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  1. Colt45 added a post in a topic PLEASE REMOVE THE GRENADE LAuncher   

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  2. Colt45 added a post in a topic feelsbadman Chiken leaving feelsbadman   

    Damn dude now I cant dome you in war. sorry to see you go hope you pop on when you can
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  3. Colt45 added a post in a topic My Activity On RUAF   

    This thread gave me a giggle
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  4. Colt45 added a post in a topic SZ ROLLCALL   

    SZ SPVT Mikey
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  5. Colt45 added a post in a topic Toasty's 2 GRU app   

    +/- Support
    Little effort
    I would like to see two officers from RU Core as apart of your application, not spetz or navy
    also be careful of posting too many applications in a certain time period
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  6. Colt45 added a post in a topic Rook's CPT Application   

    @Alistair please speak to either Rad3c/Hunt3r or me in TS whenever you can .
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  7. Colt45 added a post in a topic RU CORE Officers   

    Rad3c and Hunt3r are the same person he just uses different screen names. I am the other VCMDR for RU Core...
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  8. Colt45 added a post in a topic RU CORE Officers   

    Both Hunt3r/Rad3c and I have spoken with superiors about the inactivity of both of us and this is because of our school schedule. As we are still committed to the server I would n't say we are never on. And regarding the fact that you are asking for an officer rank and to promote Alistair and go so far as to recommend yourself for a promotion leading to VCMDR is something I'm not a fan of. The fact that Cole has not seen you online and you are not on the roster is iffy and I don't enjoy people asking for ranks. We are aware of our situation with the activity of officers and sadly that is not something that Rad3c or I can change. Another part of being an officer is promoting recruits so that they will stay in RU core. It is extremely common for recruits to switch into another faction because they have the opportunity and do not understand that factions are very similar. Speedy did say that you were apart of the US and I'm a big fan of switching but in my opinion when active players do not know who you are, with only 23 posts on the forums, to make the HUGE suggestion like this is very out of the ordinary.
    I don't want to make it sound like I am shooting this idea down, I know that I limited to the weekends and I wish that wasn't the case but it is. I would love to see active RU Core officers stepping up and taking their opportunity as we are looking for another Commander. I am open to promoting those who deserve a promotion but I would like to see them making themselves known and proving they are worthy of a promotion. Like I said above it is difficult to keep recruits in RU core because the temptation to change is higher than the instinct to stay. At the end of the day, I would like to see RU core more active with officers and players proving themselves to earn promotions. Although I would have done a little more digging before calling out Rad3c and I because it kinda felt like you were taking shots.
    All in all, I would love to see the RU core active and thrive with active officers and constant promotions, having troops make themselves known and have a positive impact on how RU core is seen. I will be active from Thursday all the way to Saturday this week so if you see me on then feel free to chat about this topic, I also check the forums often so feel free to reply to this and I will more than likely see it and respond or message me on the forums by clicking on my account and pressing the message button. Questions and comments are welcome.
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  9. Colt45 added a post in a topic Russian Officer Hand Book *Updated*   

    (I helped with the editing of meetings so that makes me a cool kid now)
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  10. Colt45 added a post in a topic Adding people to RU Mercenary   

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  11. Colt45 added a post in a topic Tucker's Support Team Application   

    +/- Support
    +Active and Talkative
    +Has a Microphone
    -Never seen him be mature for more  than 5 seconds
    +I would like to see him be support  as long as he is mature and proffesional as he will be the first impression people see of the community in TS
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  12. Colt45 added a post in a topic Marsgaming's 1LT Application   

    Please Speak to me whenever you are available.
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  13. Colt45 added a post in a topic RU Lone Star RU Army GRU Application   

    Speak to me ne xt time youre ingame
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  14. Colt45 added a post in a topic RU Core Roll Call   

    @Gosh2k Please speak to me when ever you can.
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  15. Colt45 added a post in a topic Mazzy Super Admin Application   

    Huge +Support
    -Great guy
    -Very trustworthy
    -Never abuses
    -He can have fun and switch to serious easily
    -Could be a Manager one day
    -Dream big Swedish Dictator Mazzy!
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