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  1. Ocelot. added a post in a topic ImToasty's 104ths app   

    He was on core , but he transfered.
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  2. Ocelot. added a post in a topic Lee CPT APP   

    No , he perm transfered to RU
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  3. Ocelot. added a post in a topic Changed my name   

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  5. Ocelot. added a topic in Spetsnaz   

    Russian Spetsnaz Information
    Spetsnaz Information

    General: All Generals
    Commander: Ocelot
    Vice Commander: (Classified)
    Colonel(s): Johnson
    Promotion and Demotion Limits
    CMDR (promote to COL)
    VCMDR (promote to MAJ)
    COL (promote to CPT)
    LTC (promote to 1LT)
    MAJ (promote to 2LT)
    CPT can promote to SM (can use promotion/demotion page in roster)- Unlocks officer job
    1LT (cannot promote)-Opens 104th Scout Sniper
    2LT (cannot promote)
    SGTMAJ - Opens 104th Corpsman
    MGYSGT - Opens 104th Soldier
    GYSGT - Opens Heavy Gunner
    SSGT - Opens Marksman
    LCPL  - Combat medic
    Promotion Form 
    https://goo.gl/forms/IuhjYQBEKvppTysH2 ( If any my CPT+ tell the password to at CPT- they wil receive a demotion and a strike )
    Russian Roster
    SZ Training
    Change name to SZ Trainee (name)
    Player vs Player
    Must run the  obstacle course
    Must do target practice at the firing range
    Codes and regulations
    Must be active on the forums
    Go over questions 
    Change name to SZ PVT (name)

    Strike system
    Minging = 1 strike
    Skipping PT (Physical Training) =1 Strike
    Not listening to higher ups = 1 Strike
    Warned = 1 Strike
    AFK on 104th Job = 1 Strike
    Arrested =  1 Strike
    Demoted = 1 Strike
    Inactive / Away for 3 Days Without LOA = 1 Strike
    104th infantry
    Rank of MGYSGT
    Must maintain a good K/D
    Must be active on the server and TS
    Only LTC+ can do 104TH training  ( must be accepted )
    Pattern 1
    About face / Prone / Shoot twice / Stand up / Jump / Right face / About face / Front face 
    Pattern 2 
    Right face / Crouch / Shoot 3 times / Stand up / About face / Sprawl (Jump and prone then stand up) / Front face 
    Pattern 3
    Left face / Crouch / Move up once / Shoot five times / About face (while crouched) / Prone / Shoot once / Front face (while proned)
    Player VS Player
    Parachute Training ( Must drop the Trainee at US mesa and make him come back to RU base on foot )
    Change name:
    SZ 104th ( Rank ) ( Mp rank if you have ) ( Name )

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  6. Ocelot. added a post in a topic Jakes LOA   

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  7. Ocelot. added a post in a topic RU Officer meeting   

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  8. Ocelot. added a post in a topic We NEED NPC Tool   

    +Perfect for events
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  9. Ocelot. added a post in a topic Update training   

    + This would help the new players
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  10. Ocelot. added a post in a topic Drill Sergeants Side Branch   

    +We need this !
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  11. Ocelot. added a post in a topic MINIMAP?   

    + Really cool idea!
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  12. Ocelot. added a post in a topic Zer0's Trial Mod Application   

  13. Ocelot. added a post in a topic Johnsons LOA   

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  14. Ocelot. added a topic in Accepted   

    Ocelot's Support Application
    In-Game Name: SZ Vice Commander Ocelot
    Steam Name: [GL] Ocelot
    Are you a Moderator+? Yes.
    How often are you on TeamSpeak? About 4 hours-Even when im not playing on the server
    Do you have a working quality mic? Yes
    What timezone are you in? UTC -03:00
    Why would you want to join our Support team? With my time here at GamingLight, I have come to understand how things work in the community. In game wise, I am very Knowledgeable. If someone come with a question involving In-game or in TS i will give the answer right away , because i dont want to a long time to answer a question and dont hold someone in a channel or in-game too. About TS im very active all days, Also in-game im very active.
    Are you a friendly person that can uphold the reputation of our Support team? If so, how are you a friendly person? To answer this question is very simple , first of all im Brazilian , a very friendly guy while playing and in TS too, If someone come Angry in the channel i will remain calm and say How can i help you sir (or lady) ?
    How would you greet someone that has a problem in one of our support channels? Hello welcome to gaminlight Team Speak , My name is Ocelot how can i help you today ?
    Serve well to serve ever!
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  15. Ocelot. added a post in a topic Tristan's SZ Major Applacation   

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