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  1. Jack Black added a post in a topic Press Plates - Make your prisoners work.   

    like we were talking about in the TeamSpeak we could make jail times longer and have this be there to counter people just going AFK in jail and give them something to do. Thus giving DOC another aspect of RP that they could help with or explain how to make a plate 
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  2. Jack Black added a post in a topic STATE ROLL CALL- Respond by 3/25/18   

    Ingame name : Jack Black
    Ingame rank: SGT
    Callsign: 1T56
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  3. Jack Black added a post in a topic Staff report on Deathstrider and Ryan the epic guy   

    All you guys have to do is hop off the server if your are going to be gone for a while. When you guys are being AFK as citizens it makes it look like there are other staff that able to get on staff. If we are understaffed and you are AFK that still counts as failure to get on duty and it has always been like that. 
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  4. Jack Black added a post in a topic Wolffes False warn   

    Took you almost an hour to figure out how to post the video but it shows that you were not over fear RP because you were unable to hear him. You also had the cover of you car. 
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  5. Jack Black added a post in a topic Noodles staff app   

    -Good leader 
    -Nice person
    -Listens and learns from others 
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  6. Jack Black added a post in a topic Sexylegs munchiesians staff application   

    + Support 
    I have know sexy legs for a long time and have never has a problem with it. Get more active on the forums and you will be good 
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  7. Jack Black added a topic in Completed   

    Problem with whitelist for Trauma
    Whenever I try and get on the custom class trauma it does not work giving me this problem which I believe means I have not been whitelisted [DarkRP] You are unable to Trauma. 
    My in game name: Jacker Blacker (for criminal)
    My SteamID:
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  8. Jack Black added a topic in Completed   

    Adding Jack Black To Trauma
    Ingame Name: Jack Black 
    Job Name: Trauma
    Server: Police RP 
    Players SteamID you want added to the job: STEAM_1:0:141797682
    The person that Paid SteamID: STEAM_1:0:141797682
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  9. Jack Black added a post in a topic Naby admin abuse report   

    A little bit earlier in the day there was one staff on for 38 players and Naby asked a moderator to get on, The mod said I will get on if there are more staff calls coming in. Then Naby and Cravplay started calling staff them selfs for no reason other than to make more staff calls. http://prntscr.com/imqham  I think that was very rude and unprofessional however the moderator did get on duty. 
    Now for this incident, I think that the warning should have gone to a sit, I was currently on staff and open to taking a sit but Naby warned off duty to another staff. Now, I do not know if the "Staff handbook is out of date" like Naby said, But it currently says that "Staff is not to warn other staff members or issue punishment to them without a Super Admin+ Approval." That is how I read it and that is what I am going by. It also says "You can Warn Other staff however you can only warn your rank and below" So now I stand confused.
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  10. Jack Black added a post in a topic DOC Fiat Ducato Skin   

    I was thinking about making a skin for the van as well. https://imgur.com/a/YPawO either one works but I agree we need a skin on the DOC van!!!
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  11. Jack Black added a post in a topic PoliceRP Staff Rolecall!   

    Name: Jack Black
    Rank: Senior Moderator 
    SteamID: (Steamid.xyz.com)   STEAM_0:0:141797682
    Need Correct Forums Rank (Yes/No) No
    Needs In Game Rank (Yes/No) No 
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  12. Jack Black added a post in a topic I lost 2.5 Mil. while buying a car   

    Yeah go to the purchased tab in the car dealer and return all the cars that you have, then exit the car dealer and try spawning it back in 
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  13. Jack Black added a post in a topic Why does this rule exist?   

    Why are you bringing old staff reports into this?
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  14. Jack Black added a post in a topic More Money Making Options   

    I think this would be great because yes we are a police RP server with a very well built government but I think we can all agree that Pd is boring with no crime. This would not only make it more fun for criminals and make the server more attractive to some but also add another aspect of RP
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  15. Jack Black added a post in a topic Gaminglight 29,000 Members   

    Let’s keep going. Thank you everyone that has recently joined the community and welcome to the gaminglight family
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