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  1. Daft Punk added a post in a topic Injoker - Abuse report   

    That "staff" doesnt know the rules then
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  2. Daft Punk added a post in a topic 200 Post   

    Hunyaaa i have 700 ecks dee get on my level scrub jk 
    good jo
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  3. Daft Punk added a topic in General Discussions   

    HL2 gamemode
    *ANOTHER DISCLAIMER: This is a repost of my old post which SOMEONE randomly locked with no reason given and it hurt my feelings legit because of the hour i put into making this*
    *I put this in general because idk where to put a gamemode suggestion*
    Basically, I have an idea for the next GL Gamemode= Half Life 2 RP. Im pretty sure ive seen this before on the server list or something, but this is my version of it:
    Similar to policeRP, but with more factions, and police get to bring out there inner brutality :)
    Also since HL2 stuff is already ingame, not many downloads needed! :))))
    Factions : The surviving citizen populuce (Goal: Survive and stay out of combines way, and try to help rebels)  Rebels (Job: Save citizens in danger, fight the combine, and guard their bases) Combine [Could be named Civil Police if wanted] (Goal: Keep citizens in check, hunt and kill any rebels)
    Map: rp_city17, features houses, apartments, secret underground locations (possible locations for rebels). Combine prisons, Combine HQ, a mayors office (Mayor would be Breen, of course) Lots more... it is detailed (has rebel propaganda, aswell as combine propaganda)
    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=150899249 (the one i described... but might be too laggy)
    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=499775246 A version of city 17
    https://garrysmods.org/download/24685/rp-uptown-v3-1-publiczip A old map that i personnally love but u might not...
    Special features : One could be food, which citizens and rebels would be desperate for. More ideas welcome! Combine checkpoints (You know, those things you couldnt pass in HL2 in the start), which would be manned by 1 or 2 combine, to make sure no one is messing with it
    Vehicles : Combine could be allowed to access a APC, and maybe high ranks (Which would go to SA, Manager, And of course, Valk <3) could use Combine helicoptors (we would use Airwatch 2)
    Rebels and Citizens could craft (MAYBE buy, but RP wise, they would have to build it from parts, maybe use some addons from the old falloutRP) HL2 vehicles (So NO downloads ) (Also NO Driving delay! HOW BOUT DAT!)
    Ways to earn money: Hack combine checkpoints and steal data, Auto sell it to rebels. Sell scraps, food, and spare parts from scavenging.
    Ways to get food: Just from the food station in HL2s city 17, but thats not enough.. they wont supply to rebels... so raid for food :D! 
    Parts and Scraps: Use GL's scavenging tool, but MODIFY it so you can scrap car props, which could respawn after a time period
    Weapons and stuff : Raid Combine stations, raid checkpoints, kill combines descretly and loot guns
    Could be a DARKRP rank system, where anyone could be a combine or combine commander
    Or you could go something similar to policerp, but like this:
    Normal PD would be metro police, and the SWAT equivalent would be Elite combines
    Prison guards would protect from raids, where soldiers go out and hunt rebels
    Ranks wouldnt really exist because combines dont have ranks i think...
    Someone with a mic could be over watch. Preferably someone with a funny accent
    Thats all for now
    Dont randomly delete this post i worked on it 
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  4. Daft Punk added a post in a topic Favourite Military Branches?   

    Normally I would say USN (not RN because im not a commie jk), but USAF is the way to go with space and air stuff
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  5. Daft Punk added a post in a topic SZ Role Call [2/15 - 2/22]   

    Name: og Jedi
    Rank: SM
    Questions: Is jesus your god
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  6. Daft Punk added a post in a topic Injoker - Abuse report   

    Ill stop replying too but if your reason for me not being the parking lot is it daying PD only your not PD your ARU. so technically all the ARU and FBI were KOS 
    And the carjacking was because, Someone stole my car, so my SS pitting him and then the criminal got out and shot us, he got shot back, then you arrived on scene and RDMed me for standing there
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  7. Daft Punk added a post in a topic Injoker - Abuse report   

    I told you I was meeting with my SS because anywhere else some minge would follow and kill me (I have had that happen its not just some stupid excuse)
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  8. Daft Punk added a post in a topic Injoker - Abuse report   

    1. a Moderator can not authorize that
    2. You could... idk.. ASK me to leave rather then threatining to murder the president?
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  9. Daft Punk added a post in a topic Injoker - Abuse report   

    1. The current evidence provided only shows that you killed me as president. You havent presented any evidence besides you claiming I was corrupt
    2. Corrupt is me making abusive laws like "All hobos are KOS " or "everyone is AOS", or me executing citizens and demoting police. what YOU did was corrupt as you RDMed me for protecting myself against a assassin. Your  a high ranking PD and should know basic rules, and honestly how hostile you are to me is making me feel unwelcome and harassed.
    3. Your accusing me of corruption for being in the DOC parking lot which is actually allowed since im meeting my SS in a secure location. You then threaten my life and pull out a gun, which normally no matter the rank or branch would get you court martialed IRL. If i pulled this crap when I was ARU i wouldve gotten a strike right away with no sit.
    4. I was shooting at the criminal from behind a car because I had a pistol and needed to defend myself. You then said my life was under threat AND HEAD SHOTTED ME POINT-BLANK WITH A AWP. Thats 1.Treason/corruption 2. AttemptedRDM 3. Failrp
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  10. Daft Punk added a post in a topic Injoker - Abuse report   

    Its mostly just context leading up to him killing me
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  11. Daft Punk added a topic in Denied   

    Injoker - Abuse report
    Your In-game: Daft Punk Trump Your SteamID:STEAM_0:1:60544212 The player's name in-game: ARU MSGT Injoker TR*2 numbers* The player's steam name (If you know it): Injoker probably What did the player do: RDM me as mayor which is 1. Treason 2. Police Corruption.  Evidence (REQUIRED):  I know this isnt the actual log but if you cant trust your mods then who can you trust https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/919168432844856907/8AF7D109B54BC34C84132DB3D4D2F3AEE3B4C798/ What do you believe should happen to the player: Kicked out of ARU at the most because how is murdering mayor ok? Any extra information: His excuse will be " he was failrping" I honestly dont know how he got ARU if he doesnt know the rules. What happened is I first spawned in and told my SS to meet at DOC, the most secure place for a FOB so people dont find me and RDM me, and I was in the parking lot WAITING and the ARU threatens to kill me if I dont leave (Treason and telling me he would RDM), then I left with my SS once he got there and we went to the Mayors mansion. Someone was shooting and it was a total mess of bullets everywhere. I pulled out my gun to shoot at him and then, the most BAFFLEING thing happened. HE told me that my life was indanger then pulled out a AWP and shot me point blank. I survived but was baffled why a ARU would attempt RDM. Then as me and my SS were leaving due to you know not wanting to be mass rdmed by ARU. Then we decided to look for my stolen car. We found it driving and pulled it over. He pulled out a gun and adverted assasination and shot me and my SS up. We survived but ARU arrived, Saw his dead body, and then pulled out a AWP and killed me. He claimed Staff gave him permission and kept calling me a corrupt mayor in OOC and saying i was severely minging. I was in no way corrupt (Corrupt being making false laws [abusive laws], breaking role play rules, (Bitminers, wrong gun, illegal stuff), and abusing powers). I did not do ANY of those and overall he is unfit for ARU
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  12. Daft Punk added a post in a topic Police Helicopters   

    I know how you feel as I once suggested this but -Support because of the reasons mine was denied:
    1. Skybox wont work
    2. Could be abused / stolen and become a minge thing 
    3. Most helicoptors are hard to pilot and would be a pain in the ass to use as no place to land and you cant go afk for even 1 second with out it crashing our hitting something
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  13. Daft Punk added a topic in Navy   

    Requesting Information
    I dont have a screen shot but I could get the person who set me to DNR to confrim that I was a ENS (2ndLT) and RSOF trooper on the roster with a DO NOT REMOVE smacked across it. I was removed and I dont know why. Do not remove should imply not to remove me?
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  14. Daft Punk added a post in a topic Strengthening our Relationships   

    I am staff on one of these communitys but I feared being banned because of being apart of a "enemy community" but now I can play GL safely
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  15. Daft Punk added a post in a topic NEW Map Suggestion Survey   

    Theme (Desert, Forest, Mixed): I know it isn't listed but would it be possible to make it Snow?(Desert but white as jake paul[Jk dont ban me xd]) if not,
    then Forest because desert is fun but kinda boring after a LONG time
    Size (Bigger than the current map, Smaller than the current map): a little bigger but if it would lag then smaller
    Keep certain things from the current map (EX keep the training rooms): All underground stuff should be kept. Keep the random towns in the middle of nowhere too i love exploring those
    Add new things (EX add more underground): more obstacles. I think someone should be able to run to ghanzi for example with out being sniped in the first 5 seconds
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