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  1. Oden added a post in a topic Oden`s 2LT Application   

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  2. Oden added a post in a topic Oden`s 2LT Application   

    but I still got +support???
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  3. Oden added a topic in Navy   

    Oden`s 2LT Application
    1.What is your in game name: USN LTJG Oden
    2.What side are you applying for: US
    3.How much time do you have on the server? almost 2 weeks
    4.Why do you want to be 2LT (40-60 Words MIN): Being able to lead people again to win wars and work together once more would be wonderful. I have the experience and Ideas to help other soldiers and officers lead / win wars/ rp and more. 
    5.Who would you like to see as a 2LT.  USN Seal 3 2LT Warwinner  (I will add them as I get them)
    6.Why should we trust you with 2LT?(This is a high rank in the Navy): I am an ex-LTG and I have been Vice commander of the army before, I have commited so much time in this server and gave 100% of my loyalty even if everybody dose not see it. I am working on becoming general again and with that mind set I will do my absolute best at proving my worth once again.
    7.Have you donated to the server?: yes
    8.What i your rank on the server(IE: User, Member, Gold+)? champion
    9.What is your timezone?: EST Eastern standered Time
    10.What is your Navy rank (Must be LTJG+). LTJG
    11.How often can you be on the server?: I have School from 4 to 9 and my work time is weird
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  4. Oden added a post in a topic Androntel's Brigadier General Application   

    +Active on forms / Team-speak
    +Fit for BG
    +Knows how to deal with most problems
    +calm and collect in situations
    +Not spades (<3 spades)
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  5. Oden added a post in a topic Chikens BG app   

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  6. Oden added a post in a topic USMC MARSOC 1LT Keulono - CPT App   

    Not sure how much my word means anymore but +support
    +good leader / teacher
    +chill guy
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  7. Oden added a post in a topic USN Vice-commander tryouts   

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  8. Oden added a post in a topic NAVY MANDATORY MEETING #2   

    Are you on LOA?
    plus this is such an old post
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  9. Oden added a post in a topic NAVY SEAL APPLICATION FROM CASH   

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  10. Oden added a topic in Navy   

    USN Vice-commander tryouts
    The try outs will be held Monday 8/21/17 after noon at 1:00 pm EST eastern standard time
    Please be in game and on TeamSpeak, thank you
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  11. Oden added a post in a topic Marsgaming's Weekends activity   

    Oden dose not approve
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  12. Oden added a post in a topic NAVY MANDATORY MEETING #2   

    Wonderful job Androntel, keep it up
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  13. Oden added a topic in US Military   

    Oden's General Application
    1.What Is Your In-game Name : Lieutenant General AHTO Oden
    2.What is your current Rank : Lieutenant General
    3.What branch are you currently a Gen of : United States Navy
    4.Why Do You Want To Be a General?(30-50 Words Min): Rising through the ranks has been so much fun making new friends along the way and some hard decisions but that is what I like most about being a general it challenges you and you learn something new with every step you take, after a while I can step back and look at everything I have influenced, created and done over the corse of time. I take a lot of pride in my work as a LTG and I want to become general so I can take that one step further. Being General means I have a voice in who becomes General. I want to be General because I still have more I want to do and Accomplish and being a General will allow me to do that.
    5.Who Would Like To See You As A General?(One General, Three Officers MIN) : USN 1LT mp Syrup / USAF MAJCOM TTO Mala / USN Commander MPS Androntel / US Vice Commander Strike /  General AHTO Mazzy / 
    6.Why Should We Trust You With General?(This Is A High Rank In The U.S) : I have been apart of GamingLight for some time now. I have been trusted with the upkeep of the US Army and US Navy. I am always on TeamSpeak. I have achieved the trust of GamingLight by becoming Admin. GamingLight is an awesome community and I would do anything to make it better and better. I would do anything to make sure that no wrong is done to the GamingLight Community of MilitaryRP. I vow that I will do my up most best with out fail. By making to the US Military the best it can be. I have been trusted enough to rise up through the rank of the Minor General ranks and being trusted with every branches roster so that I may help them. You have already trusted me with so much including Communicating with the other Generals. If there is every a doubt that I am not trust worthy or you feel that I have done something wrong or made a mistake you are almost always able to contact me via TeamSepeak / Steam / Discord.
    7.Why should we accept you over other Applicants? : In my time as a general I have learned to look at the big picture, one small change could be one drastic outcome. I can thoroughly examine a situation and make sure I am making the right choice for the better of the US Army, even if that means If I have to put my foot down and make a choice that isn't very popular. I have the proper mindset for being a General. I am capable and driven to lead the US Army because
    8.What Is Your Rank On The Server?(I.E; Admin, Platinum V.I.P) :  Supporter / Admin
    9.What Is Your Timezone? : EST / Eastern standard time
    10.Have You Donated To The Server? : yes
    11.How Often Can You Be On?:  everyday
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  14. Oden added a post in a topic Hazard's Brigadier General Application   

    +/- support
    When he was in the Army he was one of my best officers. I would of loved to see him as A vice commander/commander he had so much potential to be a leader. But sense he move out of my branch I have not kept an eye on him like I used to and a person can change and idk he to well so I will stay neutral for now, best of luck hazard
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  15. Oden added a post in a topic US VCMDR Perry's Brigadier General Application   

    ~seriousRPer / fun guy to be around
    ~I 100% believe this man could get the army back on its feet
    ~ fit for BG
    ~ Active in TeamSpeak (stay our of the Navy channel nerd xD)
    ~The US Army needs a general sense they don't have one *cough* *cough*
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