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  1. !sewer added a topic in Introductions/Leaving   

    SewerHoles 48 Hour Notice
    I am making this 48 hour notice due to the fact i dont find gaminglight fun anymore, i came to GL for SWRP and its gone. I enjoyed other servers for a little bit and i may come back and play policerp every now and then but i am going to pursue other things, such as trying out for a different soccer team and things like that. Those all require alot of time, but i enjoy them. Thankyou again for all the fun times you've given me GL and all the cool people i've met.
    Snarlax- "Snar I need to talk to you" ( only the OG kids will get it )
    Seal- Chicken Tendies are nasty
    Texas- You were a cool guy (no inside jokes for you)
    Alsher- Dont kidnap me for ideas again please :(
    NoOne- You were fun to talk to.
    Steven Tori- May ambassador rick rest in peace.
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  2. !sewer added a post in a topic A Year With Gaminglight (Alsher's Reintroduction)   

    sand is between the sea and the land
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  3. !sewer added a post in a topic Upgraded My Computer   

    #teamred all the way
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  4. !sewer added a post in a topic Steven Tori - 48 hour notice   

    Your a cool guy and you were a good staff member
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  5. !sewer added a post in a topic Im leaving yet again   

    Good luck man you were a good manager and i am glad to have staffed under your management.
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  6. !sewer added a post in a topic DM   

    meme brigade 4 lyfe
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  7. !sewer added a post in a topic Weezy - Staff Application WDRP   

    -cool dude
    -deserves it
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  8. !sewer added a post in a topic Father_SORTANATO Staff Application WDRP   

    -not very active
    -i dont think hes ready for it yet.
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  9. !sewer added a post in a topic Transition to Fully SeriousRP   

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  10. !sewer added a post in a topic Ajax - Gamemaster application   

    Be more active, reapply in 1 week
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  11. !sewer added a post in a topic Gustard's Head Of Staff Application   

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  12. !sewer added a post in a topic Questions   

    You guys speaking some microsoft engineer language or something?
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  13. !sewer added a post in a topic LuckyWolf777 - Staff Application WDRP   

    +We could use more staff on WDRP to help us!
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  14. !sewer added a post in a topic Stove/Nuttycapris   

    No poll, reapply in 1 week.
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  15. !sewer added a post in a topic Best Faction   

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