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Daft Punk

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  1. Daft Punk added a topic in General   

    This is what I saw last night:
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  2. Daft Punk added a post in a topic Breach Give Away!!!!!!!!!!   

    User ID : STEAM_0:1:60544212
    I am broke
  3. Daft Punk added a topic in General   

    Order of the Obsidian Phoenix (O.O.P)
    "ew another gang just copieng of the original gangs ew ew ew" every single player 2k17~
    This is roster:
    Owner: Daft Punk
    Co-Owner: Bob Ross , Nick Savage
    Lieutenant: Vacant
    Officer: Vacant
    Foot Soldier : Vacant
    Cadet : Never really filled, just OOP in training
    Gang might be shut down, idk, just trying to have fun,
    Mostly for off duty ARU/ other PD who mostly use PD/ARU but want a break every now and then
    SHUT DOWN ARU cannot be in gang
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  4. Daft Punk added a post in a topic MilitaryRP Gold Giveaway!   

    Name: Daft Punk
    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:60544212
    Current server rank: member on Milrp
    Person you are entering (if yourself put "me"): me
    I just wanna pilot a heli
  5. Daft Punk added a post in a topic TPD Gang   

    hee you got kos'd by the other worldly presence known as V.A.L.K (Very Awesome Lethal Killer) heeheee
  6. Daft Punk added a post in a topic How long has everyone been on the server for?   

    Dude you got guts. Zeeptin makes updates, find bugs, pays for the server, and a LOT more , just listed a small amount.
    I have been here since like last year november i think but i cant remember
  7. Daft Punk added a post in a topic Links Upcoming Resignation?   

    Ok sad to cya go but couldnt you just do a LOA from (the day you leave) to when your computer is fixed?
  8. Daft Punk added a topic in General   

    The Fist
    I have an idea to start a clan ( or gang if you prefer) to just merely counter F8 or any of those clans trying to oppress people, Like we help them if they are bieng targeted or raided by hostile clans.  What do you think?
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