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  1. Tyler228 added a post in a topic Pineapple on pizza???   

    Yeah, No thanks.
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  2. Tyler228 added a post in a topic Noahs Mod App   

    The fact that you created alt accounts to support your application just proves to us that you don't have any intention of being a behaved, trusted member of the staff team or the community.
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  3. Tyler228 added a post in a topic FBI AD Dallas Speeder's app   

    A lot of us work a lot and do a good job but that doesn't guarantee a promotion. I'm trying to be as nice as possible when I say that you need to have more effort in why you should be promoted. Again no offense but it sounds so cliche when you say that you should be promoted because you work a lot and do a good job. Be unique! whats special about you that you deserve to be given more responsibility with a new rank.
    If you can do that, I'll gladly support your application!
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  4. Tyler228 added a post in a topic Noodles staff application   

    Pliskin if you read it correctly you would understand that he stated he was using his brothers account, and he recently made a new account for HIS own use. Which is find as far as I know.
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  5. Tyler228 added a post in a topic COL Tyler Trojan 2, abused to raid me   

    I deleted that prop at 00:49 because I was leaving your base I was not deleting it to enter as you can clearly see I was exiting when I deleted that prop that was blocking your door and second I raided your base with SWAT and FBI becuase one of the FBI went undercover previously and based with you and gathered intel showing that you had illegal items. SO THE FBI called us to your base and we raided you.
    Don't know how i abused here.
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  6. Tyler228 added a post in a topic FBI Traffic Stops   

    No, if you want to do traffic stops go become a police officer. 
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  7. Tyler228 added a post in a topic Tyler Trojan Staff Abuse Complaint   

    First of all these screenshots prove nothing other than the fact that I minged you which I did minge you. I minged you because I was talking to someone and you were near me and I overheard you mumble something foul, tbh I honestly forget exactly what you said but I do not think I deserve to be demoted over a minge. The mine was valid I can assure you that. 
    But you believe what you want.
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  8. Tyler228 added a post in a topic gl0w Locke's Moderator Application   

    No issues with him
    Give him a chance!
    GOOD LUCK!      
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  9. Tyler228 added a post in a topic What is your favorite video game?   

    Wii Sports!!!!

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  10. Tyler228 added a post in a topic The Bullying Of Staff And Players   

    I'm glad this has been formally brought up so we can tackle this situation and remove it!
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  11. Tyler228 added a post in a topic Tyler - false warn appeal   

    Sure it might have been for a valid reason but hey, I'm fine with it being removed if people deem so. :)
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  12. Tyler228 added a post in a topic On the look out for a new COS   

    Why does everyone keep recommending themselves or their friends for this position? If you want a chance at getting this rank just do your job and be active. 
    Besides all NoOne said was that they're looking for a new one he didn't ask for recommendations. I think @NoOne is perfectly capable at finding a suitable fit along with FBI High Command.
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  13. Tyler228 added a post in a topic Jack Black's AD Application   

    Always on FBI
    Let's give him a chance!
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  14. Tyler228 added a post in a topic 20,000 Members!