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  1. Dopey added a topic in General Discussions   

    DOC dpy
    Hi guys, just wanted to let everyone know about something that's happening in my life that relates to PRP!
    I recently was offered the opportunity to apply as a corrections officer for Travis County Jail, in Texas! I'm going through the process right now, so I think it's pretty cool that I have the opportunity to be an officer in the jail. I've got my physical test next week, then an oral review with a Lieutenant and Board. 
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  2. Dopey added a post in a topic Noodles staff app   

    +/- Support
    +good application
    -i haven’t seen you in game 
    -it’s weird that you haven’t had a forums account any earlier than August 2017. 
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  3. Dopey added a post in a topic What’s your favorite Movie   

    I really like Takers. Paul Walker, T.I, Chris Brown and Idris Ilba in a heist style movie. CAnt get any better than that.
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  4. Dopey added a post in a topic Razer vs Corsair   

    Short answer. Neither brand. Don’t go with Corsair as their stuff will begin to break within a year to two years of normal use. I’ve had Corsair headsets and keyboards, and the headsets mic stopped outputting a year in, and the keyboard LEDs start to not match the colors being displayed too. I don’t like razer because I’ve had friends with terrible experiences with razer headsets and keyboards. The best thing that you could do is get an established headphone manufacturer for your headset. I use senheiser. Then for a keyboard I would use a good CoolerMaster, a SteelSeries or maybe a K95 platinum if you have to go Corsair. Hope this helps!
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  5. Dopey added a post in a topic Should we bring back game nights   

    I’m more than willing to step back into hosting game night with assistance from SMT. However I spoke with zeeptin and he and I were talking about bringing it back. So know that it’s being talked about!
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  6. Dopey added a post in a topic Who's your favorite rapper/singer?   

    I like rap but I really like psychedelic pop/pop punk. If y’all like that kinda stuff I would recommend a couple of bands! 
    Hitting Subset
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  7. Dopey added a post in a topic dpy - False Warn Report   

    i didnt have plays recording. But I really think that having a head admin as my witness is more than enough proof. Neither of us have any reason to lie.
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  8. Dopey added a post in a topic dpy - False Warn Report   

    I didn’t minge you at all. That was NoONe
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  9. Dopey added a post in a topic dpy - False Warn Report   

    I warned you for LTAP because when I warned you for Camera Spam, after which, you said that you wanted to speak to a head administrator. I called NoOne over, and told him the situation. When NoOne was speaking to you, you were being disrespectful, then you changed your job to avoid the sit.
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  10. Dopey added a post in a topic Asuna / Steven Staff Report   

    why is this a staff report? He said this on his yuki class. Should be a player report. I thought that staff reports were for people abusing power. He did nothing wrong while ON a staff class.
    not a valid report. If you wanna report him for him saying that as a player, sure. However, it’s not cool that this was dealt with in game yet you chose to bring it to the forums
    EDIT: This is a personal vendetta. There is absolutely no reason to call demotion on something so miniscule. Maybe talk to Steven about how we can prevent that speech In the future but this shouldn’t affect him as a staff member.
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  11. Dopey added a post in a topic an apology   

    Delete the arguing. This is an apology, not a report 
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  12. Dopey added a post in a topic an apology   

    gas is another topic Jake. Now my choice is to continue to RP with first response. I was not invloved with that decision and will continue to rp with everyone
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  13. Dopey added a topic in General   

    an apology
    Hi guys. My name is dpy. I go by blue yuki. I’m the co-leader of the Yukis. I understand tha there has been a lot of criticism involving us as a family lately. Calls for us to be nerfed, reports and all of that, so I can understand the disdain for us. However, I’ve aways viewed the GL policeRP server as somewhat biased towards the police. Now that valks is gone, there is less of a bias towards police, and some organizations have begun to resurface, us yukis included. However, the yukis, myself especially, are somewhat hotheaded when addressing the police. This is attributed towards the perceived targeting towards us. The upper management is pushing the server forwards through this change. However, things are bumpy. Myself and Steven are going to try and push our yukis to RP more situations out, so gunfights don’t happen every ten minutes. So, this is an apology for the hotheadedness I have been displaying towards government officials. I hope we can progress forwards and look towards a happy medium between government classes and criminal classes! Hope you all can forgive me for my part in it.
    dpy/ blue yuki
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  14. Dopey added a post in a topic Forrest staff report   

    this arguement makes no sense. Whether or not James has done it in the past has no bearing on  what Forest did. At the end of the day, it’s still a breach of the handbook. He was also doing this to me, and other people on the server, moving asuna to a raid cause he “felt bad” and moving a taxi driver across the map. I don’t understand why you guys are trying to shift the blame. I would understand if it was just one time, but we had multiple people saying he was abusing last night alone. Regardless of how minuscule the abuse was, it should still be reported. That way, the staff member could be talked to, and change the action, or stop it from happening again. 
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  15. Dopey added a post in a topic Toxic's HOS Application   

    Good luck Toxic, I am rooting for you.
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