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  1. Crown added a post in a topic August 5th Game Night - CANCELED   

    Well, now because of band, I am rarely on but for 10 minutes at a time and it is only on the forums. So, I really rely on the community to spread the word. It isn't my choice to have to be like that but, I don't know what else to do. Long story short, I'd love ya'll help to spread the word when I can't of when higher staff can't.  It would help a lot!
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  2. Crown added a topic in Game Night   

    August 5th Game Night - CANCELED
    Not enough people signed up, so today's game night is canceled. I tried to wait until this morning but nothing happend. Sorry for the teams that signed up.
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  3. Crown added a topic in Introductions/Leaving   

    Crown's Activity Notice
    July 30th 2017 - November 17th 2017
    My activity on GamingLight will decrease drastically because of band/school. Here is my schedule:
    I will NOT be available from July 30th - August 16 on Mondays through Fridays at 7:30am to 5:30pm
    I will NOT be available August 16th - November 17th on Mondays, Wednesdays through Saturdays at 6:30am to 11:45pm
    I know, it is a long time, but the commitment is big. I will still be on the website like usual planning and hosting Game Nights. My hope is that I can get regular helpers to help me with Game Nights. Long story short, you won't see much of me for a while (that is in game).
    Best Regards
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  4. Crown added a topic in Game Night   

    Game Night Selection - August 5th | Rating Game Night - July 22nd
    ------- General Information -------
    Forgive me for my absence recently. I have started band camp and I was on a week long vacation. I am back from vacation but band doesn't stop until November. In other words, the Game Night on July 29th didn't happen and I am sorry. A rating for the July 22nd Game Night wasn't posted either and will be done so later in this post.
    -------- Rating WalkingDeadRP Game Night -------
    ------- Game Night for August 5th -------
    Counter Strike: Global Offensive
    You are only allowed to be apart of two teams. If found on 3+ teams, the most recent submission will be deleted and the Team Leader will be informed. If you are a Team Leader on one team, you cannot be a Team Leader on another. A team may not have more than 3 players that are on a team already. For example, Team 1: P1,P2,P3,P3,P5 / Team 2: P1,P3,P5,P7,P9, this is NOT allowed. You can edit the submission until Thursday at 8PM EST. Game Night is 10PM EST on Saturday.
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  5. Crown added a post in a topic Game Night Information - July 22nd   

    Game Night is tonight! I am in Florida so I will not be there but be sure to show up! WalkingDeadRP is a really fun server!
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  6. Crown added a post in a topic Game Suggestion Format   

    I am on vacation until next Saturday but when I return let's hop on and see if we can do that. If so I will add it no doubt.
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  7. Crown added a post in a topic Game Suggestion Format   

    Denied: reason whywhy is because it would be hard to host a game night if 15+ people when the que is about 4-5. The only time I would take a game with 4-5 in a que (CSGO/Rocket League) is if a competition can happen. In War Thunder that can't be done. I personally love the game. Sorry man, if you find a way to integrate a competition into let me know. 
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  8. Crown added a post in a topic Game Night Information - July 22nd   

    Why? It will be fun!
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  9. Crown added a topic in Archives   

    LT Crown - PoliceRP Promotion
    PD Promotion App
    (A poll MUST be on this app)
    Name: LT Crown
    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:104957713
    UTime (Screenshot with Your name in it!) : N/A
    How long you have been in your rank (The rank you currently are) : June 26th - Now
    Current rank: LT
    Rank Wanted: CPT
    Are you Currently In a Gang? (Be Honest Don't lie!): No
    How many warns do you have? 1
    Permission(Not required If applying for Lt-Cpt): 
    Why should I be promoted? : I think I should be promoted because I have shown true loyalty to the department. I also think I should be promoted because I have been friendly and have enforced the rules of the city. I am a member of the Armed Response Unit and have served this city with dignity and respect. I have made sure that PD members are in TeamSpeak. I have also made sure that PD members are not corrupt and are taking care of traffic stops and such correctly. I have also shown my wonderful leadership and following skills. I believe I am well known throughout the PD and the community.
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  10. Crown added a post in a topic False Warn   

    The warn was given because your friend didn't advert PD Raid.
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  11. Crown added a post in a topic MilitaryRP - The Good Old Days   

    I remember this map, Gustard and I were trained together <3. I want this map back honestly.
    - Every High Up
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  12. Crown added a topic in Game Night   

    Game Night Information - July 22nd
    Game Night Information - July 22nd
    So, as we all know, game night this week is being held at GamingLight's new server, WalkingDeadRP! To ensure your fun, we'd like to ask that you log on about an hour before the game night to familiarize yourself with the map and the mechanics of the game. This post is an informational of what will be done during the game night.
    Section l: Time and Place
    The game night will be held at 7:00PM EST on Saturday, July 22nd. You can connect to WalkingDeadRP by joining this address
    Section ll: What will be happening
    We will be doing a "WalkingDead Hunger Games". Basically, we will be doing a hunger games similar to the "MilitaryRP Hunger Games", but with the twist of zombies. You should join about 30 minutes before the beginning of game night. You will join the game and become the class "Survivor". From there, you will meet at the "Downtown Motors". FROM 6:30PM EST-7:00PM EST, DOWNTOWN MOTORS IS A GREEN ZONE MEANING YOU CANNOT KILL IN THAT ZONE. From there you will wait for the beginning of the game night. Once the game night starts getting organized, staff will move you with their physics gun to a specific location, FROM THERE YOU WILL NOT MOVE. Once the game begins (should be adverted in some form or fashion by a staff member) you will be allowed to use your melee weapon to kill people. Your goal is to kill everyone, including zombies. Around the map should be weapons and ammo that you're allowed to pick up. Teaming will NOT be allowed and will be monitored by staff, if you are you will be disqualified. If you do not comply with the staff, do will be disqualified. Once you die, you will stay at spawn and not leave until the end of the event. Spawn will be monitored by staff, failure to stay at spawn is ban/kick/minge/warn worthy. The winner will get $300K-$500K!
    I hope everyone enjoys the game night! I will sadly not be there but Hotshot and NoOne will ensure that the game night is a great one!
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  13. Crown added a post in a topic Game Week Structure   

    UPDATED on 7/18 @ 4:44PM EST
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  14. Crown added a post in a topic Game Suggestion Format   

    Already on there my dude! 
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  15. Crown added a topic in Game Night   

    Game Night Winner - July 22nd
    - Game Night Winner -
    This weeks game night will be held on...
    Information should be posted later over what the game night will consist of
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