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  1. snookiebear added a post in a topic RUAF ROLL CALL [2/15/18]   

    9 out of 32 people responded to the roll call. You have two days left to respond or else i will have to start wiping people off the roster. What mostly will happen is that I remove the lower ranks especially to make room for new people.
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  2. snookiebear added a post in a topic Add a Fail Rp Rule   

    Very hard to enforce. Literally staff will be like “oh he’s jumping/hopping, time to give this person a warning for jumping/bhopping”
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  3. snookiebear added a post in a topic Casino Hostage Event 2/16/18   

    so wild 
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  4. snookiebear added a post in a topic DOC rules   

    +support I hate having to get off CERT/State just because there are no DOCs on.  CERT/State is all I play basically.
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  5. snookiebear added a post in a topic Roll Call ENDS 2/17/18   

    Name: snookiebear
    Rank: A1C
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  6. snookiebear added a post in a topic RUAF ROLL CALL [2/15/18]   

    Whitelists can be given back to you. As for your activity, you need to increase it. I barely see you on the server.
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  7. snookiebear added a topic in Airforce   

    RUAF ROLL CALL [2/15/18]
    If your name is listed below, this means you are currently on the roster and need to respond within 1 week (2/22/18)
    (Respond with Rank & name)
    If you are in RUAF, but isn't listed below, you need to explain below why you aren't on the roster.
    Some reasons could be inactivity/recent transfer/demoted/banned/blacklisted.
    Any soldiers who haven't been promoted in more than 1 week shows to me that you are inactive. Failure to respond will result in demotions and possible removal from RUAF.
    Rad3cRichardMatriciesLittleTSerpentPavlovichLone StarDinysaurSammSalamanderRenegadeWanklordRavenLeoOcelotBobBrandonSteveKobraPenWakeTolmesRaidNachoJimmy Cartel  (Demoted due to inactivity)TyphoonDjentFrederikGregor (Demoted due to inactivity)Midas (Demoted due to inactivity)GreenFinal
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  8. snookiebear added a post in a topic Who here likes Monopoly?   

    what's monopoly
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  9. snookiebear added a post in a topic Wartime strategy   

    Sometimes I think US doesn't even understand what Domination is. The Objective is to cap the points/locations and not to sit in base with a sniper and get killed over and over and over and over and over again. With the number of US troops there are, yall could easily win the war if it wasn't for all of the snipers.
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  10. snookiebear added a topic in RU Military   

    Snookiebear's Strike Appeal
    Name: RUAF ADF CMDR snookiebear
    Strike Reason: Was:  . Now : Blatant Disrespect for Commanders Orders || Disrespectful attitude
    Number of Strikes Given: 1 (Updated as of 2/9/18 : I now have 2 )
    Punishment (IE: Strike on watch): Was: Blacklisted|Striked|Removed . Now: Striked|Removed
    Date of Strike: 2/7/18 & 2/9/18
    Striking Officer: Derp/Alistair
    Why you believe it should be removed: I believe it should be removed because I never disrespected anyone and would never. (To be quite honest, it was the other way around towards me). I'm a very respected person on the server and especially on the RU side. The only thing I had said was a question about the reason for changing my name. My name was RUAF MAC snookiebear for a very long time and no one had a problem with it. The reason I had made it was because if i had put in all the ranks I was involved in, it would just make it into a long name. So I decided to shorten it with MAC. I don't know why it was such a big issue. It just happened all suddenly. His reason for me wanting to change my name was because he didn't want acronyms.  I had 0 strikes and was also blacklisted because of this. I feel as if the commander was very unprofessional in dealing with this situation even though it was a simple thing. He should've called me somewhere private|1 on 1|meet in his office| etc. Yes, he asked me a couple of times to change my name. Which I ended up eventually did. But there was absolutely no reason that I had to change my name. 1. I was not on duty as an MP. 2. I was on my RUAF CMDR job. Literally to sum all of this up : These two strikes are because of my name being incorrect| Me having my name RUAF MAC snookiebear caused all of this issue|

    Console Log 1 -
    Console Log 2 -
    Asking me to change my name. Saying no acronyms.
    Asking me to change it after I had already changed it like two times.
    Says he's been following me around for 20 minutes, when it's only been like a few minutes.
    I had changed my name so it had no acronyms.
    Blacklist reason for MP. I did not disrespect anyone, I simply asked a question to him about changing my name. Not only that, I got blacklisted because of the reason "Refusing to fix name". Never refused. I changed my name multiple times.
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  11. snookiebear added a post in a topic Rad3c/Hunt3r's LOA   

    Noted and Updated on roster.
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  12. snookiebear added a post in a topic Leo's ADF Application   

    Very InactiveHigh amounts of warnsMinimal Effort towards Application* Reapply in 1 week. *
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  13. snookiebear added a post in a topic Casino Suggestion   

    +support. No one ever uses the club catalyst. Making it into a casino area could be really fun for everyone and the players.
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  14. snookiebear added a post in a topic Raven's ADF Application   

    Not fit for the ADF position. Work on your behavior as a soldier.
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  15. snookiebear added a post in a topic Message Of The Day // 1.28.18   

    Now would be a great time for everyone to get on the server.
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