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  1. Not Daft added a post in a topic Mini game   

    Mass RDM x9392723636237356235326352352233243234
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  2. Not Daft added a post in a topic The R2D2 Family   

    Mouse Droid taken by Genos
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  3. Not Daft added a post in a topic The R2D2 Family   

    C3PO taken by Wallrus
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  4. Not Daft added a topic in Criminal   

    The R2D2 Family

    The R2D2 Mafia is a family / organization (Not a gang) that consist of 8 spots
    The spots go as listed:
    R2D2 (Leader)C3PO ( Co leader)Mouse Droid (Communications)AZ-3 (Medical Unit)Gonk Droid (Gun Holder)WAC - 47 (Pilot [Driver])IG-88 (Assassin for Crim)Guri (Assassin for Gov)S.O.P
    Everyone must work together, and follow hierachy.
    #1 Rule: Always beep boop according to your character (Ex: R2 goes beeep boooooop)
    If your character doesnt talk, you better unbind voice chat and chat box son.
    If your character has a dopey personality, so do you now!
    1+ Family Online: Nismo (or what ever car that has 4 spots)
    3+: Use Nismo OR Range Rover
    4+: Escalade, or everyone makes a convoy in white vans :)
    6+: White Van convoy
    Character Descriptions
    R2D2: A droid who basically knows everything that has happened
    And is borderline immortal at this point tbh.
    C3PO: Annoying but smart, somehow gets out of deadly situations. Also translator
    to the foreigners, (Russian gangs, ect)
    Mouse Droid: Silent annoying jerk thats always moving and is extra annoying (Perfect for nimo jk )
    AZ-3: Medical Unit that is always on the move. Slightly Annoying and Slightly Charming!
    (Hopefull CC w/ a medkit)
    Gonk Droid: Walking Trash can. Probably has something useful in it so ask it. Only says *Shoonk*
    WAC-47: Pilot Droid who is very fishy and very jumpy. Over confident but not in a bad way. Plans USUALLY work, you can always hope.
    IG-88: Tall brooding assassin droid. Deadly of the deadly. Rarely talks unless he is taking orders. Can be reprogrammed to talk more. Hunts criminals
    Guri: This human replica droid was an assassin who worked for Prince Xizor and helped him operate Black Sun. Appearing in Shadows of the Empire, her time with Black Sun ended shortly after Xizor died. Eventually, she tracked down one of her creators and asked him to reprogram her. Guris wookiepedia page ( 
    Assasin of the government, in essence. Works with IG-88 if necessary
    This is all probably gonna blow up so...
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  5. Not Daft added a post in a topic Lucky's 2nd Intro?   

    Actually I remember you from WalkingdeadRP
    Your still dead  to me for leaving DM
    JK love u xD
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  6. Not Daft added a post in a topic Curb your memes lmao   

    also what video editing soft ware do u use? & recording?
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  7. Not Daft added a post in a topic False Warn Made By IIToxic_YediII   

    its slightly pointless to just quote what gaur said as the message has been delivered
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  8. Not Daft added a topic in Army   

    no point in keeping me on the roster
    im leaving bye
    im jedi on the roster
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  9. Not Daft added a post in a topic Special Message from Lut   

    I try to roleplay undercover operations from time to time. I used to do it when I had a DEA class that could go under cover but without having a mic getting everyone to listen to you is hard and they usually only come due to thinking a promotion might happen
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  10. Not Daft added a post in a topic New Games?   

    A sequel of sorts to Stardew valley is coming out
    Also does Skyrim ofr the Switch count
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  11. Not Daft added a post in a topic Buying rare items   

    lmao actually w/ voxis and tcoops money combined u could probably get 1 bil
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  12. Not Daft added a post in a topic Buying rare items   

    Me and Jojo cannot sells those items I believe. From what I know jojo doesnt have a fubar and you can get in trouble for having a KF2 due to it being OP
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  13. Not Daft added a post in a topic Buying rare items   

    I had them but I decided to use them up trying to blow up someone who was annoying me so they are gone dont worry
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  14. Not Daft added a post in a topic cars   

    the only one i think that might be it is the Porche but then i realised it isnt
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  15. Not Daft added a topic in Suggestions   

    What you want to see? -  Add more cars that are already ingame
    Lamborghini Murchielago LP - 1 mil
    Land Rover Defender - 50k
    Ferrari Enzo- 500k
    Maserati Ghibli - 5 mil
    Mclaren GT MP4- 7 mil
    Porche 918 Spider- 1 mil
    Why should we add it? -  Because more variety more things to buy more people playing!
    What are the advantages of having this? - More people playing to buy more cars
    Who is it mainly for? - Citizen / Crim
    Links to any content - N/A , Already in
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