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  1. Bashawn added a post in a topic Gust, LIink, Naby, Bobby Players Report   

  2. Bashawn added a post in a topic Conner's Back   

    Hi Connor
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    + Support
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    Umbrella Corp Shut down Request
    Topic TitleUmbrella Corp - Ban Request QuestionsYour In-game: BaShawn Sharanataro Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:92790249 The player's name in-game: DURAMAXDIES3L Umbrella Corp The player's steam name (If you know it): - What did the player do: Multiple times RDM'd Police and Civs to get his friend out of jail Evidence (REQUIRED): -  (him walking out of spawn and right away shooting at officers)- (The friend hes shooting at + the Police) What do you believe should happen to the player: Ban and the gang hes associated with shut down Any extra information: This is not the first time the Umbrella Corp have broken rules and cause no stop havoc on the city and I Think it needs to stop.
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  5. Bashawn added a post in a topic Yo I'm BaShawn (1 Year and 5 Month intro)   

    Your the second person to say that but I never remember getting Admin
    It really confuses me. Unless I've had that much alcohol I've forgotten I'm scared.
    Hi Vinny
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  6. Bashawn added a post in a topic Norwegian mafia Open for applications / Information here   

    Aye Timmy is back as well
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  7. Bashawn added a post in a topic Yo I'm BaShawn (1 Year and 5 Month intro)   

    Um yes I have changed I swear  haha. Good to see you and congrats on SA
    OOF stop stealing my post Puddin
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  8. Bashawn added a post in a topic Yo I'm BaShawn (1 Year and 5 Month intro)   

    No kys (O L D   J O K E)
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  9. Bashawn added a topic in Introductions   

    Yo I'm BaShawn (1 Year and 5 Month intro)
    Hey fam, my name is BaShawn. I have been with the community for 1 year and 5 months on and off and I consider myself to be one of the luckiest players in the Community. I have 20 warns 1 of which is from Valkyri3 for AMRDx9/FailRp/Shooting inspawn so I'm surprised I didn't get banned. I have been staff and got upto Moderator 3 times and I have been blacklisted 3 times and I'm still here.  I really enjoy playing with GamingLight and I will be honest I do have anger problems so if I get a little mad just understand I try to control myself. I also wanna say a big congratulations to Gaur and NoOne for getting Head Admin and Nolan for becoming the new Manager. I remember when they were Moderators, great memories. Welcome all new staff and new players to the Community and I hope to see you all around.
    Catch you up,
    - BaShawn 
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  10. Bashawn added a post in a topic Ludde`s Return?   

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  11. Bashawn added a post in a topic Custom Job Deleted   

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  12. Bashawn added a topic in Completed   

    Custom Job Deleted
    My class, well no exactly my class but the class I used - Guilliesuit Assault is gone and I'm just curious about what happened to it?
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  13. Bashawn added a topic in Introductions   

    BaShawns Return
    Howdy Y'all that remember me and for those who don't. Hello I am the famous BaShawn. I was very well known in the server, staff twice, SWAT 4 different times and a Sar' Major in the PD. I really enjoyed my time with the community until I was bullied into leaving by a certain ex-staff member after 1 Year with GamingLight. I will be on from time to time when I'm not busy at school or playing else where but I would love to see what the community has become in the 2months I was gone for. The majority of the people who were here in the very start are being un-banned or are now Senior Management [Shout out to Blaziken, Nolan, NoOne, Toxic] and others still climbing the staff ladder [Naby, Nimo, Gaur]. I can't wait to see what this community has in store for us but I hope its good. Have fun, play safe and respect your staff.
    - BaShawn Sharanataro
    - Your local spaz 
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  14. Bashawn added a post in a topic ArmyGuy's staff application   

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  15. Bashawn added a topic in Archive   

    VIP+ Lifting cars
    What you want to see? - VIP+ picking up cars again
    Why should we add it? - Because it was a think many of us paid for until Valk removed it
    What are the advantages of having this? - VIP+ can get there car when its stuck
    Who is it mainly for? - VIP+
    Links to any content - -
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