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  1. Joker >:D added a topic in General   

    I am planning on making a semi event. I will try to inact or just have a hit celebration like they did on Naboo when they were victorious agains the droids. The past couple months we have gone up and only up and I would like to take a day to celebrate and have a full day of fun! (Not that everyday isn't fun) I Have not decided on a day but it will be within yhe next week or so and i plan on having the server packed with all Staff and GM's so it will be lots of fun! I was thinking maybe this Saturday or Sunday but I will be keeping you guys updated.
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  2. Joker >:D added a topic in General   

    Updated looks!
    So over the past couple of days Caboose and myself have worked on updating a bit of cosmetics. We worked on the new Training room, which used to be the Jedi room. That should be all complete besides maybe adding a couple more things in the future (any suggestions on it comment it). Also the Armory is finally updated as well, It look at lot better than before (I may or may not have added a small easter egg in there, if you find it don't spoil the fun for the rest)(Hint: Its golden). In the next couple of weeks I will be working with the commanders on updating the battalion rooms. I will allow each battalion room to do 10 objects in them. The gamemasters can also give them a hand. Nothing to big. I wont do it unless the commander is present so make sure your commander is there at that time. Maybe I do it this Friday 1/20/17. If you have any questions please put it down below. If you have big suggestions make sure you put them down under the Suggestions topic! See ya on the battlefields!
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  3. Joker >:D added a post in a topic Viper's commander re-sign   

    Um..... Its your choice m8. But I don't agree with you
  4. Joker >:D added a post in a topic StarwarsRp Staff Meeting   

    This is 6PM CST. I work until 4:30PM CST, I should be able to make it as long as I don't get held back by something.
  5. Joker >:D added a post in a topic Almost there!   

    Ok I understand, I was just apologizing to the users for the wait, thats all
  6. Joker >:D added a post in a topic Almost there!   

    A couple things that were fixed last night, There is also the jobs that need to be updated with the weapons because they don't have the right weapons, I believe dirty has a Doc with the updated weapons and some more other things that dirty has writen down.
  7. Joker >:D added a topic in General   

    Almost there!
    I want to apologize to all the users and staff of Star Wars. I understand that there are a lot things that need to be fixed and updated. You can rest assure that the updates are coming and that we are working hard to make it happen. All I ask is for a little bit more patience. We are expected to get our update in the near future, hopefully within about a week. Just Hang tight and in the mean time hop on and Enjoy destroying some Clankers! Also don't forget to tryout for the awesome battalions and I'm sure that the commanders would gladly do tryouts for you guys! Looking forward to seeing you in game! 
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  8. Joker >:D added a post in a topic LOA Max   

    Thank you guys! 
  9. Joker >:D added a topic in General   

    LOA Max
    On the 8th of January is my Birthday and I will most likely be on but I will also be doing other things the the days after that, just wanted to give a heads up if i am not on for the 8th, 9th and 10th.
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  10. Joker >:D added a post in a topic BEST EVENT EVER   

    um... This is unacceptable. Why is a regular User a donation class? 
  11. Joker >:D added a post in a topic Ship Suggestions   

    Don't worry, you will be taken care of
  12. Joker >:D added a topic in General   

    Star Wars people
    This is the time that we all lay down our blasters, lightsabers, and our Super Duper Battle Droids. The time that we gift new blasters, collectable pieces to decorate your lightsaber. The speeders are decorated with red and green, ane the troopers are rewarded with some relaxation and enjoy their times in the dining halls on Kamino. The jedi stop meditating and have a beer (execpt Plo cuz he cant take off his mask). The sith padawan will make his christmas gift by killing his master and aquaring all his sith artifacts. Everyone enjoy the holidays and be safe :)
    -Lots of love Max
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  13. Joker >:D added a post in a topic COMMANDER MEETING   

  14. Joker >:D added a post in a topic How are fleet suppost to get promoted if the Grand Admiral isn't on   

    Yes its hard. You guys have the power to promote any battalion.  Those ranks are supposed to be hard. That doesn't give the reason for someone to get in a job that they arent supposed to be in to promote you
  15. Joker >:D added a post in a topic How are fleet suppost to get promoted if the Grand Admiral isn't on   

    New rules Kenny. You need to be atleast Commander to even APPLY to be in fleet so being fleet is more like an honer. So promotions should be low since your such a high rank.
    Also its one thing to get in a job and leave AS STAFF and its another if you get in and RP or do something with that job. I am even hesistent to let GM's change to jobs (battalions in particular) for events. This is why we have people donate so they can be the sith or the jedi or be in the events. And then i see people being whitelisted to the donation jobs. If you didn't pay for it you cant have it. Its unfair to the people that payed for that and some random user gets to do it, defeats the purpouse of paying for it.