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  1. Known for his 3 taps added a post in a topic 25Ks staff ap   

    And you dont even know what rank you are applying for. Not to mention that you dont need perms to apply for TMod and Noah isnt even high enough to give perms anyways
    No poll as well
    delete your other thread
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  2. Known for his 3 taps added a post in a topic Paramedic - Minge's and CONSTANT issue's   

    Yay, thanks.
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  3. Known for his 3 taps added a post in a topic Blamax's Staff application   

    Seen him on a lot
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  4. Known for his 3 taps added a post in a topic 11/7/17 - PoliceRP Updates   

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  5. Known for his 3 taps added a post in a topic ac15CR's Staff Application (Fixed)   

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  6. Known for his 3 taps added a post in a topic Nimo's 3rd Support App   

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  7. Known for his 3 taps added a post in a topic Thanks   

    Lets make this the most quoted
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  8. Known for his 3 taps added a post in a topic Known for his 3 tap's One Week Notice   

    Yes, I get it that the base rule ended long time ago. However, Im trying to say that it isnt the most effective way of teaching us. 
    Another thing is, how can you differentiate between active and inactive when you dont even consider other factors. Like the reasons I gave you in PMs is one posibility. Another posibility is that I am not going to stay up late nor wake up eatly to play. This obviously would affect how you see my activity.
    And also, the most you could do I to reply. I understand that scolding can be a way of teaching us but come on, you could not even reply to my PM.
    I was more than happy to settle it privately through PMs but the fact that I wasnt getting a response makes me feel that I have to take it here to get one.
    I know that everything in life is not positive. However, Im trying to say that you should keep an open mind and think about our point of views to better tackle the situation.
    If something isnt working, then you have to try it from a different angle. 
    I wasnt going to rant about the rule of staying inside SWAT base since I could understand the troubles you went through at that time. However, I would still think that the rule wasnt necessary and would discourage us from going to SWAT (from what I experienced when I was on SWAT with my partners).
    I truly hope that you would take my critism and feedback seriously and be able to improve on it in the future.
    When I joined the SWAT team, I believed that you were a great commander. However, things have changed and I hope you would improve and become better than my first impression of your commanding.
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  9. Known for his 3 taps added a topic in SWAT   

    Known for his 3 tap's One Week Notice
    Name: Known for his 3 taps
    Rank: PVT
    Reason: The main reason is because I dont feel like I am given enough respect in SWAT. Firstly, I PM’d Will Newel on the forums twice about my reasons for being “inactive”. However, he has read both of it but did not respond to it nor was any actions taken. Also, not going to lie but Will only looks at the negative side and not the positive side. He “scolds” more than he compliments the SWAT team (My POV, dont take it seriously). I also tried contacting Blaziken on the forums 20 hours ago with my reasons for being inactive but he has not read it yet. I would probably join SWAT back when a new commander is assigned. However, I will still be active for 1 week even if none of the Commanders see me on.
    Secondly, I dont feel like Will is doing enough to keep SWAT alive. For example, the fact that some of the SWAT members can be mingey at times, Will should be taking some of the blame for himself as well. Making us stay in SWAT base is not RP and it can make it extremely boring for us and thus chase many potential members away. Better actions could be taken such as creating meetings for timezones opposite of yours. I cant make it to neither Will nor Blaziken’s meetings because of the days and time. Therefore, it is not entirely our fault for doing something that is not to your satisfaction.
    On the other hand, I do not just have negative views, but I do have some positive views of them. However, none of the reasons could make me continue wanting to be in SWAT. When I got accepted, I was surprised because I was a SNR, they placed me on the roster and even put LOA beside my name because I posted my LOA on the LOA/Resignaitions sub forum before they accepted me. Little things like this makes me feel welcomed and I appreciate it a lot, that makes me feel dedicated towards it and want to be in SWAT. I do not know who did it but I would just like to say thanks to him/her.
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  10. Known for his 3 taps added a post in a topic Changes to GTA Online and PrisonRP   

    Rip my money spent on gta online
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  11. Known for his 3 taps added a post in a topic 10/31/17 - PoliceRP Updates   

    The thing in the middle of the screen, shows you where you are targetting
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  12. Known for his 3 taps added a post in a topic Wollfe & jason king - Ban Request   

    I dont see the problem, they saw your gun so they could arrest you
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  13. Known for his 3 taps added a post in a topic Another LOA for Dallas Regera   

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  14. Known for his 3 taps added a post in a topic All SWAT Must Read!   

    All for one, one for all I guess
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  15. Known for his 3 taps added a topic in FBI   

    Known for his 3 tap's AD Application
    What is your in-game name?: Known for his 3 taps
    What is your in-game rank?: FBI SAIC
    Who gave you permission?: Jonathan Bills told me that NoOne gave me perms
    Why do you think you deserve your rank?: Being active for 3 months on PoliceRP now, I believe I have what it takes to fulfil the duty as a low command and to guide the fellow FBI in doing what is right well. Another thing is, with the demotion of both low commands in my timezone (Jonathan Bills and Dallas), I feel that there is a need for a command to be on during that time even if there is a low amount of people on in my timzone. In that case, I am usually on when many are not because of my timezone. It is kind of hard to get a promotion due to my timezone which I feel that the inclusion of me into the low command team would fix that. Personally, I have served as a SAIC for the past 2 months and had a hard time getting permission for this. Reason might be because I am always on when the commands arent which is why I would not like others to feel the same way I did. I feel that I can build a strong camaraderie among the FBI team to help instil a sense of loyalty and faster identity as a FBI as it would bring all FBI of different backgrounds together to be able to contribute effectively towards the FBI. With my long term experience as a FBI and Moderator rank in game, I feel that I can improve FBI and the lifes of the people in it. I am able to work together as a team as a FBI to further improve our effectiveness. I am able to differentiate what is right and what is wrong to be able to tell if an agent is doing something correct or wrongly so that I would be able to praise/teach them accordingly so that they would be able to continue doing the right thing, further improving their skills and effectiveness. I feel that punishments is not enough and that everyone commits mistakes which is why I would rather teach them instead of punishing them. Punishing can also bring a lot of negative impacts such as how they would feel emotionally after doing something they didnt know was wrong. I would not like to elaborate so much on this otherwise it would be an argumentative essay xD
    Anyways overall, I am able to use my values to good use to help improve FBI together as a team to build a bond between all of us so that we can work together effeciently and productively.
    Thanks for reading, and I hope you would take this into consideration :)
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