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    it has but it being work on
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    GG hope we hit 30K soon
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    If you're asking if you saw this post before it's probably because you have. I made this post a few months back. I suggesting these Type of aircraft and I'm going to repost this due to the fact that I feel that they should be added in due to the fact that we still do not have effective helicopters and that there is a huge complaint of helicopters just not working correctly. I'm not suggesting going back to havoc just have its helicopters were just broke it not in power in say  but just generally broke it they didn't work properly or function the way they should and WAC works very well, however, has a few problems some of them have spawning issues Where some of the helicopters literally flip Belly Up When spawned and a guns and missiles do not have any actual effect when comes into gameplay and are generally weak. I expect to shoot a missile and be able to hit multiple people at the same time, not to the just explode next to a person and doing only with no damage.  So what I found is the best of both worlds of havoc and WAC.

    Gredwitch's base
    Gredwitch's base Is basically the best of both worlds there the WAC that we currently use and they are buffed Where they are effective like Havoc was. Meaning we can have the same Helicopters that we use now and basically just be more effective in combat. Yes, that's in it involves Jets as well.  However, this pack does not just contain all the vehicles this is just simply the base that allows the vehicles do what they need to do and you would have to download each vehicle separately how are the should not be a problem due to the fact that the vehicles are less than a megabyte and that the additional packs that we already have installed into the game.
    Like these.
    AH-1Z Viper and AH-1W Supercobra
    LittleBird AH-6
    Kamakov Ka-50 Black Shark
    McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II
    This is just a few of the products that have this mod has to offer.
    Of course, there's many more vehicles that can be used like plenty of other Russian helicopters a whole bunch of US Jets and helicopters meaning there can be multiple class settings for different types of helicopters for Air Force.
    However,  this is not exactly a perfect mod due to the fact that the helicopters and jets are a little bit OP. How when I say there a little bit OP  I mean they just need to be nerfed to a certain degree.  The fact that bombs are ridiculous when it comes to power and range and they just need to be removed which happens to be in the case  that the add-on has jets that can be spawned in with no bombs.  Helicopters missiles need to be tone down with damage and radius as well. However, the 30 mm the 20 mm and the 13 mm I believe are perfectly fine due to the fact that you would happen to have to either a second player to be able to man them Helicopter or be very good at flying jets.
    Also I believe me rule should being stated when it comes to the fact that if they explode they turn into a masa massive bomb and I can see a lot of people just spawning in Jets and Kamikaze them where there needs to be a rule of kamikaze should not be allowed and should be considered fairly and be a warrantable offense.
    Another thing I do believe they Should Cost more do to the fact that they are stronger Will be more effective in combat.
    Also, a new donor class Should be considered that will be able to strictly be able to take these helicopters out due to the fact that we have a Stingers implemented into the game or just give back minor gen Stingers so there's more Stinger Rockets available.
    Thank you for your time I hope you enjoyed reading this and like the idea.
    I truly do feel like helicopters and judge to be more effective in combat. I think this would be a step towards it.
    Please leave your thoughts towards this post down below!
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  5. Scheffer added a topic in Completed   

    US: NATO Chemical Engineer Tac glitch and Disappearing body glitch (again)
    US: NATO Chemical Engineer
    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:198926628
    Server: Military RP
    Lieutenant General Scheffer 
    Link to the original post about the problem because it has the original video evidence of exactly the same problem that's happening with my with my player model now.  However, now since the new classes like the T.A.U have been add. I have started spawning in the RU base in the Underground Train Center as much as I could probably fix this problem by using a tac, but the Glitch still happening. Where every time I switch to that class it keep spawning me in my original spawn in the RU Underground Train Center. As we discussed before it was the player model that was the problem that was creating these wacky spawns. I'm wondering if I can just change the player model one more time and see if it fixes it I found one recently that I'm happy using it and it fits the standards of 4 millibites. I greatly appreciate your feedback and thank you for taking the time to read this.
    Please let me know if you need anything else.
    Thank you
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  7. Scheffer added a post in a topic Soileau's Superadmin Application   

    it's not personal but it's true
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  8. Scheffer added a post in a topic Domination - Change the Holographic to Something Else   

    I see your point but honestly, I don't have this problem. To be honest I think it makes it easier to see who is there but because it so bloody dark in there tell who is who and think there just need to be more light in their that's all.
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  9. Scheffer added a topic in Suggestions   

    Weapon storage for donors
     I know this is going to sound a little bit crazy and but when you hear it especially if you're a donor. 
    It's pretty simple I want some type of system where you going to turn on and turn off donor weapons that you currently owe.
    And to go into detail myself have a lot of weapons due to donating I would list you all of them but the list would probably be a mile long and you're not here to listen to all my weapons. But any estimate of how many I would have to say 10 Donair weapons and also several different types of tools for being an admin. That's also fills up in game player inventory and it gets hard to switch to certain weapons that I want to use especially fast enough. I would like to see some ways to open up the menu and turn off certain weapons that you don't want to use anymore. Like myself I have a SCAR MK 17, a gold AK, M14 EBR, tactical insert, and a Mac-11. Let's say I just want to use the Mac-11 and I want to be able to switch from my primary to that gun well uncertain special forces jobs the Mac-11 is on the bottom of my inventory list meaning I would have to take more time into switching pulling out the weapon and being able to take out the enemy faster. In another case I have four different types of knights I don't need four different types of knives but I did have four different types of knives and instead of cluttering up my inventory I would like to somehow store them some way and where I don't have to scroll through them.
    I believe this will be beneficial for anyone who has donated. Allowing them to only use the weapons that they want to use it so maybe it's something they bought in the past and was tired of it and or cluttering up their inventory. I know this sounds more like complaining and maybe more of a personal problems but I have talked to other players and they seem to have agreed to the same problem and that's why I think the system should being put in place.
    Just the input of how the I think the system should work. It is easy enough just to type in a command which will pop up with the menu showing of the permanent donator weapons that you have purchased and be able to hit a toggle switch either remove weapon from your inventory or put it into your inventory. I don't know how hard that would be 2 input into the game but I think it would be a nice feature that a lot of donairs would like to see.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this suggestion or more of a rant.
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  10. Scheffer added a post in a topic Chiefs Un-Staff restriction app   

    + support 
    I was there when this incident happened and how Chief got staffed restricted and also removed off of staff. I truly believe Chief has learned his lesson an willing to come back to this community as a staff member, to benefit the community instead of harming it. I truly put my full trust and support in Chief and hopefully executive staff see him fit the same way.
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  11. Scheffer added a post in a topic Bob's marsoc application   

     Send me evidence if this did occur in the next 15 hours.
     He is active. See him all the time on TeamSpeak and in game. 
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  12. Scheffer added a post in a topic Staff Handbook   

    Read and understood
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  13. Scheffer added a post in a topic Please stop complaining in OOC (It hurts ;-;)   

     100% agree. Have fun! Don't get mad!
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  14. Scheffer added a topic in General   

    CSS Textures
    So I know a lot of you have errors on the map due to not having CSS Textures. So here you go! Instead of sending you some sketchy website. Just to download the folder, I decided just to make a Google doc with the file.

    I promise you this is not a virus! I'm not trying to send out anything that's not what it is and try to cause harm but I truly help that have this problem.
    How to add it? 
    Copy and paste to your addons folder, restart Gmod and boom! Fix your textures!
     if you still don't know what to do. Just look it up on YouTube and they will tell you exactly what to do and show how.
    Please send people to its post if they need this  
    P.S. click on the top where it says CSS contact add-on 2017 and hit download.
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  15. Scheffer added a post in a topic Konrad's T-Mod App