take a lot of pride in my work as a LTG and I want to become general so I can take that one step further. Being General means I have a voice in who becomes General. I want to be General because I still have more I want to do and Accomplish and being a General will allow me to do that.
    5.Who Would Like To See You As A General?(One General, Three Officers MIN) : USN 1LT mp Syrup / USAF MAJCOM TTO Mala / USN Commander MPS Androntel / US Vice Commander Strike /  General AHTO Mazzy / 
    6.Why Should We Trust You With General?(This Is A High Rank In The U.S) : I have been apart of GamingLight for some time now. I have been trusted with the upkeep of the US Army and US Navy. I am always on TeamSpeak. I have achieved the trust of GamingLight by becoming Admin. GamingLight is an awesome community and I would do anything to make it better and better. I would do anything to make sure that no wrong is done to the GamingLight Community of MilitaryRP. I vow that I will do my up most best with out fail. By making to the US Military the best it can be. I have been trusted enough to rise up through the rank of the Minor General ranks and being trusted with every branches roster so that I may help them. You have already trusted me with so much including Communicating with the other Generals. If there is every a doubt that I am not trust worthy or you feel that I have done something wrong or made a mistake you are almost always able to contact me via TeamSepeak / Steam / Discord.
    7.Why should we accept you over other Applicants? : In my time as a general I have learned to look at the big picture, one small change could be one drastic outcome. I can thoroughly examine a situation and make sure I am making the right choice for the better of the US Army, even if that means If I have to put my foot down and make a choice that isn't very popular. I have the proper mindset for being a General. I am capable and driven to lead the US Army because
    8.What Is Your Rank On The Server?(I.E; Admin, Platinum V.I.P) :  Supporter / Admin
    9.What Is Your Timezone? : EST / Eastern standard time
    10.Have You Donated To The Server? : yes
    11.How Often Can You Be On?:  everyday
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  11. Oden added a post in a topic Hazard's Brigadier General Application   

    +/- support
    When he was in the Army he was one of my best officers. I would of loved to see him as A vice commander/commander he had so much potential to be a leader. But sense he move out of my branch I have not kept an eye on him like I used to and a person can change and idk he to well so I will stay neutral for now, best of luck hazard
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  12. Oden added a post in a topic US VCMDR Perry's Brigadier General Application   

    ~seriousRPer / fun guy to be around
    ~I 100% believe this man could get the army back on its feet
    ~ fit for BG
    ~ Active in TeamSpeak (stay our of the Navy channel nerd xD)
    ~The US Army needs a general sense they don't have one *cough* *cough*
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  13. Oden added a post in a topic Hazard's Brigadier General Application   

    good app
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  14. Oden added a post in a topic NAVY MANDATORY MEETING   

    ^^^^^^^^ When you make a post on your phone.^^^^^^^^
    But other wise good job
    If you do not show up to the meeting and you have not made a post HERE (with the format above) saying you can not make the meeting or you will be given a Strike!
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  15. Oden added a topic in Archive   

    Oden`s Recruitment Application
    In-Game Name: Lieutenant General AHTO Oden
    Steam Name: xG:A || Oden [GL]
    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:90310520  /  76561198140886768
    Are you a Moderator+? Yes 
    How many post do you have on the website? 110
    How often do you play your server? I try to get on for at least an hour a day if not more but I am almost always in Team-Speak
    What timezone are you in? EST / Eastern Standard Time
    Why would you want to join our Recruitment Team? I WANT to make the Staff team more professional. GamingLight is a great community but The staff are the face of the server(s) and if people get on and see "stupid and unprofessional" staff is bad for our reputation. I would like to join and have a voice in who can be on our staff team.
    Would you consider yourself to have good judgement? If so, how? Yes, because I try to put myself in the other person`s shoes to see how they see things and how/why they do what they do. The best why to know someone is to see the world through there eyes
    How would you decide if a player is fit for staff? There are tons of different ways people act and deal with situations so This question is a bit tricky. If I had to awnser I would see how the player treat me and the others around him but importantly how he acts when no one is watching him (a higher staff member). To answer this questionfully if very hard to do unless I am judging a specific person.
    Thank you for taking the time to read my application.
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