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  1. Speedy Valvano added a post in a topic RN Commander MPO Wrench Ban Request   

    The dude isn’t even RN anymore, he is a SZ SGTMAJ. The fact he continues to minge is ridiculous. +Support, he needs punishment.
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  2. Speedy Valvano added a post in a topic Maxims LOA   

    Nah I cut my LOA short. I typically make them much longer then they actually will be Incase something goes wrong.
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  3. Speedy Valvano added a topic in Suggestions   

    Delete the new knife rule?
    So recently the knife rush rule has been reinstated. However this makes the popularity of knifes, which have already almost become obsolete after their nasty nerf, worthless and never seen. This rule kills knifes, even more so then the buff, and one of these needs reverted. Either remove the new rule, and leave them a rarely seen weapon, or revert the nerf, which makes them a viable backstab weapon again. With both of these in place, they will never be used.
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  4. Speedy Valvano added a post in a topic PLEASE REMOVE THE GRENADE LAuncher   

    There are no refunds, Zeeptin has said this in the past. He could do an exchange for something of equal value, but I bet it wouldn’t happen. Instead we need to buff the grenades used by champion navy class.
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  5. Speedy Valvano added a post in a topic Wrench Demotion   

    Let me give a little context here: I did these changes out of necessity, not to screw anyone over. Wrench was demoted as he was on his last straw after his last major fight with Funkey, which got him removed off of staff team instantly. After this, he then was apparently baton abusing, among other things, and I had a group come up to me and request his demotion(Perry, Spades, Vape, Ghosted, and Williamm). This was him breaking his final chance, hence his removal. I then made Wrex CMDR as there was no Alsher/Mazzy in sight, and RN needed a CMDR. However Corvo then offered to transfer to RN VCMDR to help out, at the fair request of Lil Pump being put on an extended trial VCMDR slot with a one strike he is demoted policy. Coach was then made SZ VCMDR AGAIN OUT OF NECESSITY as there needed to be a second VCMDR+ as an attempt to keep it alive.
    In summary: Wrench blew his final chance, I did on the spot calls to make sure RN didn't fall apart, and you need to get both sides of the story before calling someone out, especially on forums. I like you a lot Cole, but you needed the context for you to understand what happened, and here is that context.
    However I will admit CMDR to PVT was a bit harsh. If Wrench comes and talks to me we can figure out an officer rank for him.
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  6. Speedy Valvano added a post in a topic Maxims LOA   

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  7. Speedy Valvano added a post in a topic Russian Navy Informtaional(Updated)   

    Thank you.
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  8. Speedy Valvano added a post in a topic Russian Navy Informtaional(Updated)   

    Also, as clarification, dissing in TS will not be tolerated. Two months ago someone told me and a friend to kill ourselves in TS then said I couldn’t punish him as it was outside RP. Needless to say he was removed off of RN, and now in every informational I make it abundantly clear that your actions in TS can and will affect you in game.
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  9. Speedy Valvano added a post in a topic RU 1LT MPS Kliment GRU Application   

    BTW this was closed, and Kliment will be seeing no one as he was demoted to PVT a month ago, then left the server.
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  10. Speedy Valvano added a post in a topic "Clout" RU Spetsnaz 104th Application   

    I think you are one of the first people to get three +Support in 6 hours. Means your are doing something right, keep up the good work.
    Accepted! Have a SZ COL+ or BG+ train you.
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  11. Speedy Valvano added a post in a topic Roll Call   

    Name: RU MPC Speedy Valvano 
    Rank: LTG/MPC
    I know I didn’t have to respond, but it lets you guys know I actively check forums.
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  12. Speedy Valvano added a post in a topic Teamspeak Ban Appeal   

    I’d recommend deleting this, as it seems inpatient and rude, and will get you in trouble 
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  13. Speedy Valvano added a topic in Completed   

    RU Lone Wolf MilRP Gun
    So when the 100 armor was changed into the G36c, you gave me the gun from the wrong pack. I wanted this G36c(cw_g36c). This is the old officer weapon and I loved it. This is also completely on me, as I didn't give you the specific script, sorry for that.
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  14. Speedy Valvano added a post in a topic Teamspeak tags for Milrp   

    + Support But dumb it down. Just have CMDR(VCMDR-CMDR) and GEN(BG-GOA). Also MP(MPT-HMP) and MPC(MPCC-MPC) and their side(RU or US) Determined by higher rank on side(for example I would get RU as I am a LTG there, and wouldn’t get US as I am only a 1LT there)
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  15. Speedy Valvano added a post in a topic Coach's LOA   

    Get better Coach!
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