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  1. derpdua added a topic in General Discussions   

    Clone Wars Rp
    I know a long time ago they said it wouldn’t come back but this is the community that got me started on Clone Wars rp and I just wanted to know if there were any plans on bringing it back. If anyone remembers a 91st CPT Ace or CG SGT Ace that was me.
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  2. derpdua added a post in a topic Questions   

    Yeah exactly the guy who is Commander Neyo name is sewer not neyo teu change their name for rp purpose 
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  3. derpdua added a post in a topic Questions   

    The answer to question 8 is because in the lore these were the people who actually lead the regiments like for example Commander Neyo in lore was the Commander of the 91st so for rp purposes they have names.
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  4. derpdua added a post in a topic Ace's 91st CPT Application   

    I actually joined a couple days ago 
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  5. derpdua added a topic in 91st Recon Corps   

    Ace's 91st CPT Application
    What is your in-game name?: Ace
    Why should you be chosen for captain over someone else? I have had a lot of leadership positions in my life so I know what it is like to be a leader, some of the joys and some of the stress. I know a lot about the lore from Star Wars so it will help me be a good CPT in the RP. I know not to abuse my rank and and how to manage properly from day to day operations on the server and as a CPT I can do more with the 91st. As a CPT I will always follow orders and make sure those under me are doing what they need to be doing. Finally I know when to be serious and when to relax and if a officer knows how to do that it will increase moral.
    Current rank in 91st?:SGT
    Have you read the 91st Informational? ( Yes
    Permission (from CPT+): Sewer or Commander Neyo
    Why do you believe that you deserve the rank of captain?:I believe I deserve the rank of CPT because I have always listened to orders that have been given to me and I always try to be a good soldier and a good person in the rp. Also like I have stated before I have had many leadership positions in my life like being the Senior Patrol Leader of my Boy Scout troop which is the heighest youth leadership position that you can earn and I have learned many dos and don'ts as a leader and I will put them to use if I get CPT. Also if I get CPT I will do my best to support Sewer in running the 91st and recruiting new people and promoting and demoting when necessary. Finally I will not just respect my surperiors but also those under my command
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  6. derpdua added a post in a topic Link's 48 Hour Notice   

    Link we don't know each other very well but I do know you were an amazing staff member and an amazing General and I love to hear that you aren't resigning as General.
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