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  1. Snarlax added a topic in General   

    Shock Informational
    Shock Informational
    This is subject to change at any time!
    Training Guide (2LT+)
    Basic Training (Faces and Formations)Class explanation Equipment OverviewTrigger Discipline TrainingArresting ProcedureWhitelisting to Shock Trainee 
    Important Information
    You are to respect all higher ups ordersShock does not give you a higher rank because you are securityOne warn should be given before arresting a player, unless you are ordered otherwiseYour baton is not to be abused. It is to be used ONLY when a player is not following temple rules.Stay professional at ALL times. Shock should be some of the most serious people on the server! 
    Strike System
    Shock utilizes a strike system to ensure that only the best and most elite members are in Shock. This system is in place so that order and peace within the temple is always ensured
    Strike 1: Verbal warning and spoken to.
    Strike 2: Demotion 1+ ranks and final warning
    Strike 3: Removal from Shock
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  2. Snarlax added a post in a topic Shock Commander App   

    Not sure why? 
  3. Snarlax added a post in a topic Signup for Community Gamenight! Week 2   

    On PC
  4. Snarlax added a topic in General   

    Beta Testing
    Hello Guys!
    With the release of Star Wars yesterday, I am sure you are all excited to see the server grow and be a success! 
    If you want this to happen though, make sure that you help us in return. What this means is that if you find any bugs or glitches, please make a bug report in the correct section. This not only helps the server, but it tremendously helps Zeeptin to keep things organized and documented so he can get to your issues as quickly as possible.
    Just because staff are aware of the problem dosent mean you shouldnt make report! We are all human and forget things. These posts will help everyone in the long run.
    Lets make Star Wars one of the best servers GL has had. We can only do that with your help!
    Best Regards, Snar
    StarWarsRP Admin.
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  5. Snarlax added a post in a topic Shock Commander App   

    Dwayne is the Commander. If you want to tryout, I will be hosting the tryouts today.
  6. Snarlax added a post in a topic Rangs 212th CMDR App   

    -Great leader
  7. Snarlax added a post in a topic Dopey- B1 Infantry Commander Application   

  8. Snarlax added a post in a topic Well it's here.   

  9. Snarlax added a post in a topic Well it's here.   

    I am honestly so excited for the server to open
  10. Snarlax added a post in a topic Links ARC Commander Application   

    Huge +Support!
    -Former ARC Commander
    - MilitaryRP Commander
    - Mature
    -Come on! ARC is his calling!!
  11. Snarlax added a post in a topic Star Wars Commanders and Generals!!   

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:67277135
    In-game Name: Snar
    Reason why you think you are ready to lead an army: I believe that my experience in the past 2 months on MilitaryRP has proven my leadership skills. I have put many hours into ensuring that all of the soldiers in the army are all well rounded. The rank of Brigadier general I have achieved on MilitaryRP allows me to watch over all branches, which will be what I will be doing as a GEN for star wars. As a high rank such as this, I will strive to stay a dedicated and mature member of the star wars community, and will prove my leadership skills on the battlefield and back at base.
    Qualification: Brigadier General on MilitaryRP, Former Shock LTC and ARC 1SG, Jedi General Anakin
  12. Snarlax added a topic in Denied   

    Snar Shock CMDR application
    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:67277135
    In-game Name: Snar
    Battalion (Applying for): Shock
    Why should you be Commander?: Well first and   foremost, I have had plenty of experience with commanding and leading players in gaminglights star wars before it closed, as well as other servers! I am able to be a mature player when needed, and can manage multiple players at once. Letting me become commander of the Shock regiment will allow me to make it one of the most elite security teams on the ship, and I will make sure that it only holds the most mature and professional players to create an effective roleplay experience in terms of security. Becoming a commander for this regiment will overall fit my playstyle of keeping order wherever it needs, as well as allowing me to make others have an enjoyable experience on the server. I have good intentions to build this batallion up, especially one that needs alot of structure and discipline to make it an effective regiment
    Best Regards
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    Do you mind if I assist in these tryouts @Jarret
  15. Snarlax added a post in a topic 5mil giveaway   

    Snar- 678