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  1. Snarlax added a topic in General   

    CriminalRP MOTD
    CriminalRP MOTD
    To request help, contact a staff member in-game by type @ (Your Message). Do not spam admin chat, and wait patiently for a staff member to assist you
    Staff members have final say in all situations. Reports on unsatisfactory staff performance can be resolved in our staff reports section
    .Loopholing is not allowed for any rules. Our rules are server guidelines, and are there to be followed as written. No exceptions.
    CriminalRP management includes Alec and Snar. Please go to other staff members with issues before contacting either one of them.
    (Join Our Steam Group!: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/GaminglightRP  or by typing !steam in-game)
    General Rules
    Random Deathmatch (RDM) is not allowed
    No hacking/editing your client to give yourself an advantage
    Mic spam is not allowed
    This server is semi serious. Take certain situations as if they are a reality
    No metagame
    No prop minge
    FailRP is not permitted
    NLR is 3 minutes. Forget your past life and wait the designated time to return to your place of death.
    Do not interact with anyone who was involved with your death for the 3 minutes
    The flat land (Admin land) on the map is for staff members to go to only.
    Binds must be clear and concise. Binds that specify more than one action/scenario is not allowed
    On sight KOS is not allowed between the 2 gangs. You must have a valid RP reason to kill a rival gang member
    Credits or real world money for in game items, or vice versa, is prohibited
    No inappropriate names
    No spamming doorbells. Press it twice AT MOST
    Warnings are the process of locally advising a player through text chat to leave you, or another gang member/player alone
    Warnings must be placed in a LOCAL text chat message
    3 warnings must be given before you can kill a player
    Each warning must be 5 seconds apart, with the third being the one allowing you to kill a player
    Warnings must have a valid rp reason, such as a player following you constantly, or overall being a nuisance to a objective you are trying to accomplish.
    Criminal Activities
    A LOCAL text chat message is required giving clear demands for your mug
    Max mug amount is 5,000
    You may mug a player once every 5 minutes.
    If a player gives you the correct amount, you must let them go
    10 seconds must be given before you can kill a player
    The overhead typing symbol must not be showing for those 10 seconds. Let the player type the command
    Hit Rules
    Hits must have a valid role play reason
    Dont target one specific player every hit. Play fair!
    NLR applies to hits
    Hits dont need to be adverted "complete or incomplete"
    Kidnapping Rules
    A LOCAL text chat message is required giving clear kidnap demands
    Hostages can be held for 20 minutes
    You may kidnap one player every 30 minutes, and the same player every hour
    (NOTE) The timer for kidnapping begins after you let your hostage go, not after your kidnap message
    `While a hostage can role play their own kidnap, you must follow ALL the kidnappers commands.
    Ransom is capped at 50k
    Bank Robberies
    If a gang is robbing the bank, only those gang members may rob it, no other criminals
    Rival gangs/other criminals may counter a bank raid at any time
    Do not block off the bank with props.
    After a bank raid is completed, you must leave the bank vault
    NLR applies to bank raids. If you die, you are not allowed to come back
    Italian/Chinese Gang Rules
    Each class in a gang has a certain time requirement to join it.
    Ranks are not a part of gangs, although players may roleplay a gang structure for that session
    Gangs may take over a sector of the map to build a gang hideout
    One gang cannot own more than one sector
    4 or more players must be active on that gangs jobs in order to mega base/create a hideout
    Not every building in a sector needs to be owned, but you need to be actively using that part of the map.
    Harming your own gang members is not allowed
    You may only base with your own gang members, no other jobs
    Timers for kidnaps, and mugs apply to all gang members involved in that activity
    Gang members can raid anyone
    If a rival gang member is taken hostage by the opposite gang, ransom can have a max of 5,000 added on to the 50,000 cap
    No baiting rival gangs. This includes following/pestering them constantly in hopes of action.
    Basing Rules
    Max fading doors (Per Base): 3
    Keypad required for every door with a toggle or 5 secs open time.
    Do not use your numpad to open door (use button or keypad)
    No skybases, road bases, or roof bases
    No more than five one-way props (per base)
    Do not No Collide Prop's and use them as hidden doors etc
    Can only build barriers to just shoot over during raids
    You can have a building sign, but you are not allowed to have raidables such as printers or meth while the sign is up
    KOS signs must be on your property. The furthest a KOS sign can go is the sidewalk
    Loitering is not a valid KOS reason
    Every door within a base must be owned by the at least one individual basing there.
    No building while in an active RP situation
    Bases must be easy for players to understand
    No kill boxes or trap bases
    Don't use bright/hard to see materials. Make your base fare
    One way props are for viewing, not shooting out of.
    No crouch bases/any crouch portions of your base
    Invisible props are not permitted
    No hidden keypads. Keypads must be clearly visible
    All shooting windows must be the same level for all parties
    Shooting windows can have a button/lever, and do not require a set open/close time
    Raiding Rules
    Once a raid is commenced, only keypads/buttons or levers may be used for their designated fading doors
    You may return to the raid after the NLR time
    If the raid ends before your NLR time is up, you still must wait to return to your base
    If a base clearly has no contraband, don't raid it
    Camping a base is not allowed. Raid the base, collect the raidables, and leave
    Do NOT raid bases with a building sign. This is an indicator that a player is in the process of setting up their base.
    You may only harm those who own the base, unless another player tries to come into your raid
    Gang class times
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  2. Snarlax added a post in a topic ARU MAJ Snar TRJ5 - False Warn Report   

    1. The phrase was never as agressive as it you took it. My phrase was. “I am a manager. I can use my powers off duty, which in this case was pulling your car back to me after running off
    2. I dont swear. You can ask anyone at gaminglight, and they will tell you that
    3. Your warning was given before the disrespect
    4. No cars were in the middle of the road. They were all on the side of the road, right at the turn out of spawn
    5. You are lucky I warned you for just cop bait. I could of done alot more. Saying f*** you and go f*** yourself to me isnt going to get you far.
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  3. Snarlax added a post in a topic Mr Valkyri3 LOA 11/9 - 11/16   

    +Support. Refund if you dont unban
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  4. Snarlax added a post in a topic hi   

    Follow the rules and you will be fine
    Welcome to Gaminglight :)
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  5. Snarlax added a topic in Staff Announcements   

    My Recent inactivity
    I have become very inactive recently and I would like to create a full staff PSA stating that it is coming to a full on end as of tomorrow. This inactivity is ultimately my fault, and I have just become extremely lazy as a manager for Gaminglight. I have felt extremely terrible about the fact that I have not acted to my full potential as a manager for my designated server, and would like to formally apologize. Once again, there will be no more inactivity from me, and I will push forward with GTA Online to make it the best server it should of already been and can still be!
    Best Regards
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  6. Snarlax added a post in a topic Favourite TV shows (Netflix and stuff counts to)   

    Trailer Park Boys
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  7. Snarlax added a post in a topic Forum suggestion   

    Lets not. Because that in turn makes everyone aware of the fact that we have a list like that, including those other communites. 
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  8. Snarlax added a post in a topic Pineapple on pizza???   

    Pineapple on pizza is good
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  9. Snarlax added a post in a topic PoliceRP 1 Year Anniversary   

    I wasnt here for when it first launched. I do congratulate you on a very successful year for PoliceRP, and I hope it continues that way for as long as Gaminglight is here.
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  10. Snarlax added a post in a topic Forum Requirement   

    Well if a CPL+ is required to be on teamspeak anyway, they need to get their member tags, which initiates them to make a forums account, which solves this correct?
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  11. Snarlax added a post in a topic FOR THE SECCOND TIME!   

    Closed. Blacklisted
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  12. Snarlax added a post in a topic Lucifer Morning Stars Application   

    Permanantly staff restricted as of 10-4-17
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  13. Snarlax added a post in a topic WOLFY!   

    Follow the format
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  14. Snarlax added a post in a topic I might be back   

    Welcome back victus!
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