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  1. Dwayne added a post in a topic It's time to change!   

    Guys when I read your replies all I hear are u screaming. Plz stop my mind can't make u quiet.
  2. Dwayne added a post in a topic My 2 week LOA/ and my quit from Mod   

    Love u kermy 
  3. Dwayne added a post in a topic StarwarsRp Change   

    I wish to be on the separatist side.
  4. Dwayne added a post in a topic COMMANDER MEETING MOVED   

    Well kermit can't control LTG+ you geniuses
  5. Dwayne added a post in a topic Current Issues   

    It's not our own twist we just make a decision because game masters won't tell us what's going on or what they want us to do. It's not our fault for fulfilling our Rp role. If you guys want troops ordered in a specific way you give it to the chain of command and they will see it done. Miscommunication is the key point in these disputes. 

  6. Dwayne added a post in a topic Current Issues   

    Bucky is in charge of the event ultimately Fleet and Jedi along with the clone high ranks are in charge of the troopers.
    Thus is the ranking system for star wars. So im confused on why you are upset about fleet and jedi taking charge?
    GM's control the events not the troopers.
  7. Dwayne added a post in a topic i drew pictures for each battalion   

    Tbh my picture would be of Dino beating me or tazing me xD
  8. Dwayne added a post in a topic Commander disrespect   

    Link and gree=Triggered

  9. Dwayne added a post in a topic i drew pictures for each battalion   

    RFA : Droid
  10. Dwayne added a post in a topic I got very sick yesterday   

    I'll keep shock in tip top shape for u bud
  11. Dwayne added a topic in General   

    Shock Information *NEW*
    Shock is going to become the elite battalion it is meant to be. Which includes more extensive training, which will be explained later in this post. We failed the Grand Admiral last time he made us do PT'S which is unacceptable. More PT and more tests on if you are still retaining the knowledge about formations and and trainings and in general what you even know Shock is about. Later on I'm going to make a once a week meeting time so I know who is active in this ELITE battalion and who needs to be removed. 
    More extensive training includes listening to orders.
    Know of whom which VIP'S are most important.
    Know how to engage in combat.
    Know how to handle a situation if a Sith is there.
    How to handle situations with minges and or clones who decide to goof around during a time that is serious (Debrief).
    Seeing if you can protect high value people.
    Seeing if you can escort high value targets.
    You're knowledge on when and where to use your baton vs. Stun stick.
    Knowledge of the Codes and may be adding of more codes to shock just for security purposes. 
    If you are seen goofing around and not being serious in Shock you will be handled accordingly.
    If you suggest anything else my battalion needs improvement in please post here.
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  12. Dwayne added a post in a topic Deadcan- All good things must come to an end   

    Not gonna lie I'm gonna miss your skeptical *** my dude. Hope everything is good 
  13. Dwayne added a topic in General   

    Dwayne's LOA
    Alright I'll be on LOA for 1-3 more days I honestly didn't feel a need to make this post because I already had messaged the active managers accordingly about this. For those of you who don't know a close friend I've known since i was about 5 passed away last Monday. Between the viewing the service and the funeral I haven't found myself up for gmod. I have been recollecting my thoughts and mind as this had me messed up pretty bad. The only reason I am making this post is because apparently when you message the manager about your LOA. It's not good enough so the day you come back you have the community manager threatening to remove you because you didn't make a post.
    So here's your post.
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  14. Dwayne added a post in a topic Beta Testing   

    TeamSpeak Name: Dwayne
    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:97537193
    Why do you want to join the Fallout RP Beta Test?: I wish to Play on the new fallout server to be able to successfully help find bugs and glitches. Test out how everything runs and to give proper input on how well I enjoy the server. Also input that has suggestions on what should be added from me to help the Higher Staff team make a server that is great and will contribute a good amount of players to our community.