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  1. Scheffer added a post in a topic NEW Map Suggestion Survey   

    the hangers, the DB, General Offices, underground shooting range, the automatic Gates. The jail cells, kill house.
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  2. Scheffer added a post in a topic Armor Stacking   

    ya look when it's was posted
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  3. Scheffer added a post in a topic How to RP knife 101   

    @ LeTroll (Cole) if take more then one stab to kill someone whit a knife it knife rushing and "reasonable distance" is Is just a reasonable distance from where you can stop somebody shouldn't be having to run to them to stop them they should be already up close in your face to be able to pull out your knife and stab them
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  4. Scheffer added a topic in Suggestions   

    WAC Aircraft's Buff
    I think that we all agree that the WAC aircrafts are not efficient enough for the combat situations that we get ourselves into especially with attack vehicles like helicopters and jets. I found the add-on to help us fix that! It's a WAC mod that someone made to improve aircrafts to make them more efficient and more useful for inside battle. What's great about this mod is continuously being updated by the Creator changing regular wac aircraft and making them better adding missiles bombs highly efficient Gatling guns and more. I made a video of all the aircrafts that I think we should use. Right now there's not too many RU vehicles or any but due to the creator of the mod always continuously updating this mod and add new vehicles in as a community we can ask this man To update and add vehicles that we can use for the RU.  However, we need the main mod add on separate vehicles that we choose this will give us the more selective choice on what vehicles we have on the server like I will show right here.
    Main mod that needs to be added
    F/A-18F Super Hornet
    Workshop item

    AH-1Z Viper and AH-1W Supercobra
    Workshop item

    McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II BUFFED (the RU don’t have a jet that they can spawn as of now)
    Workshop Item

    Boeing AH-64D Longbow
    Workshop item

    And for both Special Forces for US Air Force and RU Air Force Transport helicopter pilot,  a tier 3 job Font does not have a helicopter it can spawn  I would like to see it as a small attack pilot flying
    LittleBird AH-6
    Workshop item
    Obviously these vehicles are a lot stronger there's a lot more effective on the battlefield if we do put these vehicles in place I do think we need to brace the prices of helicopters and jets they can helicopter about 10K and make Jets 20K  I would also think a vehicle dealer would be the most effective because these vehicles are very easy to blow up and using the F4 menu this morning it does cause problems using  the vehicles already damaged them and placing on wacky places.
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  5. Scheffer added a post in a topic NEW Map Suggestion Survey   

    I think we're all tired of the desert especially being so open and wide. I think something more concerning like an abandoned town in the middle of a forest.  River or Lake right in the middle of town and a or the river connecting to a large body of the ocean not too large but something about the map can suggest having some type of water vehicles like rib boats for the Navy and Marines. One large mountainside  that you're able to climb up and provide sniper cover within the town or Forest areas  and this would be right next to the town in the town would be a full-on Urban City surrounded by the forest City is good for conflict Also being able to access inside the buildings that have close quarter combat and be able to have full-on Street battles. Large Air Force Base was Army regiments can get together and plan out certain attacks on the city why the Marines in the Navy are on an aircraft carrier which I have it add on to They can take on water base attacks while also sending troops through the River and plan out ground-based attacks. An Air Force Base where the Air Force can run and maintain to keep their vehicles.
     Size: A little bit bigger than the one we have we have so we can add in a little bit more vehicles and have a little bit more space to fly especially with jets, especially racing the Skybox so we can fly Jets.
    Keep certain things from the current map: Keep a firearm range especially the one that's from underground. And the Kill House. Generals offices or quarters.
    Add new things: Like I said some type of aircraft carrier for the Navy and the Marines as well as Boats http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=142300480&searchtext=aircraft+carrier . Hangers for the Army. Large Airfield for the Air Force. A one-man operated kill house where a person can run through certain obstacles and terrain while also having to take out certain targets and also having a timer to be able to track their time.
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  6. Scheffer added a topic in General   

    How to RP knife 101
    made this to help 
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  7. Scheffer added a post in a topic RN Commander MPO Wrench Ban Request   

    + Support 
    He is just a giant meing!  
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  8. Scheffer added a post in a topic My baton is an error   

    re-download CSS   
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  9. Scheffer added a post in a topic CMDR Offices in TS   

  10. Scheffer added a post in a topic The Compass   

  11. Scheffer added a post in a topic The Name symbol RU to RF   

  12. Scheffer added a post in a topic Changes to SZ   

    Oof! stop coping the USMC!
    JK. But really, good job, I like it. 
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  13. Scheffer added a post in a topic Roll Call   

    You know who.
    Todd Scheffer
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  14. Scheffer added a post in a topic PLEASE REMOVE THE GRENADE LAuncher   

    It not going to happen that's why I stop using it.
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  15. Scheffer added a post in a topic Teamspeak tags for Milrp   

    +Support Please!!!!!!! Can we have this!
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