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  1. Crown added a post in a topic Game Suggestion Format   

    I am on vacation until next Saturday but when I return let's hop on and see if we can do that. If so I will add it no doubt.
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  2. Crown added a post in a topic Game Suggestion Format   

    Denied: reason whywhy is because it would be hard to host a game night if 15+ people when the que is about 4-5. The only time I would take a game with 4-5 in a que (CSGO/Rocket League) is if a competition can happen. In War Thunder that can't be done. I personally love the game. Sorry man, if you find a way to integrate a competition into let me know. 
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  3. Crown added a post in a topic Game Night Information - July 22nd   

    Why? It will be fun!
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  4. Crown added a post in a topic CPT snookiebear - PoliceRP Promotion   

    well you make it sound like he has never been on duty before. I have asked him like 5 times within 2 days to get off duty and he said no. He is a man with a full time job and wants to come home and rp. Yes, he bought donor mod and yes he uses it. Understand that sometimes, he has been donor mod from 12pm-5pm and then he gets off duty just to rp and then 5 minutes later another staff ask him to go on duty so they can go rp. I would be triggered and that happens so much throughout the POLICERP staff. If you give your equal time than great. But if you haven't given your time, don't force someone to get on duty and get mad when they say no.
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  5. Crown added a post in a topic CPT snookiebear - PoliceRP Promotion   

    Will, you need to understand this is a CPT app, not a Staff app. So leave that issue for another time man, for real. It is like saying you would make a bad cake because your sandwiches are crap, makes no sence.
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  6. Crown added a post in a topic CPT snookiebear - PoliceRP Promotion   

    Don't want to fight here, but everything you just said is unjustified and unheard of with him. I have never ever ever ever seen or heard Snookiebear doing anything near that. He knows how to act to, he is very mature. He has never demoted someone for a dumb question, instead he answers it like a good cop.


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  7. Crown added a post in a topic CPT snookiebear - PoliceRP Promotion   

    + Support
    - Helped me so much
    - Wonderful CPT
    - Active on PD a lot (Most active PD tbh)
    - Active in Community
    - Enforces rules of the server/PD
    - Great RPer
    Honestly, I disagree.
    Super active on PD, whatchu mean?
    I have never seen him flip out, what do you mean? He has always kept his cool man.
    Ever since he bought staff, I have seen him on duty a lot. Sorry man, I don't know what you mean.

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  8. Crown added a topic in Promotions   

    LT Crown - PoliceRP Promotion
    PD Promotion App
    (A poll MUST be on this app)
    Name: LT Crown
    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:104957713
    UTime (Screenshot with Your name in it!) : N/A
    How long you have been in your rank (The rank you currently are) : June 26th - Now
    Current rank: LT
    Rank Wanted: CPT
    Are you Currently In a Gang? (Be Honest Don't lie!): No
    How many warns do you have? 1
    Permission(Not required If applying for Lt-Cpt): 
    Why should I be promoted? : I think I should be promoted because I have shown true loyalty to the department. I also think I should be promoted because I have been friendly and have enforced the rules of the city. I am a member of the Armed Response Unit and have served this city with dignity and respect. I have made sure that PD members are in TeamSpeak. I have also made sure that PD members are not corrupt and are taking care of traffic stops and such correctly. I have also shown my wonderful leadership and following skills. I believe I am well known throughout the PD and the community.
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  9. Crown added a post in a topic False Warn   

    The warn was given because your friend didn't advert PD Raid.
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  10. Crown added a post in a topic MilitaryRP - The Good Old Days   

    I remember this map, Gustard and I were trained together <3. I want this map back honestly.
    - Every High Up
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  11. Crown added a topic in Game Night   

    Game Night Information - July 22nd
    Game Night Information - July 22nd
    So, as we all know, game night this week is being held at GamingLight's new server, WalkingDeadRP! To ensure your fun, we'd like to ask that you log on about an hour before the game night to familiarize yourself with the map and the mechanics of the game. This post is an informational of what will be done during the game night.
    Section l: Time and Place
    The game night will be held at 7:00PM EST on Saturday, July 22nd. You can connect to WalkingDeadRP by joining this address
    Section ll: What will be happening
    We will be doing a "WalkingDead Hunger Games". Basically, we will be doing a hunger games similar to the "MilitaryRP Hunger Games", but with the twist of zombies. You should join about 30 minutes before the beginning of game night. You will join the game and become the class "Survivor". From there, you will meet at the "Downtown Motors". FROM 6:30PM EST-7:00PM EST, DOWNTOWN MOTORS IS A GREEN ZONE MEANING YOU CANNOT KILL IN THAT ZONE. From there you will wait for the beginning of the game night. Once the game night starts getting organized, staff will move you with their physics gun to a specific location, FROM THERE YOU WILL NOT MOVE. Once the game begins (should be adverted in some form or fashion by a staff member) you will be allowed to use your melee weapon to kill people. Your goal is to kill everyone, including zombies. Around the map should be weapons and ammo that you're allowed to pick up. Teaming will NOT be allowed and will be monitored by staff, if you are you will be disqualified. If you do not comply with the staff, do will be disqualified. Once you die, you will stay at spawn and not leave until the end of the event. Spawn will be monitored by staff, failure to stay at spawn is ban/kick/minge/warn worthy. The winner will get $300K-$500K!
    I hope everyone enjoys the game night! I will sadly not be there but Hotshot and NoOne will ensure that the game night is a great one!
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  12. Crown added a post in a topic Game Week Structure   

    UPDATED on 7/18 @ 4:44PM EST
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  13. Crown added a post in a topic Game Suggestion Format   

    Already on there my dude! 
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  14. Crown added a topic in Game Night   

    Game Night Winner - July 22nd
    - Game Night Winner -
    This weeks game night will be held on...
    Information should be posted later over what the game night will consist of
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  15. Crown added a post in a topic Game Suggestion Format   

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