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  1. Punisher added a post in a topic BaShawn's 48hour Notice   

    Ik I'm not a member of the community anymore, but when I heard u were leaving I had to come back. I'll miss u brotha. We had some great times
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  2. Punisher added a topic in Introductions/Leaving   

    The Punisher
    When I left it was in a weird way. I wasn't sure if I was coming back but now I know I will not be returning. Much has changed in my life and Garry's mod or gaming on my of in general is all be removed from it. I am glad to say that my long months in this community were great but I will not be returning good by Gaminglight and thank you Zeeptin for this great community. 
    I still play Xbox tho add me @angryskunk69
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  3. Punisher added a post in a topic CPT NoOne's Major aplication   

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  4. Punisher added a post in a topic FBI Request - Return of my FBI ADD rank and others   

    Snooki was one of the few who were helping with the meeting scandal. VapeLord abused his rank and Snookie dealt with him and changed the rule. They put it back to see if Vape changed and he immediately called a meeting so snooze moved it up again. I believe he did that right thing and shouldn't have been demoted.
    Im pretty active but snooze and firestone are way more. I have Trooper to work on though. Also they are definitely the most serious. I used to be but in the past week I've been just randomly quick scoping doors but i still get serious when needed
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  5. Punisher added a post in a topic RIP to FBI?   

    I will be inactive for a while (refer to my post) but i not believe anyone was corrupt. Just vapelord abused his powers and received the consequences. I would like to keep my rank but if no, i understand.
    On th roster it says that an AD has a strike but theres no name with it.
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  6. Punisher added a post in a topic where is it???   

    I'm both so either way I'm getting tanked
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  7. Punisher added a post in a topic where is it???   

    Oh man. I went undercover after school and was hoping to go on tonight but damn
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  8. Punisher added a post in a topic FBI was lit the other day   

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  9. Punisher added a topic in FBI   

    FBI was lit the other day
    we all also went undercover as ofcs XD
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  10. Punisher added a post in a topic Hiddenxtiger - Ban Request   

    37 year ban
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  11. Punisher added a post in a topic Admin Abuse   

    It doesn't matter if ur in a car and u need to be in a sit. U suffer the consequences for ur actions
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  12. Punisher added a post in a topic Commander Ghost False Warn Appeal   

    he quit XD
    also was Mike even staff back then
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  13. Punisher added a post in a topic FBI DAD Vapeloard Demotion request.   

    I'm not voting because ik he's a good guy but he has had his flaws. Yesterday he raised us because we killed people who were raiding us 
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  14. Punisher added a post in a topic FBI low command purge   

    Name: FBI AD Punisher
    Rank: Assistant Director
    Days: Weekends but I also have to be active on State Trooper and CSGO at night
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  15. Punisher added a post in a topic Bwuakas CPT Application   

    knows rules
    great guy
    shows great leadership
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