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  1. Scheffer added a topic in Completed   

    MilitaryRP US: Blackwater Project #102
    In-Game Name: US General Scheffer
    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:198926628
    Server: MilitaryRP
    Custom Job Name: US: Blackwater Project #102
    Color of Job:  R: 70  G: 15  B: 70
    Job Description:  
    Blackwater project #102 Was a series of test subjects for a project named Omega Actual.  The idea for the project was the create the perfect Soldier By using human test subjects and using a two-step process. Step 1: Was the erase of human consciousness and Step2: Was the program a microchip to brain stem cord into having easy access port be able to download information and training protocols Into the test subjects.
    However, after a hundred test subjects have failed, due to complications.  The project seems to be a complete failure however in the last effort two additional test subjects were brought in. Both military and highly decorated in military training and field action. Both test subjects reckon minor successes, as Step 1 of the process, failed, Step 2 was a complete success. Due to being the last Stitch effort to save the program subjects were put in the field immediately for testing. Project 102 is working for the CIA and project 101 was assigned with a NATO group somewhere out in the middle of  Afghanistan.
     Model (Workshop Playermodel MUST be under 4mb, and the word Playermodel must be in the title or description):  Weapons (One primary, One secondary, Must be in the weapon pack for the associated server): Aug A3: ma85_wf_ar03 / Saiga 12C: ma85_wf_shg07 /  defibrillators
    Lockpick or Medkit: Medkit
    Paid in Full 100$
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  2. Scheffer added a post in a topic Felix’s LOA   

    Felix with this damn excuses
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  3. Scheffer added a post in a topic General Player Models   

    + support 
    + honestly the models look really good and well-designed even though if they're supposed to be for Syfy. They don't look too out of place with the theme with the mill RP and having some diversity with the general models on both sides would generally help the gameplay a lot for both sides.
    - only thing that I'm have a concerned about is the fact that if we do try to reduce and isolate to have our own custom models using these packs. I only fear that possible problems could arise just knowing our track record when we try to add new things to the server.
    PS: What Androntel posted for photos are not the final project there are multiple types of player models on this pack and it's going to be probably up to the generals on both RU and US to figure out what player models they want to use. So what I'm truly getting up to is please don't complain about possible female characters. It may not happen.
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  4. Scheffer added a post in a topic Nicholas' MARSOC Application   

    @USMC CPT Zach do not make accusations if you do not have evidence of it.
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  5. Scheffer added a post in a topic Disable Killfeed   

    + support 
    I agree with post 
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  6. Scheffer added a post in a topic Chilies Officer Transfer Request   

    @Jsut Johnathen @Welcome To Chilie's I won't to have a problem demoting both of you for acting like children fighting over the last dam Twinkie! Meaning grow the hell up and both of you understand that you obviously both have a problem with communication as I have decoded throughout your messages. Anyone else replies on this applications after this post will find themselves strike.
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  7. Scheffer added a post in a topic Cooldown for Drones   

    I can but that would be unfair
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  8. Scheffer added a post in a topic Cooldown for Drones   

    @Wrex @GoogleChrome I do not have unlimited money. At one point did I have unlimited money? Yes, but that was fix. I've been playing military for a very long time and I have earned enough cash. 
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  9. Scheffer added a post in a topic Cooldown for Drones   

     Seriously, the only reason why I posted on the topic is the tell the truth since this post has been not given any answers. 
    I wasn't trying to make a sarcastic post just the truth on the on the topic and they're not planning to do anything with the drones.
    The discussion has come up multiple times and trust me it has it has been discussed.
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  10. Scheffer added a post in a topic Cooldown for Drones   

    Just going to say this because I know the answer and why.
    It not going to happen.   
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  11. Scheffer added a post in a topic Rosettes   

    What is your in-game name? SchefferWhat is your rank? GENWhich corporation are you in? put me in MCAre you Special Forces? Yes MARSOCHave you ever been injured in active duty? Yes?Are you a member of the staff team? YesAre you a member of the NATO custom job? I'm the owner of itWere you a member of the Navy just before it disbanded? If so, did you assist the memorial? No
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  12. Scheffer added a topic in Completed   

    US NATO: Chemical Engineer Weapon REWORK
    Weapons that needs to be removed.
    Magpul Masada
    MP1412 Rex
    Need to add
    USAS 12  (ma85_wf_shg05)
    L115  (cw_l115)
    C-TAR (ma85_wf_smg10)
    STEAM_0:0:198926628 Paid 30$ 
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  13. Scheffer added a post in a topic US/RU Juggernaut Health Issue   

     it is it just whenever Zeeptin gets around to it
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  14. Scheffer added a post in a topic Current Military RP problems that are happening on the server.   

    I figured but just be sure
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  15. Scheffer added a post in a topic Current Military RP problems that are happening on the server.   

    Danny, please read the whole thing!

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