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    Temporary Command
    Hello, for those of you that dont know me, I am known as Snar on the SWRP server. I am currently an SFC of the shock regiment and have some news to bring.
    Commander Ker, or the commander of the shocks has informed me he may be away friday and saturday this weekend. If that is the case, he has put me in second command of shock when no other officers are present in the regiment. I feel like it would be right to inform everyone on the forums so they know, especially since it is the weekend and we are most likely going to have alot of people on
    Other than that, i have no other news to bring. Officer Dwayne and Officer Ajax will take their regular postions in command if they are on, or of course if Commander Ker is able to be on
    Best regards-Snarlax, Shock SFC
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