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  1. Max added a topic in General   

    Open to Suggestions!
    Recently we have been working on a lot of updates/improvements on the server. I encourage everyone that has a suggestion for more addons or something that will help improve the gameplay to go and make a post under the suggestions! Also don't forgret today(2/19) and tomorrow(2/20) it is DOUBLE EXP, so make sure you hop on and slay some Deathclaws!
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  2. Max added a post in a topic Brief LOA [ Kahlzara ]   

    Victus you have me, link, alec, valk and the rest od the GMs. Have fun Kahl!
  3. Max added a post in a topic Another Chance!   

    No reason to be hostile toward him. Welcome back! 
  4. Max added a post in a topic Caboose's LOA   

    Have fun!!!!
    Also wrong place to post
  5. Max added a post in a topic Jedi Meetings   

    I am sorry Snar but I believe this is something you would have to address with Link. And also this post should have been made under suggestions. Please talk to Link if you would like to set something up!
  6. Max added a post in a topic I got very sick yesterday   

    Kermit, feel better my dude. We will make ketchup later
  7. Max added a post in a topic May not be on tomorrow   

    Feel better soon!
  8. Max added a post in a topic Staff on Two Servers?   

    Seal, what you are saying is kinda impossible since you cant have both tags on 1 server. The only way you can do events and be staff at the same time is if you are SA+. 

  9. Max added a post in a topic How does lockpick work   

  10. Max added a post in a topic My LOA   

    Feel better friend! We will still be here.
  11. Max added a topic in General   

    The key to winning the Factory's is to be in a group. To defend your property you need to set up groups to defend and collect and then organize a loot distribution between your groups. But first comes the offensive. There are 3 Factions and 5 Factory's. There will be a lot of competition for the loot, so stay as a group and conquer and defend the Factory's. 
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  12. Max added a post in a topic Where the heck is hoovy?   

    Hoovy, the most important part is for you to take care of your well being. The community isn't going anywhere, hope to see you on soon!
  13. Max added a post in a topic i drew pictures for each battalion   

    You forgot tomatos twin, ketchup haha
  14. Max added a topic in General   

    Beginners Guide
    As you join, here are the first couple things you can do as a beginner.
    -First, you want to start scavenging for items, then you want to go back to town and craft your first couple items like a pick axe
    -Second, you want to go out again and scavange more items, but this time you want to Mine the ores and on your second time back try to craft your first weapon
    *try to get your first weapon as fast as possible for protect yourself from other players and monsters
    -Third, you want to keen an eye on the factory, if you know that some of them belong to your faction you want to make your way to them and try to get some free items through them. If your faction does not own any of them, I would suggest getting a group of people from your faction and head out to capture one.
    *Make sure you have a weapon at this point because there are a lot of dangerous things that you will encounter in your travels!
    -Forth, if you survived this long then your a pro. Keep up the good work. At this point you should have leveled up a couple times from killing mods and crafting things. Make sure you get a gun and ammo for it. Try not to go out solo until you have a good amount of fire power. 
    -Fifth, you want to start storing you valuables (extra items you are saving) in the bank! When you go out for materials you need to be prepared for the worst and do not want to loose all your valuable items and have someone else pick them up.
    Advanced Guide Coming soon!!!
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  15. Max added a post in a topic Fallout RP officially out?   

    Doing the best we can to catch all the bugs and make sure its as bug free as possible before this weekend, but yes the server is technically up for players to join. Most of the functions are working and there is no password to join, we will be doing some final (hopefully) test through this week.