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  1. Snarlax added a post in a topic James' 48 hour notice for Staff on Star wars RP   

    He is staying on Military as Staff, but is leaving SWRP staff
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  2. Snarlax added a topic in General   

    Transition to Fully SeriousRP
    Hello Star Wars Community
    This is the official post now designating Star Wars as a fully serious RP server. This being said, ALL staff and players must be acting in character as a clone at all times. The ONLY place where you should be out of character is in the OOC room, located on the first floor, or in an administrative situation.
    You MUST be in character at ALL timesNo Mingery or FailRP (always been a thing)Act as a clone and Jedi wouldAddress all higher up members as Sir or MamBase your RP on correct loreAnyone not following these guidelines will receive demotions from their in game ranks. Any staff not fully enforcing and or following these guidelines will be striked and or demoted.
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  3. Snarlax added a post in a topic boomboxbrad unban   

    1. Stealing PD cars is FailRP
    2. Driving past the cops saying that is Cop Bait
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  4. Snarlax added a post in a topic Grants 48 hr Notice   

    You are a cool guy grant. Thanks for staffing on GamingLight!
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  5. Snarlax added a post in a topic Suggestions   

    Some descriptions on how these would improve the server and gameplay would be nice
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  6. Snarlax added a topic in Game Night   

    Rate Game Night! - 7/15/17
    Hello Everyone! I would like to get some feedback from our first game night since the reboot! This week was Star Wars RP! We would like to get some ratings from you, the players.
    Rating Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/15nPcRBqLwr8rBKl2cHvXumdljPTUM7YkSX_8HkJbATg/viewform?ts=595d4ef1&edit_requested=true
    I hope everyone had a fun time tonight, and continue to in the future of game night!
    Best Regards, Snar
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  7. Snarlax added a post in a topic Mega's Head Admin Application   

    Everything about you is fine but your application isnt detailed enough in my opinion to show you want the rank.
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  8. Snarlax added a topic in General   

    Read Star Wars Staff
    I would like to thank all of the new Trial Moderators for becoming part of the Star Wars Staff team.
    I would like to address something. A late night problem occurred tonight where certain recruits were trained but were not able to be whitelisted for the trooper job. This in turn led to the recruits getting white listed for shock, which is a big no... If recruits need whitelisting, you need to contact a higher staff member or an officer/commander in a battalion. Staff should NOT be whitelising for classes that the player is not part of, bottom line!
    Future occurances of this or any abusive actions will result in strikes and demotions if needed.
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  9. Snarlax added a post in a topic Link's 48 Hour Notice   

    I thank you for being one of the most Loyal staff members, and players to the Star Wars community that I have ever met
    From your kind words to everyone above, to the dedication you have shown for the time that you have been here makes you an amazing staff and player. I really do apologize if some of the things on star wars is not something that you agree with, but I hope that we have no tension between each other. I speak for alot of others here when I say that you will be missed as a staff member on GamingLight. Believe it or not, you have left your mark and it will stay there.
    Once again, thanks for being an awesome staff member on Star Wars, but more importantly, an amazing friend
    Best Regards, and Keep in touch, Snar
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  10. Snarlax added a post in a topic 48hr Notice   

    Moving this to the right section.
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  11. Snarlax added a post in a topic All ARC must read this!   

    I agree with that. Officers should be prioritized to be at every meeting
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  12. Snarlax added a post in a topic Visualz' Staff Restriction appeal   

    Its a definite no from me
    You are lucky enough you were unblacklisted. Now you want to become part of our staff team, which is something we take pride in. Anyone can make a promise, but the less trust you have, the harder it is to belive that promise.
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  13. Snarlax added a post in a topic Is ST CMD Available?   

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  14. Snarlax added a post in a topic MAJ NoOne's COL Promotion   

    I havent played on PoliceRP extensively, but i have played with noone since I am part of ARU
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  15. Snarlax added a post in a topic How did you chose your name?   

    I just kind of picked my name one day while playing on a random gmod server. It used to be Snarlax123, then I decided to change it to Snarlax cause its shorter and looks better
    Only reason you all know me by Snar is because I wanted my name to be shorter when i first joined Star Wars
    Fun Fact: I didnt even know my name referenced a pokemon until later. And even then I thought snorlax was named Snarlax
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