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  1. NoOne added a topic in FBI   

    Many don't know the rules so hears the SOP's
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  2. NoOne added a post in a topic Informal Suggestion post for SSA/SAIC   

    were not demoting PA's anyone that does will be demoted because they payed for that rank so they can use it 
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  3. NoOne added a topic in Support Applications   

    2/25 Accepted into Support
    The following have been accepted into support: 
    - Jack Black
    - Navigator
    - Fame
    - Max Thomas
    - Mikedagamer
    - MSGT Forrest 1A54 - Talk to NoOne
    Link to member list: 
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  4. NoOne added a post in a topic SWAT PVT JAMES OLIVER False Warn Appeal   

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  5. NoOne added a topic in Army   

    This is a bit late
    Well I've realized that many people on the army core don't know me so i would like to fully introduce myself keep in mind this is very late. 
    Mt name is NoOne Yukiteru i and the US Core Vice Commander and i am also a Head Admin on our Police RP. I know many of you and most of you don't know me. Now you may say i'm inactive and your not wrong lately I have been very sick thus unable to get on. I plan on getting back soon depending on my health and what life does. So i would like to get to know more of you and get a basic understanding of your wants needs and feelings as well as ideas for the server and command. I have to divide my time from PRP being in a senior management positions but i will try to make  more time for you. I also have school so that as well takes time. So I look forward with working will all of you and lets go kick some Communist ass. 
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  6. NoOne added a post in a topic Changes???   

    I like this but for the future can we tell things like this to me before we do this 
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  7. NoOne added a post in a topic warn apeal penguin   

    insufficient evidence of warn
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  8. NoOne added a post in a topic FBI roster.   

    link to new roster 
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  9. NoOne added a topic in Support Team   

    Support staff Role call
    As new Head of Support I would like to know my team and make sure you all are on the roster so pleas fill this out you have till 2/23 thank you, and i'm looking forward to work with you all. 
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  10. NoOne added a topic in Support Applications   

    Support staff Aplication
    Need to be mod+ 
    if you have any questions goto SMT or NoOne
    Application link here: 
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  11. NoOne added a post in a topic My Time Has Come - Fairwell   

    Thank you for all you've done we wont forget you
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  12. NoOne added a topic in FBI   

    What the Secret service does
    The United States Secret Service or U.S.S.S. is a a federal law enforcement agency under the under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. This branch is trusted with the task of Protecting the US President and Vice President and their family's as well as high government officials and leaders. They are to coordinate and make sure all venues are safe for the President and their family. They are to use their logistics as well as local law enforcement agencies and to rid all threats to the president. and their family. They are to use their logistics as well as local law  enforcement agencies to ensure total protection of the president. 
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  13. NoOne added a post in a topic Blackout’s T-mod application   

    need to change lay out as it is currently hard to read
    Over all +/- Support 
    all reasons above
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  14. NoOne added a topic in FBI   

    FBI Meetings New
    I would like to make FBI meetings now on Sundays @ PM 3:30 US CT or 4:30 PM EST 
    I would like all to make the meeting on the 11th were I would like to do promotions passably appoint command (with valks perms) and go over procedures and rules and make some new ones up as well as take insight. I want too make FBI better and I am willing to put in a lot more time to do so. 
    Thank you FBI Director NoOne  Yukiteru 
    Note if time isn't good for many meeting time is subject to change
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