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  1. Crown added a post in a topic Staff   

    need to apply for moderator, yes. 
  2. Crown added a topic in General   

    Crown LOA (Minor)
    With school ending @ 4:10CST and DriversEd starting at 7 - 9CST. Plus the things in between, I might not be as active for the next three weeks.
    Monday-Friday 7CST - 9CST for the next three weeks. Plus all day Saturday on the 18th.
    Won't be at staff meetings for the next 3 wks either. I will be as active as possible on forums!
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  3. Crown added a post in a topic Recruit Training Rules That NEED To Be Applied!!   

    because no one goes over it...and us as staff have to deal with people randomly shooting people because they were not properly trained. Not just RDM though
  4. Crown added a topic in General   

    Recruit Training Rules That NEED To Be Applied!!
    As an Admin, I see all the time a number of Privates and Private First Classes that RDM people because of an enemy in base and all. I think we need to input a "how to train recruits" in the motd. If  any manager or such would like me to move this to suggestions, pm me, please.
    How to Train Recruits on Any Side!
    - Go over basic rules of each side (saluting, faces, PTS, and lines)
    - Explain when something is RDM and when it is not
    - Explain what to do if an enemy is inside of your base
    - Explain SpawnLines and what they mean
    - Explain how to report an issue (/ticket)
    - Explain when to kill during war and not during war
    - Explain FailRP moments (sitting on heads)
    - Explain how to sit
    - Explain leaving base and when it is appropriate 
    - When to report to DB
    - How to get ammo
    (- How to donate)
    The reason I think it is needed is because a lot of people have never played MilitaryRP and we should be glad that this is their first choice! We must teach them how to play the game. We normally just tell them things that they need to know later when they don't know how to get the basic necessities. Fell free to leave things I have left out or +/- Supports.
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  5. Crown added a post in a topic Beta Testing   

    TeamSpeak Name: Crown
    Steam ID:  STEAM_0:0:104957713
    Why do you want to join the Fallout RP Beta Test?: Because I play the Fallout sereis and having it in gmod would be a great idea and I'd like to make it as realistic as possible.
  6. Crown added a post in a topic Gaming Light War Lore. (Lore I wrote that the owner of Gaming Light can do as they pleas with)   

    I love the little story put behind it! Gives a realistic feel to it!
  7. Crown added a post in a topic MilitaryRP Map Sneak Peak   

    I love this idea
  8. Crown added a post in a topic Remove the perk system/point system   

    I wouldn't say remove. But making a few nerfs here and there isn't a bad idea. Nerf evasion and maybe even health. Everyone has the avalibility to these points and I get some people get points differently than others but the weapons provided are more than capable of killing someone with 200 health or having max evasion. In my opinion it is the people sort of "abusing" it. I don't like using that word but knifers that will hide in or beside crates with max evasion kind of is an annoying tactic. It is completely legal but annoying. What I'm trying to say is don't remove but just Nerf stuff. I don't know if that is capable because it most likely comes from one mod.
  9. Crown added a topic in General   

    Happy New Years My Dudes!!!
    I truly wish that your year will be full of great events! 
    - Crown
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  10. Crown added a topic in General   

    For all to read but directed toward staff.
    I was playing today and I started noticing all of the staff on and all of them having fun and just chillin' in their offices. Well, then they kept getting called in what I assume was admin chat for somethings stupid and something real. I noticed how much playing time they give up so people who get admins first and use their brains second can have fun. I just thought I'd thank you for the help you provide the whole server and how much time you may or may not dedicate. So, I thought I would just say, if you ever see a staff member having fun, then let them. I know this is just a game but still, what makes you happy may make someone else unhappy and vice versa. So thanks staff for keeping the servers civil.
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  11. Crown added a post in a topic Update on New Map?   

    Thanks for letting me know, Zeeptin.
    -Crown 1253
  12. Crown added a post in a topic Update on New Map?   

    Thanks again for posting this! Please, keep me updated on any further information that you are allowed to provide. A lot of people have told me they know about a new map but have nothing about and would like to know more. I am trying to be the messenger.  :)
    -Crown 1253
  13. Crown added a topic in General   

    Update on New Map?
    These are just questions I have about the new map and what comes with it:
    -When is the expected date for the release of the map?
    -Will we ever get a sneak peak photo?
    -What new additions are being added to the map?
    -Is the map larger?
    These are just a few questions that I'd like answered.  
    Thanks :)
    Crown 1253
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  14. Crown added a topic in General   

    Switching from TeamSpeak to Discord
    TeamSpeak is a good service but over the recent years, people have come along and have taken the idea and made it better than itself. A great example is Discord. I will give some pros and cons
    1. It is free
    2. It is more simple
    3. Kilo has one already created for MPs and we are using it as a trial run for a test
    4. It is user-friendly
    1. There really are no cons because they have expanded off of it.
    These are just a few reasons to have one (If you are an MP and see Kilo online, ask for the link for the trial run). I hope you let us continue with this test and then maybe we can expand to have a larger Discord server :)
    - Crown 1253
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