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  1. sewerhole added a post in a topic ARU LT WOLFY TR19 SUPPORT APP #3   

    +/- Support
    -all you did was copy and paste  the app that got denied
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  2. sewerhole added a topic in General Discussions   

    zeeptin is confirmed to be a rebel pilot
    i thought luke skywalker was cool
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  3. sewerhole added a topic in Support Applications   

    SewerHoles Support Application
    In-Game Name: SewerHole
    Steam Name: sewerhole
    SteamID:  STEAM_0:0:97238819 
    Are you a Moderator+? Yes, i am.
    How often are you on TeamSpeak? I am on TeamSpeak from when i get on (in the morning) until i get off (at night)
    Do you have a working quality mic? Yes, i have a microphone, it is a Razer Seiren Microphone. I do not use it as much as i should but i am starting to use it more. I will always use it in a support situation as it makes it a lot easier to communicate and solve the problem.
    What timezone are you in? MT
    Why would you want to join our Support team? I wish to join your support team as i am actively on the TeamSpeak and viewing it. I see alot of people that end up waiting for long periods of time to get support from TeamSpeak support staff, and i would like to be able to respond to those situations and make them have a good support experience without waiting too long. I would love to be able to assist this community as much as i can.
    Are you a friendly person that can uphold the reputation of our Support team? If so, how are you a friendly person? I am generally a friendly person who likes to joke around and such but i do take serious situations seriously and i don't get angry enough to start disrespecting players. I have made a lot of friends in my time of playing Gaming Light and i enjoy my experiences with them. I have not done anything to hurt this community or its members and i hope to keep that reputation as it is one that i'm proud of.
    How would you greet someone that has a problem in one of our support channels? 
    Hi, i'm sewerhole whats your problem and how can i assist you with it.
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  4. sewerhole added a post in a topic Weezy - Staff Application WDRP   

    -cool dude
    -deserves it
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  5. sewerhole added a post in a topic Father_SORTANATO Staff Application WDRP   

    -not very active
    -i dont think hes ready for it yet.
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  6. sewerhole added a post in a topic Transition to Fully SeriousRP   

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  7. sewerhole added a post in a topic Ajax - Gamemaster application   

    Be more active, reapply in 1 week
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  8. sewerhole added a post in a topic Questions   

    You guys speaking some microsoft engineer language or something?
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  9. sewerhole added a post in a topic LuckyWolf777 - Staff Application WDRP   

    +We could use more staff on WDRP to help us!
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  10. sewerhole added a post in a topic Stove/Nuttycapris   

    No poll, reapply in 1 week.
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  11. sewerhole added a post in a topic Best Faction   

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  12. sewerhole added a post in a topic Ace's 91st CPT Application   

     Speak to me in TS when your on
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  13. sewerhole added a post in a topic Ace's 91st CPT Application   

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  14. sewerhole added a post in a topic Read Star Wars Staff   

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  15. sewerhole added a post in a topic Link's 48 Hour Notice   

    You were a good staff member man, and i enjoyed working with you i hope to still see you on swrp!
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