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  1. FARTGARFUNKLE added a post in a topic LCPL Sanders MSGT App   

    i know i may have nothing left to do but atleast i can help more and do more to protect the civilians and that is exactly what i will do
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  2. FARTGARFUNKLE added a topic in Archives   

    LCPL Sanders MSGT App
    Name: sanders 
    Current rank: LCPL
    Rank Wanted: MSGT
    How many warns do you have? 31 BUT!!!!! manly it was buy a kindergartner kid who i will report once i remember his name
    Permission(Not required If applying for Lt-Cpt):
    Why should I be promoted? I got 2 promotions in one metting One fore honesty i was a OFC and they accidentally promoted me to LCPL and i say'd they missed a rank and they say'd your right well you can keep that one for honesty i was going to promote you to SNR for courage when you got permission to go in the bank and talk down the bank robber enough for him to be tazed it takes guts to do that and i am really dedicates to the server and i want to help the civilians and stop criminals and hears my heart and hears my hand and i Pledge to do my hardest and do my best to protect and serve
    BasicsNo RDMFearRP is in affect (act like real-life)No FailRPNo prop abuse (Spam or block).No metagame (Hearing printers. You must visually see the printer)No crouch/jump Base'sNLR (New life rule) is 3 min.NLR does NOT apply to PD during PD Raid or Bank Raid (PD can return to a raid if backup is called)No kill boxes.No disrespect towards staff or player's. (This induldes language and threats towards staff)GovernmentDo not cop bait.Guns are illegal (expect for pistols but they still can't be out in public)You may never interrupt training.Printers, weed, and bitminers default are illegal. Weed can be made legal with a law by mayor.Spike Strips are to only be used by SM+ anyone else caught using Spike Strips will receive a warning.Adverting/YellingYou DO NOT need to advert raids!Includes:Base raidsBank Raids (Unless you are in a group)You must /advert PD Raid.You must /y carjacks. (You can NOT carjack Armour vehicles, Bearcat, ect.)You must /advert Murder. Murder is only allowed in secluded area!Government Rules
    PoliceListen to your superiorsYou may not raid for suspected printers but you may warrant and check buildingsMust wait 1 minute after warranting to checkCorrupt cops are allowed but if caught by Police Department will be dealt with in-gameIn order to shoot someone you need to warn them 3 timesYou must be MSG to train policeFinesWeapons out in public - $100Guns (Pistols, SMG) out in public - $150Heavy gun (LMG, Sniper, AR, Shotgun) out in public - $250Hitting a civillian car - $500Hitting a police car - $700Shooting in public - $1000Shooting owned property (doors) - $2000 or arrestKidnapping - arrestSWATYou may not enforce law unless directly involved in law breaking (bank/armory/PD raid, war, counter raids/raids/shootings/kidnaps)Swat may attent Tryouts at CPL+ (SGT+ can apply under the SWAT Tab)You may train at Master Sergeant or hight but MUST have permission from SWAT CommandYou may promote at Staff SergeantFBIFBI may base with criminals but must arrest after gaining at most 10 minutes of evidence and may only arrest after receiving any evidenceFBI may do illegal things while undercover to gain criminals trust but may not murder, release from jail, or take drugsFBI may not base with the same person within 15 minutes of catching/being caught in the act of basing undercoverYou may apply for FBI at SGTYou may train at Special Agent in ChargeYou may promote at Assistant DirectorPromotionsPolice may only promote at MajorChief+ may promote to 3 ranks below (Colonel)If 2 people of the same rank want to promote someone they may promote 1 rank higher (2 mayors may promote to Corporal)Players must apply for Major+I WILL FOLLOW TEAS RULES AND GOD STRIKE ME DOWN IF I DISOBEY THIS PLEDGE 
    On my honor,
    I will never betray my badge1,
    my integrity, my character, 
    or the public trust.
    I will always have 
    the courage to hold myself 
    and others accountable for our actions.
    I will always uphold the constitution2
    my community3 and the agency I serve.  
    i shall respect Cadet ­- Cdt.
    i shall respect Officer ­- Ofc.
    i shall respect Senior Officer ­- Snr.
    i shall respect Lance Corporal - LCPL
    i shall respect Corporal ­- Cpl.
    i shall respect Sergeant ­- Sgt.
    i shall respect Master Sergeant - MSgt.
    i shall respect Sergeant Major - SM.
    i shall respect Lieutenant ­- Lt.
    i shall respect Captain ­- Cpt.
    i shall respect Major -­ Maj.
    i shall respect Colonel - Col.
    i shall respect Assistant Chief - A.Chief.
    i shall respect Deputy Chief ­- D.Chief.
    i shall respect Chief - Chief.
    i shall respect Commissioner - Comm.
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