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  1. snookiebear added a post in a topic Regarding CERT   

    I think that one thing that we need to look at is the different CERT classes. From what I’ve heard from others about the classes, is that some of the weapons need to be changed. Like for example. The AUG, to be quite honest, I think everyone hates the AUG.
    I’ve spoken to you about weapons for the Commander job which I think seems very logical.
    We need to compare with other departments as well. Have something that no other department has and is only equipped and special on cert classes. 
    Combine CERT into one team. Splitting CERT into two teams just makes it very confusing and hard to manage. 
    My ideas for now, will update if I think of any more ideas. 
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  2. snookiebear added a topic in RU Military   

    Snookiebear’s LOA
    Name: Snookiebear
    Rank: Major General
    Length: 5/19 - 5-21
    Reason: Vacation.
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  3. snookiebear added a post in a topic JMS 48 hour notice for CERT   

    Noted with a 48 hour notice on the roster.
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  4. snookiebear added a post in a topic Lut’s LOA   

  5. snookiebear added a post in a topic Cravplay's LOA   

  6. snookiebear added a post in a topic Meetings   

    Since this was posted almost an hour and half after the meeting, strikes can be handed out if necessary. Speak to your commander.
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  7. snookiebear added a topic in RU Military   

    A Message From Your MG
    Hello everyone. This is your Major General Snookiebear speaking,
    It has come to my attention for quite some time about how soldiers think it's okay to disrespect their Major General and not follow their orders when given to them. I'm sick and tired of it happening all the time and something needs to be changed. From here on out, any soldiers who are refusing to listen orders from their higher ups, especially Generals, demotions/strikes will be handed out as needed. Also for those soldiers who like to bring up their SCOL rank up against me, start respecting your higher ups and your generals. Just cause you have an SCOL rank does not mean you are not affected from my orders. Thanks.
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  8. snookiebear added a topic in Suggestions   

    Removal Of MDT
    What you want to see? - The removal of MDT
    Why should we remove it? -  No one ever uses the MDT and not only that, it's broken and unusable.
    What are the advantages of removing this? - One less script/addon to be on the server.
    Who is it mainly for? - Police Officers/Government Officials
    Links to any content - N/A

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  9. snookiebear added a topic in Archive   

    Fixing the Skybox
    What you want to see? - A fix for skybox
    Why should we add it? - To increase the general roleplay scenario of the server. Get a better visual of the city and the outskirts.
    What are the advantages of having this? No more black sky. No more water being weirdly textured.
    Who is it mainly for? - Everyone/All of the players/
    Links to any content - Sky List (
    Before you write a comment below saying, "the reason the black sky is there is because it causes lag." No, it does not cause any lag at all. Go to any other DarkRP/Police/Any server and see that most of these servers have a proper skybox/sky and that it doesnt cause any lag. The server will be more visually appealing and enjoyable to play on to all players if this is fixed. It's been like a month since we've had this map and the sky is still black. Thanks.
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  10. snookiebear added a post in a topic Something I have a problem with (although you could change my mind)   

    Your job as a police officer is to secure the area and prevent people from entering the bank during a bank robbery. That is why there are tactical units (CERT/SWAT/SRT). I do understand that it is boring as a Police Officer to stay outside of the bank, but that's just how it is. Want to move inside and get involved in the bank robberies and such? Get to the specific rank for each department to be able to apply for it.

    I totally agree with you on high command not be active. I barely see any high command on that are actively being engaging within the police department. I'm on the server like majority of the time and have yet to see someone who is on actively throughout the day. Nowadays, the current high command don't really do much because they are just getting promoted based on certain reasons which I will not go into detail about.

    A moderator or any staff member should not be interrupting roleplay while on duty whatsoever. If you hear a staff member tell you something in game that interrupts your roleplay or gives you an unfair advantage of whats going on, I wouldn't necessarily say ignore them, but act like you dont hear anything because in a way, its metagaming. They should only be talking to you if you did something wrong or someone broke a certain rule. They also cannot be using their staff ranks as a way to "punishing" you if you did something wrong. The staff member you taser rushed should have contacted a staff member on duty and a sit would happen.
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  11. snookiebear added a post in a topic Unable to be ingame AGAGIN   

    Noted & updated on roster. How long is this LOA? Days? Weeks? Months?
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  12. snookiebear added a post in a topic List of Current Issues/Problems with GL Rockford   

    Are the map related issues being worked on? Been about two weeks+ and it’s still there. It would be nice to be able to not see a black sky, have trees/barriers/signs/etc nocollided, and the water to be weirdly textured. Think we should try to fix these issues asap as it will greatly improve the RP within the server. Thanks. 
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  13. snookiebear added a post in a topic List of Current Issues/Problems with GL Rockford   

    no problem, if you find any more issues within the server post them here and I’ll update the list. 
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  14. snookiebear added a topic in General   

    List of Current Issues/Problems with GL Rockford
    Just listing out the some of the current issues while switching over back to the old Rockford map. If you have seen any other issues not said in this topic, feel free to leave it down below. Basically this will be a post for Zeeptin & SMT to identify these issues and fix these issues as soon as possible.
    Map related :
    The most obvious thing is the sky being black and the fog.Props are nocollided. Such as trees, signs, and others.Water is weirdly texturedThe first main cell door button in PD is blocking the door preventing it to be closed and opened.Other problems not relating to the map itself :
    Inventory issues being too small and the bank. People who have access to bigger inventory size and bank size aren't getting it.The jail positions need to be set to multiple locationsPlayers able to push vehicles just by walking up to them.  (Latest version should be 1.7.1)Updated as of 5:10pm : Handcuffed suspects are allowed to drag other people in handcuffs.Updated as of 5:31pm: Whitelist system is broken. Staff can’t see other people’s warns (Lut)Updated as of 9:21pm: The staff rank of Admin cannot see reports.Updated as of 4/15/18 2:00PM : Admin can grab world entities such as spawn elevator. Admins cannot view other peoples warns. Cannot whitelist effectively as the names we have access to vary. (th3)Updated as of 4/17/18 9:40PM : Inventory glitches/bugs out. Sometimes can see weapons, sometimes cannot.
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  15. snookiebear added a post in a topic *complete CHANCE TO WIN $1,000,000   

    A white circle with a black question mark.
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