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  1. Max added a topic in General   

    Heads up!
    A little Heads up to all of the commander applicants. Be active. Even if its a Beta you need to show us why you want to be commander. The more you are on the more we see that you are dedicated. As far as the apps go, they will be looked at on the day of opening. For those that want to be staff on Starwars Please make an App on the forums. If you are currently staff Please speak to your corresponding Manager for permission to apply or transfer. Stay tuned for lots of fun and exciting updates!
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  2. Max added a post in a topic Star Wars Commanders and Generals!!   

  3. Max added a post in a topic Star Wars Commanders and Generals!!   

    It will be soon.

  4. Max added a post in a topic Star Wars Commanders and Generals!!   

    We Are still looking for Generals. They have not been picked out yet. Once we do they will need to go to TS and speak to us and Answer a series of questions. Same goes for Commanders. 
  5. Max added a topic in General   

    Star Wars Commanders and Generals!!
    Star Wars Commander and General's needed
    We are having our grand opening on Tonight!!! This is going to be a Serious RP server. We are looking for serious commanders and generals. We currently are looking for TWO Generals. ONE of them is for the Separatist Droid Army and ONE is for the Clone Army. To apply for one of the two general you must comment on this post with this information.
    Steam ID:
    In-game Name:
    Reason why you think you are ready to lead an army:
    Moving on to the Commander applications. Here are the battalions that need commanders: 501st Legion, 212th Attack Battalion, Arc Commander, Shock Security, B1 Infantry, B1 Assault, B1 Security. For Commander applications you will need to apply under the Commander Applications tab, after you fill it out you must get supports and then I will pick a few people to interview on TeamSpeak to determine who is best fit to command.
    For staff. If you are staff on another server and wish to be staff on StarWarsRP, start with asking your corresponding Manager, then if you get permission come speak to me. If you are not a current staff member I will be doing Staff Interviews probably on the day of release or a couple days after open. You need to be Admin+ if you want to transfer over (Only exception is if you were previously staff on StarWars and are looking to return). Also please review the Staff Handbook.
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    Star Wars MOTD
    Star Wars MOTD
    Workshop Link -
    General Rules
    General Rules:
    Do not kill without reason. (RDM)
    Do not fail Rp, meaning that you shouldn’t perform something unrealistic.
    Do not metagame, meaning that you shouldn’t use the out-of-character info for in-game purposes.
    Do not mic/chat spam.
    Do not harass/disrespect other players or admins.
    No staff or player may harass another person! This can be considered Bullying and is not tolerated here! Any staff caught will be given a Strike. Players disobeying this rule may be punished by a ban depending on how serious the situation is.
    No foul language in OOC. Using foul language in OOC is not acceptable and is punishable by a warning.
    No offensive Roleplay Names or anything that is close to an offensive word in your name.
    No Racial/Offensive language, Respect everyone!
    Do not self Promote.
    Don't shoot another Brother!
    Sith Apprentice and Jedi Padawan are equal to Battalion Commander in the ranks. Sith Lord and Jedi Knight’s are equal to LTG in the ranks. Sith Darth and Jedi Master are above General in the ranks.
    Capture Planet Rules
    You can capture planets at any time.
    You can only kill people who are actively trying to defend or attack a position.
    You only have one life per capture raid (You can not run back).
    The raid on the capture point must be lead by a General or LT+.
    Do not land or fly off without a Commander+ permission
    Do not Attack friendly’s
    Make sure to stay in ship at all times
    Make sure the doors are all closed when flying
    Do not fly around without a purpose
    RP Rules
    You must always listen to your high-ups
    Never ask for a promotion (Otherwise You Are Subject To A Demotion)
    Any rank below 2LT can not Promote
    Bow to all Sith and Jedi
    Training Guide
    Left Face - 90 degrees to your Left
    Right Face - 90 degrees to your Right
    About Face - 180 degrees on your right shoulder
    Font Face - Where you face your Commander
    Do in chat /me Salutes
    You always salute 2LT and Generals
    Show them the formations
    To use radio use shift R and then again to turn it off
    Make sure they get TeamSpeak and get connected to ours (
    Make sure they are connected before continuing training.
    They MUST be on TeamSpeak to complete training!
    You must listen to higher ups.
    When training is complete, the trainer should call for a staff member to whitelist by using /ticket staff needed for whitelisting."
    Sith Ranks
    Jedi Ranks
    Droid and Clone Ranks
    Low Ranks
    Specialist (SPC)
    Lance Corporal (LCPL)
    Corporal (CPL)
    Sergeant (SGT)
    Sergeant Major (SGTM)
    Officers/High ranks
    2nd Lieutenant (2LT)
    1st Lieutenant (LT)
    Captain (CPT)
    Major (MAJ)
    Battalion Commander (CMDR)
    Senior Commander (SCMD)
    Marshal Commander (MCMD)
    Lieutenant General (LTG)
    General (GEN)
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  7. Max added a post in a topic Rate Community Game Night!   

    Keep up the good work. 7/10 could be organized better and it was fun to do. Need to do more. Hopefully more managers will show up next time. Next time is gona be lit.
  8. Max added a topic in General   

    SPECIAL WEEKEND!!!! 5/20-5/21
    Double EXP and Double point shop points from 5/20 through 5/21! Come and have fun on the scariest server Gaminglight has ever had. If you don't know hat Breach is, I am available on TS and in game, stop by for a quick chat and I will explain what Breach is all about!
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  9. Max added a post in a topic Applications?   

    I do them often, usually later in the day.
  10. Max added a post in a topic About staff interviews.   

    You may contact me on TS, or wait until I do the interviews!
  11. Max added a post in a topic lol   

    Good times. Good times.
  12. Max added a topic in General   

    SCP Info
    SCP 035 "Possessive Mask"
    What does it do? It pulls you in by the attraction of its mask. You take More and more damage with how close you are to them.How to win(as 035)? Stay around a corner and way for them since you are slow and use your stealth since you are slow and can't chase them down.How to win(vs 035)? You have to run as fast as possible, If you have a gun shoot and run, If you have no gun then just run and try to block him with a door.What do they look like? Click HereSCP 049 "Plague Doctor"
    What does it do? It is a witch doctor looking guy that basically performs experiments on you and you get resurrected as a Zombie. Then you (as a Zombie) can 1 hit anyone and they also become a zombie.How to win(as 049)? You go after everyone and try to jump scare them, try hiding around corners and popping out when they wont expect you. The more you infect the better!How to win(vs 049)? Versing SCP-049 you need to stay as open as possible and stay away from them and make sure to take extra precautions, if you have a gun you should be fine to shoot and run since he is kinda slow.What do they look like? Click HereSCP 096 "The Shy Guy"
    What does it do? He runs at a fairly low speed. If he makes eye contact with someone his speed starts to increase based on the distance that he is from the person that saw him. The closer he gets the faster he becomes.How to win(as 096)? Getting others to look at you, watch all your corners for people trying to hide from you.How to win(vs 096)? You win against him by not looking at him, also don't get near him and avoide making eye contact and turning our to check if he is following you.What do they look like? Click HereSCP 106 "The Old Man"
    What does it do? Basically puts you in a pocket dimension and you can't really escape.How to win(as 106)? Kinda slow so you have to play smart and hide.How to win(vs 106)? Keep your distance. Shoot to win and run. Don't get tricked.What do they look like? Click HereSCP 173 "The Sculpture"
    What does it do? Runs really fast. It is a 1 hit kill. If you look at it, it will stop, when you blink or loose sight it will be free to move.How to win(as 173)? You just run and try to get them as fast as you can and try to outplay them.How to win(vs 173)? You have to keep your eye on them and try to outplay it. Usually have an advantage over 173.What do they look like? Click HereSCP 224 "Godfather Clock"
    What does it do? It has 2 sound effects. The main one is kinda like a warning and then at the end of the second sound effect it kills everyone within a proximity and if they are in the room.How to win(as 224)? You just have to run around and go after big groups.How to win(vs 224)? Kinda tricky but try to hide form it and shoot and run, its got medium speed.What do they look like? Click HereSCP 457 "Burning Man"
    What does it do? Makes everyone around him light up on fire.How to win(as 457)? Try not to be in the open all that much and go around.How to win(vs 457)? STAY AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE!!! Run and Gun it.What does it look like? Click ThisSCP 1033 "33 Second Man"
    What does it do? Every 33 seconds he creates a big explosion around him. He stops at 32 sec to look at his suitcase.How to win (as 1033)? You have to time yourself perfectly and try to surprise the enemy.How to win (vs 1033)? You have to take count of the seconds when his last ability was used. When you know you have a good amount of time just gun him down. If you don't have any idea on the time you are best to run until you figure that out.What does it look like? Gman with a suitcase.More to Come!!!
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  13. Max added a topic in General   

    Breach MOTD
    Why Not Join Us On Our TS-
    General Rules
    Respect Staff and other players.Do not Team Kill.Do not hold back the round on purpose.Do not Harass Players or Staff.Do not block doors on purposeDo not AdvertiseNo MingingNo excessive cursing or Racist comments Groups
    MTF: Save Researchers, kill others.Goal: To securely bring the researchers to rescue, and prevent everyone else from escapingResearcher: Friendly with MTF, survive from others.Goal: Escape aliveClass D: Friendly with Chaos Insurgency and enemy with all others.Goal: To Escape alive SCP: Kill All.Goal: Kill everyone/EscapeChaos Insurgency: Saves Class D's and kills all others.Goal: To help Class D's Escape and to kill anyone in their path.
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  14. Max added a topic in General   

    Open to Suggestions!
    Recently we have been working on a lot of updates/improvements on the server. I encourage everyone that has a suggestion for more addons or something that will help improve the gameplay to go and make a post under the suggestions! Also don't forgret today(2/19) and tomorrow(2/20) it is DOUBLE EXP, so make sure you hop on and slay some Deathclaws!
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