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  1. [GL] Sleep added a post in a topic StarwarsRp Change   

    Sounds awesome! Wish it was more Rebels VS Empire, as I personally love the empire, but this sounds cool too! This will definitely make me wanna hop on more often.
  2. [GL] Sleep added a post in a topic What's the best Girl Scout cookie?   

    Thin mints bruh
    Hook it up
  3. [GL] Sleep added a post in a topic S.W.A.T - ARU   

    I honestly can't tell if that was a mistype or if that was a intended pun...
    (For those who don't get it: ARUing)
  4. [GL] Sleep added a post in a topic Lt Mario's Captain APP.   

    + Support
    Active In Game and on TS3
    Knows how to be a good cop
    Great RP'er
  5. [GL] Sleep added a post in a topic Beta Test Start Time   

    Can't wait
  6. [GL] Sleep added a post in a topic Beta Testing   

    TeamSpeak Name: RT1 LT Sleep
    Steam ID: 
    Why do you want to join the Fallout RP Beta Test?: I would like to help the GL Community as much as I can. I hope to help find bugs / glitches in this new and upcoming server, and I hope to suggest new idea's on how to make it better (if possible).
  7. [GL] Sleep added a post in a topic Thanks!   

    I know a lot of the MilitaryRP Community really appreciates the new map and RSOF/Seals, glad about the new update, thank you very much!
  8. [GL] Sleep added a post in a topic MilitaryRP Map Sneak Peak   

    Can't wait for the new map! Thanks Zeeptin for the sneak peak, hypes me up even more for the new map!