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  1. Mr Valkyri3 added a post in a topic Marked Slicktop Patrol Vehicles   

    All Ranks under SM Must have a lightbar and skin.
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  2. Mr Valkyri3 added a topic in SWAT   

    Last Chance For SWAT
    I hate that I have to make this post but certain People seem to still complain even after me and Zeeptin spent 2 1/2 hrs on SWAT Updates. This is the last chance for SWAT I will have the Old SWAT Put back and you will not have access to any of the new thing that we have added for you.
    As off now @ExoTic Maddog Has been Permanently Banned from All departments other than PD and FBI because he deem's it necessary to talk constant shit about the new update. He can only be in either PD or FBI. I have not issue what so ever Perm banning people who want to complain about the updated SWAT. You guys needed an update and myself, Zeeptin and @Dibble made it happen. I don't accept in when all that happen's is post's made by people in SWAT crying about how SWAT has been NERFED and the only good things are Flashbags, Breaching Charges and Gas Grenades. I hope that I don't have to Blacklist anyone else from other PD Departments, But there is no respect for the time and effort that Myself, Zeeptin and all the other Manager's put in for updates.
    PD Commissioner Mr.Valkyrie
    Dept.Commissioner Alec
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  3. Mr Valkyri3 added a post in a topic False Warn Appeal (FailRP x2)   

    you were arrested for 10 mins and you turned a simple Traffic Violation into a full blow 10-80. There was simply no need for it. By turning a 10-38 into a 10-80 you endangered multi LEO's Life's and members of public. No only that you Failed to stop, Fleeing and Eluding, Failure to Comply with a Lawful order and Mental Evaluation. I could of put you in for 20 if I wanted to there is no reason why I couldn't.
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  4. Mr Valkyri3 added a post in a topic FBI PA Wafel/Wafel - AdminReport   

    Send me the images.
    Staff will be spoken to
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  5. Mr Valkyri3 added a post in a topic Soileau's Trial-Mod Application   

    Gets involved in issues that dont involve him, Not active in Teamspeak or Forums
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  6. Mr Valkyri3 added a post in a topic Better Ranking System.   

    The ranking system is not changing. It is staying how it is, If we did change it that means we have to change aload of other things too.
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  7. Mr Valkyri3 added a post in a topic Removed from swat for no reason   

    You was in a gang that is a breach of SOP's
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  8. Mr Valkyri3 added a post in a topic Password mass prop spam   

    What am i meant to do without a steamid?
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  9. Mr Valkyri3 added a post in a topic I'm irritated, need someone higher than admin to talk to me bout this.   

    Come and speak to me in teamspeak
    You have 10 mins before i get off. Or you will have to wait till tomorrow to speak with me.
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  10. Mr Valkyri3 added a post in a topic Birdnest staff app   

    You are permanently Staff Restricted. If you wish to apply for staff you will need to appeal your staff restriction.
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  11. Mr Valkyri3 added a post in a topic Cravplay admin report   

    Staff Has Put in a 48hr however, Staff will be removed and Permanently Staff Restricted
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  12. Mr Valkyri3 added a post in a topic CPT snookiebear - PoliceRP Promotion   

    This is a Promotion App NOT Complain at each other
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  13. Mr Valkyri3 added a post in a topic Jack Wolf's Staff Restriction Appeal   

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  14. Mr Valkyri3 added a post in a topic Support Application - Mad Mazzy   

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  15. Mr Valkyri3 added a post in a topic NABY - Moderator Report   

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