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  1. snookiebear added a post in a topic Russian Officer Meetings (All Branches)   

    Name: RUAF ADF LTC snookiebear
    Rank: LTC
    Reason: Will be out tonight. (working)
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  2. snookiebear added a post in a topic RU Officer meeting   

    Will not be able to attend meeting. I have work till 6:15EST.
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  3. snookiebear added a post in a topic FBI SSA Vinny DT/LCPL Vinny 250K Giveaway   

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  4. snookiebear added a post in a topic State Trooper: Role Call [3 Days to respond]   

    In Game Name: CERT snookiebear 819
    Rank: FSGT
    Unit Number: 819
    When you joined: 5/18/17
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  5. snookiebear added a post in a topic Jabs Savage $2Mil Giveaway   

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  6. snookiebear added a post in a topic Marsgaming's 500K giveaway   

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  7. snookiebear added a topic in Denied   

    Miller - False Warn Report
    Your In-game: CERT Garry Kim 819
    Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:56750938 The admin's name in-game: ARU Chief Miller CO16 The admin's steam name (If you know it): Miller What warning did you receive: FailRP Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): http://imgur.com/a/nke2G Why do you think this warn was false: Here's how it all started. A citizen was being questioned about a particular crime that happened on the outskirts near whitehouse by a SWAT member, ARU member (Miller), and also a CERT trooper (me). A Pink Hummer drove right past us as we were questioning this citizen. The citizen that was being questioned was like " Oh hey, that's my car. It's stolen!!!!" So then I decided to pursue the stolen pink hummer towards the hills by the lakehouse. The pink hummer went up the hill and came back down the hill. I was on the side of the road with my battering ram out and ready to knock out the suspect in the stolen car. I successfully battering rammed him out of the car. Shots were exchanged. He had shot first once he got kicked out of the car. I shot back and ended up taking down the suspect. End of story.   Any extra information:This person who reported me said I failrp'd because I battering rammed him out of the stolen vehicle at high speeds. If I have the opportunity to take my battering ram out and hit them out of a stolen vehicle, then i'm gonna take a chance which I did. There is nothing in the rules or !motd that says that I cannot battering ram someone out of a stolen vehicle while I'm on a foot pursuit. I've seen multiple (if not all) officers/CERT/Troopers/SWAT/FBI battering ram people out of stolen cars or even in car pursuits. This player who reported me has multiples encounters with staff and also has a high amount of warnings on the server. Verbal warning should've been issued instead of an actual warning. I feel as if I've done nothing wrong and took the situation professionally. Just so everyone knows, I am not reporting Miller. Miller was just giving me this warning, not blaming this on him. The person that reported me was Alexander Blood, shown in picture.
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  8. snookiebear added a post in a topic Entire RU role call   

    Name:RN RSOF 1LT snookiebear
    Regiment: Navy
    MP rank(if applicable): N/A
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  9. snookiebear added a post in a topic NoOne - Staff Report   

    +support Evidence is valid.
    Outlaw class comes with Lockpick/Negev/AWP/Nova/Vector. Staff member is shown spawning in the tfa_nmrif_sledge/tfa_ragingbull/tfa_m29satan/tfa_coltpython/
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  10. snookiebear added a topic in RU Military   

    LOA [8/10 - 8/17]
    Taking a LOA from 8/10-8/17. Headed to the west coast in Cali to see my cousins. See you soon. PM me if needed.
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  11. snookiebear added a post in a topic Ofcs   

    Hello, this is CPT snookiebear here. No officer should be acting/roleplaying this way. Arresting someone for playing the piano is not an AOS offense. The reasons why you are seeing alot of OFCs not acting like a patrol officer is that our current training system is broken/needs to be worked on. The OFCs are brand new and the 15 question quiz doesn't really teach them everything that they need to know. Apologies for this happening to you. Next time it happens, feel free to grab evidence and their name/STEAMID and i will look at it and decide further actions based on it or feel free to contact staff as well.
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  12. snookiebear added a post in a topic Command wipe   

    FBI EAD snookiebear
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  13. snookiebear added a post in a topic RU Officer Meeting 8/12/17   

    Name: RN RSOF 1LT snookiebear
    Rank: 1LT
    Reason: Will be on a upcoming LOA from 8/10 - 8/16. Taking a vacation to the west coast in Cali to visit my cousins. Let me know of any information that is important.
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  14. snookiebear added a post in a topic Seth MacFarlane - False Warn   

    Defining Prosecutor -
    a person, especially a public official, who institutes legal proceedings against someone.a lawyer who conducts the case against a defendant in a criminal court. Also called prosecuting attorney. You are a prosecutor not a Patrol Officer/FBI/Trooper/ARU/SWAT.You are not a Patrol Officer/FBI/Trooper/ARU/SWAT so you cannot enforce the AOS/KOS sign.
    2. Doesn't matter whether it was a lockdown or not, you shouldn't be enforcing the lockdown especially as a Prosecutor or killing people for going back to their homes.  If he was copbaiting, you contact staff so they can deal with it. False Raiding the PD? Contact staff. There were multiple staff on at the time.
    This is what a Prosecutor does in real life.
    Prosecuting attorneys begin a case by reviewing police reports and performing research. They may meet with witnesses or victims. They use their gathered information in court to present the case against the accused defendant.Evidence:
    http://imgur.com/YyKBdX3 - Aowwl being a prosecutor.http://imgur.com/RztU56c - Aowwl kiling someone with a mp5http://imgur.com/2x6jZCa - Stated in straight from the MOTD. You can only have a pistol for self-defence only! You cannot commit a crime while in these classes. (Killing someone is a crime) Conclusion: I believe I made a fair warning to you. The evidence above and my reasonings are justifiable in giving you this warning. Just also would like to point out, you've also been here long enough to know the rules for the Prosecutor/Defendant/Judge.
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  15. snookiebear added a post in a topic Gralpha (Knee) - Glitch Abuse   

    Updates : PoliceRP was understaffed. Told him I needed to get on. Knee told me that he was in the process of making a 48 hour notice. So be on lookout for that. Seems like a "LTAP" to me.
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