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  1. [GL] Sleep added a post in a topic 2/16/2017 - PoliceRP Updates   

    Today we had over 3 different gangs on the server, I know at least two of the gang's were infiltrated by FBI and had uncovered drug rings, prostitution rings, and illegal money printing. We had at least two massive raids today, all thanks to the FBI, and the FBI were the leaders in the raids.
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  2. [GL] Sleep added a post in a topic Lt Mario's Captain APP.   

    + Support
    Active In Game and on TS3
    Knows how to be a good cop
    Great RP'er
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  3. [GL] Sleep added a post in a topic Thanks!   

    I know a lot of the MilitaryRP Community really appreciates the new map and RSOF/Seals, glad about the new update, thank you very much!
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  4. [GL] Sleep added a post in a topic MilitaryRP Map Sneak Peak   

    Can't wait for the new map! Thanks Zeeptin for the sneak peak, hypes me up even more for the new map!
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