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  1. Koray added a post in a topic The Gambino Crime Family   

    So is SWAT :D 
  2. Koray added a post in a topic S.W.A.T - ARU   

    Understood. Thank you for putting this up, it clears all the rumors up about swat/aru rules (for example that only one team can raid the bank)  
  3. Koray added a post in a topic Bullet Proof Cars   

    You always have that one minge who stays in the vehicle so he can't be killed or stopped. Making civilian vehicles NON bulletproof can help with this. It's also more realistic and fits the role play better as police officers usually fire weapons at a suspects vehicle to apprehend or stop them. 
  4. Koray added a post in a topic Game Crashes   

    I had the same issue a while back. Like Zeeptin said you probably need more RAM as 4gb may not be enough. I have 16gb of RAM but the way I fixed it was by retrying and eventually it worked!
  5. Koray added a post in a topic SWAT abuse towards players.   

    @soda148 As the respectful person I am, I have to be honest. Somebody in our group was mic spamming but that was a immature member of our group who was just disbanded, so I am sorry about that.Also regarding the point that we were all minges that's NOT true. The Dep commissioner gagged all of us because he could not find the culprit of who was mic spamming (because everybody was speaking at once)  I understand you guys can raid under any suspicion but what was the suspicion?!?!  Dont we have a right to take our weapons out if you pass the KOS line multiple times and loiter also? 
  6. Koray added a post in a topic SWAT abuse towards players.   

    i know it may not seem like a big DEAL but as a long time member of this server I want to make it as smooth and as fun as possible! I also dont approve of this behavior and believe that some authority should be served because raiding a house on a claim of a "illegal weapon" (which was pulled out in self defense for loitering and passing KOS multiple times) is FailRP. Keep in mind my friend had a gun license which he stated multiple times to the SWAt members but they decided not to check him and raid the house instead. 
  7. Koray added a post in a topic SWAT abuse towards players.   

    Sadly I dont have video evidence, but I do have photographic evidence of what occured. Also the names of the members were SWAT SM Funk,SWAT Private West, Swat Private Noah,SWAT Private Louis Brewer and SWAT Private Calland.    
    Also an instance to add on is that I had very good relationships with many of these members as I am a long time member of this server myself and evoke positivity in the server and between other players. I just never thought some of these people would be abusive and raid our property without a warrent and a false claim.  
  8. Koray added a topic in General   

    SWAT abuse towards players.
    Now let me begin with this. A couple of my friends and I had based at a house nearby of the residential area. Out of nowhere 3 SWAT members appeared at my house and walked past the KOS line multiple times teasing that "we would not shoot them". After loitering on our property for many instances my friend (Who has a gun license btw) decided to take his gun out on safety and politely ask the SWAT to step back. After my friend had politely asked them with his firearm on safety the SWAT decided to raid our house because "we had illegal weapons out". It just really gets to me because if SWAT loiters on my property multiple times dosent my friend have a right to take out his firearm to defend our property? (keep in mind he did not shoot a bullet)  Also to add on THEY did not have a warrent and my friend was FORCED to open all doors to the property by a statement claimed by the SWAT that it was FailRP if he didint      
    KEEP in mind im not asking these members to be punished in anyway if what they committed was very "harmful" to the server. Im just asking for a higher authority to speak to them about the disrespectful behavior and false raid claims towards my friends and I.  
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  9. Koray added a post in a topic SWAT - What should happen - Please Leave FEEDBACK!   

    +Support Swat is a more serous and more responsible job. It requires perfect teamwork and respect to other people as they are engaged in many communication situations. For example negotiations. With 15+ Warnings those skills may be very weak or poor. For example not clearly explaining your side of a situtation to an admin which can eventually get you a warning.