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    Realistic Police Roleplay
            Hi, I am Allen, or as known on the server as Officer. Pete Malloy. The police server that I play is a lot better than the cancer of the early evocity, such as foot patrols, radio codes, and guidelines. Currently I am almost finished with 1 year in Criminal Justice, through that year I have learned many things, as I will list here.
    Police Use of force.The Informal/Formal criminal justice systemThe Court systemThe Probation/ParoleGagnon Process.A few Court cases such as Terry V. Ohio, (which involves Frisking. )Code 1, 2, 3 Response.The Prison SystemThe Jail systemCrime ControlThe Broken Windows theoryTraffic stopsFelony Traffic stopsThe Amendments         And more. 
        To get to the point, I am willing to assist make the server more  realistic in the police aspect. That is all, I will be glad to help anyone in the future.
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