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  1. Snarlax added a post in a topic Hextech93 trial mod application   

    Wrong Server
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  2. Snarlax added a post in a topic Hextech93 trial mod application   

    Is this for GTA Online?
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  3. Snarlax added a post in a topic Snars Possible LOA   

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  4. Snarlax added a post in a topic NoOne's Tmod App   

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  5. Snarlax added a post in a topic How To Play GTA Online   

    Haha i remember that. You could just start responding to calls as soon as you got in
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  6. Snarlax added a topic in Staff Announcements   

    Snars Possible LOA
    With Hurricane Irma approaching me directly tomorrow; there is the possibility that my power will go out, and it most likely will. Its better to be safe then not, so i am putting this LOA up just in case something does go wrong that impacts me getting on.
    All Floridians that play here, stay safe, and I wish you all the best.
    Best Regards
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  7. Snarlax added a post in a topic staff application gta online   

    You are permanantly staff restricted
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  8. Snarlax added a topic in General   

    GTA Online MOTD
    GTA Online MOTD
    If you need help, contact a staff member in game by doing @(Your Message). You are allowed to ask for another staff if you find the current one unsatisfactory
    Staff have final say in all situations. If you feel a staff member is failing to make proper decisions, you may report them in our staff reports section.
    Loop holing is not allowed for any rule. These rules are in place for all players, and finding ways around them will land you in more trouble
    Join Our Teamspeak to talk to other players!: ts.gaminglight.com
    Join our steam group!: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/GaminglightRP or do !steam in game
    General Rules
    No RDM
    No disrespect
    No Glitching/Hacking
    FearRP is in effect (act like real-life)
    No FailRP
    Do NOT metagame
    NLR (New life rule) is 3 min.
    NLR does NOT apply to PD during PD Raid or Bank Raid (PD can return to a raid if backup is called)
    No Cop Baiting
    Paramedics are a Neutral Faction (Can't be taken Hostage, Vehicles stolen, etc.)
    You must value your life!
    Do not change your Job/Player Name to something inappropriate, This means no Racist/Terrorist names or terms. Staff have the right to ask you to change you name/job title if they deem it inappropriate. Failure to do can result in you being removed from the server
    If the mayor has tax's over 25% then you may assassinate
    Job Rules
    Citizens are the criminal class for the server
    You may raid, own printers, and do all criminal activity
    You may be in a gang
    All Guns are illegal (except for pistols but they still can't be out in public)
    Police may buy guns from the gun dealer NPC
    Printers, default are illegal.
    Cops can NOT accept Money or items for less jail time or to stop being prosecuted.
    If you see a Player wanted for shooting a Government Official, you may KOS them
    Cops MAY NOT camp the black market dealers and wait for players.
    No Tazer Rushing!
    You are not part of the police department
    No ramming other vehicles or police
    You cannot own any gun
    You are a neutral faction
    No raiding, or doing any criminal activity
    Criminal Activity Rules
    You DO NOT need to advert raids
    You must /advert PD Raid.
    When Raiding Bank you are allowed to cover the entire bank
    You cannot close or lock the door of the vault when you are raiding it. The vault door must stay open.
    You must /y carjack.
    You must /y Murder. Murder is only allowed in a secluded area!
    You must wait 15 mins Between a raid you do. This includes PD Raids, Bank Raids, Mayor Assassinations, Kidnapping and hostage taking
    If you are countering a raid, you must advert the counter
    You must outnumber the original raiders group if you are to counter
    Must wait 15 min in between raiding
    PD raids can not last longer than 10 minMust be breaking someone out of jail Or have a Valid ReasonBank raids MUST be roleplayed out before police can kill the targets. The only exception to this is if the targets shoot at you
    You must wait 45 minutes before raiding the same base twice
    Bank raids require AT LEAST 5 cops on
    You must yell that you are kidnapping someone
    You may only kidnap a player once every 30 minutes
    You must wait 45 minutes before you can kidnap the same player
    All orders from a kidnap must be followed
    The maximum ransom is 65,000
    You must yell that you are mugging a player
    Max mug is 5k
    You may mug one player per 10 minutes, and you must give that player 10 seconds minimum to drop the money.
    The person being mugged cannot be killed if they comply
    You may not revenge-kill a player after you have been mugged. You can however, report the mugging to the police
    Gang Rules
    You must apply for a gang.
    You must have at least 4 members ready to be in that gang prior to applying
    If you arent in a gang, you can assist anyone else who isnt currently in a gang If you are in a gang, you may only assist your gang members.
    No inappropriate gang names
    If any gang constantly breaks rules, the entire gang can be removed by a Super Admin+
    Gangs are a privilege to have. Constant abuse of this feature will cause it to be removed from GTA Online entirely.
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  9. Snarlax added a post in a topic Marsgaming's 500K giveaway   

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  10. Snarlax added a post in a topic Adding things to Exotic Silencer   

    What server?
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  11. Snarlax added a post in a topic Will Newel's recruitment team application   

    See me on teamspeak for your tags and a quick briefing
    Welcome to Gaminlight's Recruitment Team!
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  12. Snarlax added a post in a topic Pliskin's 1 Week Notice   

    You are supposed to give your weeks notice before switching departments... Not after you are accepted into one
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  13. Snarlax added a post in a topic Pliskin's 1 Week Notice   

    Why did you not give a week notice?
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  14. Snarlax added a post in a topic Lil Yachty - T-Mod Application   

    Have you actually been active at all on PoliceRP? 
    It seems like you dropped off the community around December and haven't posted till now.
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  15. Snarlax added a post in a topic veyronm3rk's T-mod Application   

    Lying about a past staff position and join date
    Plagiarizing another players application
    You have also been permanently staff restricted from all Gaming light servers, meaning that you may not apply for staff or be interviewed for staff.
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