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    Stealing Truck's/Bus's
    The Theft of Trucks and buses is currently allowed providing they are not used against other's and there car's. If you steal a truck with the intention to use it as a ramming device you will be warned. If people abuse the fact that these to vic's can be stolen and use them repeatedly against PD Car's a rule will be implemented stopping the theft of any of these vic's. I hoped this cleared somethings up. Trucker/Taxi/Bus Driver are in Job Bundle pack under the PoliceRP Donation Store!
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    Not currently it will be discussed.
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    To call an admin, use @
    WorkShop Link - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=777092650
    Link to Training GuideLines - http://gaminglight.com/main/topic/10272-policerp-training-guidelines/
    Link to PD Ranks - http://gaminglight.com/main/topic/5325-policerp-ranks/
    10 - Codes - http://gaminglight.com/main/topic/5328-10-codes/
    All Government Officials must be on TeamSpeak (ts.gaminglight.com) while playing on the server!
    Use Common Sense! Act like it is real life. If you wouldn't do something in real life don't do it here!
    General Rules
    No RDM
    No disrespect
    No Glitching/Hacking
    FearRP is in effect (act like real-life)
    No FailRP (Taser Rushing is FailRP)
    No prop abuse
    No metagame
    No /advert Counter
    You can ONLY advert Assist if you a Family Member
    No crouch/jump bases
    NLR (New life rule) is 3 min.
    NLR does NOT apply to PD during PD Raid or Bank Raid (PD can return to a raid if backup is called)
    No kill boxes.
    You cannot build in the bank
    No Copbaiting
    You can not have more that 5 one way props Per base.
    Suicide/Jumping is FailRP/CopBaiting if you Do NOT have a valid Reason!
    Paramedics are a Neutral Faction (Can't be taken Hostage, Vehicles stolen, etc.)
    You must value your life!
    Do not change your Job/Player Name/ to something inappropriate, This means no Racist/Terrorist names or terms. Staff have the right to ask you to change you name/job title if they deem it inappropriate. Failure to do can result in you being removed from the server (This also includes Chat)
    You Can NOT steal ANY Government Vehicle (This counts as Towing)
    Don't build anywhere in ravine
    If the mayor has tax's over 25% then you may assassinate
    Don't building during an Active RP Situation
    Any and All Gang/Family members must be in TS otherwise you can receive a warning
    All Guns are illegal (except for pistols but they still can't be out in public)
    You may never interrupt training.
    Printers, weed, and bitminers default are illegal. Weed can be made legal with a law by the Mayor.
    Spike Strips are only to be used by SM+.
    Cops can NOT accept Money or items for less jail time or to stop being prosecuted.
    If you see a Player wanted for shooting a Government Official, you may KOS them
    You DO NOT need to advert raids
    You must /advert PD Raid.
    When Raiding Bank you (Everyone) must be inside the Bank Vault Otherwise it is FailRP
    You cannot close or lock the door of the vault when you are raiding it. The vault door must stay open.
    You must /y carjack. (You can NOT carjack any ARU or SWAT Cars)
    You must /y Murder. Murder is only allowed in a secluded area!
    You can NOT Raid SWAT/ARU HQ
    You must wait 15 mins Between a raid you do. This includes PD Raids, Bank Raids, Mayor Assassinations, Kidnapping and hostage taking.
    Gang Rules (Bloods & Crips)
    GeneralDrive By Shootings are allowed. But must be advertised and can only happen once every 15 minutes. They must done on either/by bloods or crips. (/advert Driveby!)Bloods and Crips are always at war. This does not mean every time you see each other that you are to shoot each other. You must have a valid RP reason.All gang members must be in teamspeak. Failure to be in teamspeak will result in you being banned from the jobs! (You MUST be in the Gang Channels)If you commit a crime, the rest of the gang in that area can be arrested for association!Disclaimer - Gangs can be changed to Whitelist mode at any point if management feels it is being abused.
     RP Rules
    Max fading doors (Per Base): 3
    Keypad required for every door with a toggle or 5 secs open time.
    Do not use your numpad to open door (use button or keypad)
    Do not require people to crouch or jump to get into the base.
    No skybases or road bases
    No more than five one-way props (per base)
    No Kill Boxes - Admins Discretion - However if a higher staff says to remove it, Remove it!
    Do not No Collide Prop's and use them as hidden doors etc
    Can only build barriers to just shoot over during raids
    Cannot block anything
    Must wait 5 min in between raiding
    PD raids can not last longer than 10 min
    Must be breaking someone out of jail
    Or have a Valid Reason
    You cannot raid during a PD Meeting/FBI Meeting
    When breaking a person out of jail, Both you and them must have the same last name (Or be in a family together) It is classed as FailRP To break a random person out of jail.
    Can not build during any raid
    If the bank raid has 1 minute remaining and there is still a hostage, police can rush in and try to take down the targets.
    You can NOT raid the same base twice
    Must /yell mugging
    Max mug is $5k
    Must wait 5 min in between mugs
    Must /yell kidnap
    If the person has a gun out, you cannot kidnap
    To take a PD member hostage, there must be at least 10 PD online (This includes SWAT/ARU/FBI)
    Do not hold anyone longer than 15 minutes
    Restraints required to kidnap someone
    Kidnapping in public/AFK is not allowed
    You may only kidnap every 15 minutes
    Ransom Prices
    Civilian -­ $5,000
    Officer­ - $10,000
    Senior Officer / Corporal ­- $20,00
    Sergeant ­- $30,000
    Master Sergeant/ Sergeant Major- $50,000
    Lieutenant -­ $60,000
    Captain ­- $70,000
    Major - $80,000
    Assistant / Deputy Chief - $100,000
    Chief Of Police - $100,000
    Government Rules
    Listen to your superiors
    You may not raid for suspected printers; You must see the Items to be able to raid.
    Raids can only be conducted with evidence.
    Corrupt cops are NOT allowed, No matter what!
    To shoot someone you need to warn them three times, They are KOS if wanted for Shooting a Government Official, so you don’t have to warn them.
    You must be a Qualified Trainer to train police
    Do NOT change your sirens (Applies to all Departments) LT+ Can change their Siren but it must be sensible.
    You MUST have a skin (Livery) and a lightbar on your car unless you are SM+ (SM+ with an undercover car MUST have a standard color, White/Black/Grey/Brown)
    During a Bank raid/hostage situation, you are to respond to the area code 3 and secure the roads to stop vehicles passing and wait for ARU/S.W.A.T to arrive on a scene and give orders.
    You are NOT to deal with Bank Raids or Hostage Situations unless S.W.A.T or ARU is not on then you can. (The Highest ranking officer on Scene takes control).
    If told by S.W.A.T or ARU to stand down they must comply.
    Any Semi Truck that is in a pursuit can be declared lethal instantly. (Command does not need to approve)
    You may Patrol as S.W.A.T But can not perform traffic stops. You may only conduct traffic stops if you have seen the person with a weapon out.
    You can call the pursuit to a stop and take over lead unit if the subject is declared Code Red or has Shot/Pulled a weapon at another Officer or Citizen
    You can deal with Bank Raids and Hostage Situations.
    Swat may attend Tryouts at CPL+ (SGT+ can apply under the SWAT Tab)
    You may train at Master Sergeant or higher but MUST have permission from SWAT Command
    You may promote at Staff Sergeant, With a Valid Reason.
    FBI may do illegal things while undercover to gain criminals trust but may not murder, release from jail, or take drugs/Evidence.
    FBI may not base with the same person within 15 minutes of catching/being caught in the act of basing undercover
    You may promote at Assistant Director.
    You MUST use the guns you get that you spawn with only HIGH COMMAND can use any weapon, but you can use any weapon when you are undercover for the need of the investigation you are in.
    Allowed to Patrol and Perform Traffic Stops.
    Can Deal with Bank Raids and Hostage Situations
    They can call the pursuit to a stop and take over lead unit if the subject is declared Code Red or has shot/Pulled a weapon at another Officer or Citizen.
    You are in control of Any situations where shots have been fired, or an active Bank raid, Base Raid or Hostage Situation is taking place.
    State Trooper
    Performs mostly traffic stops and violations
    Remain outside of the city. (But can patrol inside too)
    ALE is for Raids and if given permission can attend Bank Robberies
    You must have a State Trooper Skin on you car at all times unless you have permission from the Command Officer.
    Training Officers (FTO)
    Training Officers are there to train, Nothing else.
    As a Training Officer, you must follow the Training Handbook. Failure to do so could result in removal.
    Training Officers should not leave PD; They are there to train and nothing else!
    Lieutenant can suggest someone to promoted and can only promote to Corporal.
    Captain Can promote to Master Sergeant.
    Major+ Can promote to Sergeant Major.
    Chief+ Can Accept and Deny Promotions app for Lt+
    Once you reach Sergeant Major (SM), you can not be promoted any Higher without making an Application on the website.
    Other Job Rules
    Gun Dealer/Advanced Gun Dealer
    Must have a shop
    Cannot base, This includes basing with other players unless they are another dealer.
    Cannot raid
    Can self-supply if they actively have a shop and aren't just switching jobs to get guns then switch back
    Black Market Gun Dealer
    Can have a shop but can also go around selling guns.
    Cannot base, This includes other players, Unless they are another dealer.
    Cannot raid
    Can self-supply if they actively have a shop and aren't just switching jobs to get guns then switch back
    Hit must have a valid reason
    You can /advert but make it discreet!
    When doing a hit on a Cop do not do it inside PD or when there are cops around them It is classed as FailRP
    You do NOT control the PD, So don’t order them around.
    You can own a house but must have protection. You can ask FBI to protect you, But they don’t have to.
    You cannot Raid or Commit Crime.
    You can only have pistols and shotguns.
    You can only make Weed legal, and this has to be on the Law Board, Bitminers/Money Silo's cannot be made legal!
    You can only have a pistol for self-defence only!
    You cannot commit a crime while in these classes.
    Your job is to help people get out of jail, So RP the situations out!
    The judge cannot deal with a friend or individual they know this is classed as FailRP, Your judge whitelist will be removed.
    The judge must have a valid reason for setting someone free from jail, and it must also be an RP reason too.
    When doing a trial, you must advert for the Person you need at least three times before setting the person free/Closing the case. Adverts must be at least two mins apart. To allow the person time to get to the courtroom.
    You cannot accept bribes. However, you can charge people 25k for a court case and for you to Defend/Prosecute a person. Court cases can cost up to 75k.
    All Fine’s are subject to change - Officer’s Discretion is advised
    Section 5 Public Order Act (Abusive Or Vile Language Directed At A Person Or Government Official) $250-$500
    Breach Of The Peace - $250-$1250
    Trespassing - $250-$500
    Racism - $20,000
    Running A Red Light/Stop Sign  - $250
    Illegal Maneuvers (e.g U-Turns, 3 Point Turns On Main Roads) - $500-$1000
    Speeding - $250-$750 (Depends On Speed)
    Reckless Driving - $300-$750 (Depending On What Is Damaged)
    Jaywalking (Walking In The Road) - $250
    Mechanical Violations - $500 (If The Vehicle Is Malfunctioning, Smoking, Or On Fire It Needs To Be Impounded)
    Illegal Parking - $250 - $500
    Improper Passing, Changing Lane Unsafely - $250 to $500
    Driving Dangerously (Racing Or Ect.) - $1500 (If Racing Jail Time)
    Sudden Swerve - $250
    Hit And Run Civilian Car $2500
    Hit And Run Police Car $5000 - $10,000
    Failing To Be In control Of Vehicle (Forgetting Hand Brake/Rolling Away) - $250 - $500
    Guns (Pistols) Out In Public - $250
    Guns (SMGs) Out In Public $500-$1000
    Heavy gun (Assault Rifles) Out In Public - $2500-$5000
    Heavy Gun (Shotguns) Out In public - $2500-$5000
    Heavy Gun (Snipers) Out In public - $5000-$10,000
     PoliceRP Ranks
    Cadet ­- Cdt. - Glock18
    Officer ­- Ofc. - Glock/MP5/P90
    Senior Officer ­- Snr. - Glock18/M4A1
    Lance Corporal - LCPL. Glock18/M4A1
    Corporal ­- Cpl. - Glock18/Any SMG/ M4A1/AK47
    Sergeant ­- Sgt. - Glock18/Any SMG/ M4A1/AK47
    Master Sergeant ­- MSgt. - Glock18/Any SMG/ M4A1/AK47/Famas
    Sergeant Major - SM. - Any Pistol/Any SMG/ M4A1/AK47/Famas
    Low Command
    Lieutenant ­- Lt. - Any Pistol/Any SMG/ M4A1/AK47/Famas/SawedOff/XM1014
    Captain ­- Cpt. - Any Pistol/Any SMG/ M4A1/AK47/Famas/SawedOff/XM1014
    Major -­ Maj. - Any Pistol/Any SMG/ M4A1/AK47/Famas/SawedOff/XM1014
    Colonel - Col. - Any Pistol/Any SMG/ M4A1/AK47/Famas/SawedOff/XM1014
    High Command
    Assistant Chief - A.Chief. - Any Weapon
    Deputy Chief ­- D.Chief. - Any Weapon
    Chief - Chief. - Any Weapon
    Commissioner - Comm. - Any Weapon
    Cadet ­- Cdt.
    Officer ­- Ofc.
    Senior Officer ­- Snr.
    Lance Corporal - LCPL
    Corporal ­- Cpl.
    Sergeant ­- Sgt.
    Master Sergeant - MSgt.
    Sergeant Major - SM.
    Lieutenant ­- Lt.
    Captain ­- Cpt.
    Major -­ Maj.
    Colonel - Col.
    Assistant Chief - A.Chief.
    Deputy Chief ­- D.Chief.
    Chief - Chief.
    Commissioner - Comm.
    Can Be Edited at any time - By clicking close, you agree to these rules!
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    09/20/2017 PoliceRP Update

    [Added] Job bundle - http://gaminglight.com/donategl/store.php?page=packages&id=15 Job Bundle now in donation store (Give's access to Bus Driver/Trucker/TaxiTaxi Car Dealer - Tow Lot Next to Bus DealerTruck/Trailer Dealer are located in the industrial zone (Red Building)[Removed] UtimeWas causing some players to crash has been removed
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    Speak With Blaziken
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    Speak With Blaziken
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    Speak With Blaziken
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    Staff Handbook

    Staff Handbook
    The Staff Handbook can be changed/updated at any point. It is your job to keep up to date with it and ensure you know it!
    You can and will be tested on this at any random point so be ready!
    Hierarchy of the Staff Team
    Trial Moderator →  Moderator →Senior Moderator→ Admin →Super Admin→Head Admin→Head Of Staff→Manager →Community Director →Owner
    Staff Strike System
    On all of our servers, there is a Staff Strike System. You will receive Strikes if you are not Staff correctly or have abused your powers. It is up to Manager's+ if they issue strikes.
    1st Strike: Documented on Staff database and warned. Possible demotion depending on the how severe the problem is.
    2nd Strike: Demotion and possible Termination of Staff Position.
    All Strikes are up to the person issuing and are on a Case by Case basis, Community Director+ Can overrule strikes if there is evidence they were false or too harsh of a punishment issued.
    We trust that our staff can deal with Sits/Issues with Fairness, Honesty and common sense. There will not be a guideline for every punishment so it will be up to you the staff member to decide if you are having an issue deciding what the punishment should be asking another staff member. 
    When issuing a ban ensure you inform the player of their ban and the reason why, plus how long for. When you ban the player ensure you put the website in their ban.(Gaminglight.com).
    When you issue a player with a Warn, Inform then of what they are being warned for and why.
    Not all situations require punishments. Some staff may decide to let players off, while others may feel they need to punish. This is the call of the staff member and should be done by a case by case basis. Keep in mind before issuing a punishment that the player may not have known of the rule and did it unknowingly. However other players may have done it on purpose. Also the phrase "It's not in the rules so that I can do it" is not an excuse and is not acceptable.
    Repeat offenders are subject to harsher punishment.
    RDA & RDM
    1x RDM/RDA -Warning
    2x RDM/RDA - Jail/Minge (180 Seconds)
    3x RDM/RDA - Jail/Minge (500 Seconds)
    4+ RDM/RDA (Mass RDM/RDA) - 10,000 second minge
    Breaking NLR
    1x NLR - Warning
    2x NLR - Jail/Minge (180 Seconds)
    3+ NLR - Jail/Minge (500 Seconds)
    FailRP & FearRP
    1x FailRP/FearRP - Warning
    2x FailRP/FearRP - Jail/Minge (180 Seconds)
    3x FailRP/FearRP - Jail/Minge (500 Seconds)
    Prop Abuse/Prop Block
    1x Prop Abuse/Prop Block - Warning
    2x Prop Abuse/Prop Block - Jail/Minge (200 Seconds)
    Repeated abuse of prop block will result in a 10,000 second minge. Prop block of spawn should be punished by 10,000 second minge. (It is up to the staff what punishment is issued.)
    Leaving to Avoid Punishment (LTAP)
    1x LTAP - 3660 second minge or warning (Read Below)
    LTAP (Leaving to Avoid Punishment): depending on the rule violation they were in the sit for there will be different punishments. Minor rule infractions will result in a warning for the rule infraction and the LTAP. Major rule infractions will result in a longer minge if the player LTAP's.
    Disrespect (Towards both Staff and Player)
    1x Disrespect - Warning
    2x or More - Minge (500 Seconds)
    Warning Limits
    The Ban should only be issued when the player receive's their 10,20,30 or 40th warn.
    10 Warns -  7,200 second  minge issued, By Admin+ (Admins desecration if the ban is issued)
    20 Warns - 14,400 second minge issued, By Admin+ (Admins desecration if the ban is issued)
    30 Warns -  21,600 second minge issued, By Superadmin+ (Staff's desecration if the ban is issued)
    40+ Warns - Permanent minge issued, By Manager+ (Staff's desecration if the ban is issued)
    Permanent Minge (!minge <player> 0)
    DDOS Threats. Any players threatening to DDOS the server should be banned immediately to avoid any disruption.Advertisement of another server/Community. The act of informing other players/staff of another community to join, Allowing them to gain reputation/players.Attempting/Crashing the server. Spawning in props or attempting to crash the server in any way by any means.All Ban Times, Minge Times, and Warnings can be overruled by Managers+. And if given permission the ban time can be made longer if the Manager deems its necessary. Managers+  do not have to bring a player into a sit before they issue's a kick/ban
    Warn players before kicking/minging themNot every situation deserves a kick! For example: A player disrespects you, give them a warning and make sure you tell them why! "Hey man, we want all our staff to be treated with respect because they help the server a lot. Just be a little nicer next time."You do not need to warn someone for every rule violation. Sometimes just a "Hey, that was NLR just try not to do it next time." We consider these verbal warnings and are for players that staff barely ever have any trouble with.Staff are not to warn other staff members or issue punishment to them without a Super Admin+ Approval.When warning you should do one warn not separate. For example, RDM/FailRP does not warn for RDM then warn again for FailRP.  
    Forum Permissions
    This section covers the acceptance/denial of certain post on the Gaminglight forums. This list will contain things that can only be resolved by a certain rank.
    Staff applications- Any staff applications are to be handled by  Head Of Staff+.  All other ranks may rate the application(+Support if you agree, neutral, -Support if you don’t think this person should be staff. All rating must have a reason why or will be ignored) When Applying for staff you should not be a part of any other servers Staff Team.
    Ban appeals- This is only to be handled by Head Admin+ Other staff/player may +/- Support the appeal with a valid reason.
    Staff complaints- These are to be handled by Head Of Staff+ only. All other ranks may post their opinion on the topic and request to lock and deny the complaint.
    Suggestions/Custom jobs- Only to be handled by Owner. However, Manager+ Should be able to answer any questions the player may have.
    Player complaints- To be handled by Head Admin+
    Name changes/forum rank requests: To be handled by Head Of Staff+ Should be requested Via Private messages or for staff ranks after a staff meeting.
    Staff Commands
    !minge <player> <time>!mingeid <steamid> <time>!jail <player> <time> (!jail zeeptin 100)!jailtp <player>!warn <player> <reason>!kick <player> <reason>!ban <player> <time> <reason> (time is in minutes)!mutevoice <player> (Mutes players voice in game)!unmutevoice <player>!mutechat <player>  (Mutes players text in chat)!unmutechat <player>!cloak!freeze!bring <player>!goto <player>!return <player>!noclip (recommended you bind this by using the command "bind v "ulx noclip"" in console) !spectate <player>!god!plogs (opens up server logs)—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­
    Be friendly to our players!This is the most important rule out of all the rules. This is taken very seriously. If you, as staff, receive a complaint about being disrespectful to a player it will be a demotion.You are the staff member. You should be one of the friendliest people on the server!Remember, we are here to help players have fun, not just ban peopleNo cursing in /OOC, voice chat that isn't roleplay, and admin sits.General
    Do not use admin powers while roleplaying or when not on duty (Unless you are Super Admin+).You should never be using your powers when not on duty (Unless you are Super Admin+).Be friendly to players even in roleplay, You agree that as a Staff Member you will never act maliciously towards any member of the community.Be active on the forums daily.This includes helping players in the chatbox, making posts on the website, and giving feedback on applications and suggestions relevant to the server you are staff on.Do not go posting on Apps/Posts for a server you are not staff/play on.If you are going away for 3+ days you must make a LOA post on the forum's, You are to post it under the LOA section Under the Staff Forum. Failure to post a LOA will lead to a Demotion and Possible removal if inactive for long periods of time (1 week+). Managers understand that sometimes in an emergency you will not be able to make a LOA post, However, they can still remove you, Only Community Director+ Can overrule that decision.You cannot post asking if you should leave the staff team.You Rank should only be switched if, The server needs staff that you want to switch to and if it has been cleared by both manager's for those servers otherwise you should not be switching your staff rank to another server!You must be in the steam group and have [GL] In your steam name.Website Tag's are given by your Manager and only your server manager, ALL staff ranks get forums tag.Failure to be active on the server you are staff on will result in removal from staff and possible Staff Restriction that can be up to 6 months.You must turn up to staff meetings, days they happen can be found on the calendar. http://gaminglight.com/main/calendar/, Failure to turn up to meeting could result in a Strike.Senior Mods+ can be staff on 2 server's, And 2 servers only NO MORE!. You need permission from Both Managers before applying, this means the Manager who is in charge of the server you are applying for and the server you are already staff on.You can not be Staff on another server, This means you cannot have a Staff rank on another community. If found to have one you will me removed from staff or asked to leave the other community (Managers Discretion).You can Warn Other staff however you can only warn your rank and below for example a Trial Mod can NOT warn a Super Admin. If you wish to warn a staff member that is higher than you it must be taken to a higher up.—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­
    On Duty
    No roleplaying.Cloak yourself when no clipping (it looks better than a bunch of admins flying around).Never argue with another administration member in front of players (shouldn't be arguing at all).The administration is to remain active on the server that they have staff on.There is to be one staff on duty for every 15 players on the server. (This is a guideline).When on the Server you must be in TeamSpeak, No excuses!Do not hover around other staff/players when they are roleplaying. You can watch from a distance but don't be flying around them and getting in their way.You must be in the Administration job when on duty and if you wish to use your powers. (Some of our servers may not have this).Failure to be on-duty when the amount of staff per players is under will result in a staff strike, This includes if you are AFK or have previously been on, Their is no excuse!Staff Sits
    Treat every player with the same respect you would treat the higher staff with.Do not be rude in a sit.Never lose your temper in a sit and yell at the player.Remain calm during the sit.Do not interrupt a player that is talking during a sit. We all know how annoying that is.Ensure you get both sides of the story before you go making a decision.Do not deal with your friends sits or an issue that you was involved in. Any staff caught doing this will receive a strike or Removal from staff.—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­
    After having a rank for 30 consecutive days, you can apply for a promotion.Apply for a promotion by filling out another staff application.The title should look like this, "Zeeptin - Admin Promotion Application" If I was wanting to be promoted to Admin.Ensure you follow the correct format and have the correct permission.Promotions in meetings can only happen if the Staff is Trial Mod or Moderator. Promotions in meetings can not happen if the staff is being promoted to Admin.Admin+ Must be applied for on the forums under the correct section.Resigning/Quitting
    Resigning is for Super Admins+Quitting is for everyone else. (learn the terms there is a difference)Staff MUST give 48-hour notice before Resigning/quitting. If the staff does not give proper notice or is not seen playing/administrating on the server during those 48 hours, he/she will be Staff Restricted. - The 48 Hours must be clearly shown in your post, The best way to do this would be to say "This is my 48 Hour Notice", (Titles do not count)Notice will be made by a post in the Introduction/Leaving section of the forums.Once you have Quit/Resigned you cannot reapply for staff on any servers for 1-2 months. If you wish to apply before that time is up you must have permission from Community Director+.Trial Mods are not allowed to Quit Staff - Moderators plus can quit. Quitting as a trial mod will result in a Permanent staff restriction.—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­—­­­­­
    Position Overview

    Owner of the community, Zeeptin (https://steamcommunity.com/id/zeeptin/)Focuses mainly on making additions to each serverShould only be contacted with donations issues or serious server issuesOtherwise, contact another staff member under the owner and they will be glad to help
    Leads the staff teamIn charge of staff applicationsDemoting and promoting of staff Of all servers.Can deal with any complaints.Has final say on ingame, website and TeamSpeak related issuesFluent in server rulesCan make changes to rules as he/she feels necessary at any timeCan help out with any donations issues. 

    Manager of the designated serverLeads the staff teamIn charge of staff applicationsDemoting and promoting of staffHas final say on ingame related issuesFluent in server rulesCan make changes to rules as he/she feels necessary at any time
    Leads the staff teamIn charge of staff applicationsDemoting and promoting of staffFluent in server rulesNot required to be in the Administration job.Head Of Staff has been a part of the community for an extended period of time and understand how to handle situations like the owner and manager would
    Leads the staff teamCan deal with Ban Appeals and Player complaintsFluent in server rulesNot required to be in the Administration JobHead Admin has been a part of the community for an extended period of time and understand how to handle situations like the Head Of Staff and Manager would
    Two tier's of management under the managerSuper Admins have been a part of the community for an extended period of time and understand how to handle situations like the owner and manager wouldThey are not required to be on duty to administrateTheir recommendations for staff are weighted higher than other staff due to seniorityTheir to sort out any issues with staff on the server when a manager or Head Of Staff  is not available.
    Required to be Administration job to use any staffing powers or administrate a sitWith the exception of warning for obvious rule infractions that do not require a sit (Intentional RDM/RDA, NLR)There to help out lower ranks if they need it.Trusted member of staff.
    Required to be Administration job to use any staffing powers, administrate a sit, and warningConsidered a more trusted member of the staff team. higher staff should give guidance to them in order to better their administrative skillsRequired that you know all the rules and what they all meanEncouraged to ask staff for help in sits that you are unsure about and help Moderators if they need it.
    Required to be Administration job to use any staffing powers, administrate a sit, and warningConsidered beginners of the staff team and higher staff should give guidance to them in order to better their administrative skillsRequired that you know all the rules and what they all meanEncouraged to ask staff for help in sits that you are unsure about(Donor Mods - Rank in between T-Mod and Moderator)

    Required to be Administration job to use any staffing powers, administrate a sit, and warningConsidered beginners of the staff team and higher staff should give guidance to them in order to better their administrative skillsRequired that you know all the rules and what they all meanEncouraged to ask staff for help in sits that you are unsure about 
    Please be aware not all ranks are here.
    Post below that you agree to the Staff Handbook! Staff Members only!
    Made by Mr Valkyrie
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    Pick another heli from the WAC Pack and Zeeptin will change it.
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    Remake the post an include the server what you want changed and when the additions were paid for.
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    Get the proper name for the AS50.
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    Correct steamid - STEAM_0:1:176563031
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    Thanks for the feed back everyone. I will leave this open for a few more days then me and Zeeptin will make our decision!
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    http://prntscr.com/gmcikz Current Warns.
    https://prnt.sc/gmc4cw - Just part of my console.
    http://prntscr.com/gmcizo Teamspeak chat
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    Dont worry, If a truck is involved in a pursuit it would be instant KOS.
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    I Have tested them on rockford. They should be ok.
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    New Job's/Weapons - Added to Donation store?
    So me and Zeeptin have been speaking and we would like to add some more items to for people to use and buy from the store. Now after discussion we could add the following.
    Please leave your feedback in the vote and below in the comments.
    Job Pack
    This would consist of 2 or 3 jobs that would whitelisted to people who paid for this pack.Trucker Job - Add a job where people can drive trucks and pick up trailers. (Multiple trucks and trailers would be added.)http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=373118744&searchtext=Trailerhttp://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=195481065&searchtext=TruckBus job - Allow people to use the bus job again and RP with it.Maybe some sort of Uber or Taxi job for people to use.More Weapons
    Add some of the weapons that are already in the server to the store.For example - Machete - Shovel - Hammer - Baseball Bat - ect.(All these jobs would be whitelisted for those people who paid for it only. If the jobs where abused or the vehicles where used as ramming device's the whitelists would be removed from you.)
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    09/16/2017 - PoliceRP Update

    [Removed] Guns From GangsBlood's and Crip's no longer spawn with gunsBlood's and Crip's Whitelist Disabled[Fixed] UTime Issue/A Few other bugsError with Utime causing Players to crash when Sending client Info - If you are still having trouble goto here - http://gaminglight.com/main/topic/9547-official-crash-support-thread/
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