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  1. Snarlax added a post in a topic Welcome to SWRP Moderator   

  2. Snarlax added a post in a topic It's time to change!   

  3. Snarlax added a post in a topic It's time to change!   

    So many people have left :((((
    but i like where you are going!!!
  4. Snarlax added a post in a topic StarwarsRp Change   

    Now i do have one question.
    Would this work the same for seperatist as it would republic where you could have your jedi job and a clone role. Would it be that you would get a sith role and a droid role on the seperatist side
  5. Snarlax added a post in a topic StarwarsRp Change   

    Im all for this idea
    This could bring alot of new players. I would probably switch to seperatist side.
  6. Snarlax added a post in a topic COMMANDER MEETING MOVED   

    Ker. I hate to say it but this post is not only extremly biased towards the very high ranks, but also is illogical
    Now im not calling you out since I know you like the server and have worked hard on it, but you have to pay more attention to alot of factors
    1. Its a Friday night. Dont expect all of the commanders to be on for a 30 minute meeting. People use their weekend to go out and do things so they arent always on
    2. The whole LTG+ immunity thing just isnt right. You shouldnt be doing that just to save yourself and a few others. There are plenty of other people who are CMD+ who are able to do good without PT
    4 MH crouch walking, really... All that is going to do is test people to see how long they can hold control and W. People hate it and if anything it hurts the well being of the player base as a whole. The only reason you are recommending so time consuming is because you wont be the one going around the hanger
    Once again, im not here to start problems. But things just havent been right these past couple of days...
    Best Regards, Snar
  7. Snarlax added a post in a topic Another Chance!   

    Give us a reason that we made the right choice at all
    Lets just have fun and enjoy ourselves. The weekend is here and myself along with all of the other staff will be working hard to give all of you an amazing experience.
    This is your chance to redeem yourself though. Welcome back.
  8. Snarlax added a post in a topic Message to all GMs   

    Way better

  9. Snarlax added a post in a topic Message to all GMs   

    If only i could read the green part.
    its like looking into the sun @Caboose
  10. Snarlax added a post in a topic Jedi Meetings   

    I wasnt making anything
    I was just suggesting this, and seeing peoples opinions on it. Im not organizing anything at the moment. Just getting peoples opinions so i can then see Links and the others opinions as well
    I apologize for not putting this under suggestions
  11. Snarlax added a topic in General   

    Jedi Meetings
    Hello everyone!
    So I feel as if Jedi havent been interacting lately and or havent been able to get to know each other well. Since we are a huge asset in events, I feel as if we should bring back the meetings we did for such a short period of time.
    So i would like to ask all Jedi, what is a good time for you in which we can all host a meeting? These meetings will allow us to discuss our strengths and weaknesses, as well as getting to know our fellow Jedi
    I am good with any day, but I know some people are busy on certain days and have other things going on. Friday or Saturday would be preferred, since we are all on during the weekends mostly
    Post on here of what times you would like to have a Jedi Meetings. Days as well as times in that day would be preferred
    Best Regards, Snar
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  12. Snarlax added a post in a topic Broken Jedi   

    I hope we get this fixed soon. I am not enjoying playing jedi in events as much since its happening like this
  13. Snarlax added a post in a topic Gonna be Gone for a Month   

    Have a fun time Mike!
    See you when you get back.
  14. Snarlax added a post in a topic Im Stupid   

    That is what i use
  15. Snarlax added a topic in General   

    Broken Jedi
    Due to the recent update, I have noted the Jedi that have the broken model/Backwards saber glitch
    Fine: Yoda, Mace Windu, Plo Koon? (Not sure about plo koon), Jedi Knight, Jedi Padawan
    Broken: Jedi Master, Anakin, Kit fisto, Obi Wan Kenobi, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Aayla Secura, Ashoka Jedi
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