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    Jedi/Sith Informational
    Jedi Ranks
    Jedi Youngling, Padawan, Knight, Master
    Sith Ranks
    Sith Acolyte, Apprentice, Lord, Darth
    Training System
    The Sith Acolyte and Jedi Youngling will be mostly training classes. The two classes should only be used for those first entering the factions. You are to stay Acolyte or Youngling until a Knight+/Lord+ Trains you for Padawan/Apprentice
    The Training of the Jedi that goes from Youngling to Padawan along with the Sith Acolyte to Apprentice includes the following:
    The Youngling/Acolyte must recite the Jedi/Sith code from memory. 
    The Youngling/Acolyte must go to ilum to obtain their crystal for their saber.
    After the Youngling/Acolyte obtains their crystal, they return to their home planets and forge their lightsabers.
    The Jedi/Sith must complete a physical task. Depending on which kind of Jedi/Sith you wish to be the physical trials will vary.  For the class of Jedi Shadow or Sith Assassin you must successfully assassinate a member of the opposite faction. (The player doing the training gets to pick whom you assassinate.) You must complete the assassination and leave and return to your home planet alive. The Assassin/Shadows are exactly what they sound like, they will be the Jedi/Sith tasked with assassination missions or anything of the sorts.
    For Jedi/Sith Guardian you must do a duel. You must duel either a member in your faction that is a rank above you, or beat two people of the same rank as you. You must fight them either simultaneously or one at a time it is up to the trainer. Your health will not be reset and you will not be healed in between duels if you choose to do one at a time. As guardians you are the temple and Jedi Council/Dark Council guards. You will mostly be protecting the home planet and most importantly your temple. You are the main defense in the temple.
    (More can and will be added to this list.) (Dark Council/Jedi Council Ranks will be added shortly.)
    Saber Lengths
    2.5 Max Width
    42 Max Length (for single sabers)
    34 Max Length (for dual sabers)
    Dark Council only will be able to use dark inner blades.
    Jedi Council and Dark Council will be donator only, must have a character that is not the default Jedi/Sith.
    Jedi Knight/Sith Lord+ Can use double sabers.
    Saber Colors
    For your colors, If you have a certain character such as Mace Windu, your saber color must follow lore. Sabers that do not follow Lore or any of the rules will be considered FailRP and can lead to the player being issued a warn. 
    Sith may only have a Red or Dark Orange saber color. 
    Jedi may only have a Green or Blue saber colors.
    Force Powers
    Sith Acolyte and Apprentice/Jedi Padawan and Initiate.- Leap and Absorb
    Sith Lord/Jedi Knight- Leap, Absorb, Repulse
    Jedi Master/Jedi Council/Sith Darth- Leap, Absorb, Repulse, Heal
    Dark Council- Leap, Absorb, Repulse, Combust, Lightning
    Mace Windu and Yoda are only allowed to use all of the force powers due to lore.
    Jedi and Sith Codes
    There is no emotion, there is peace.
    There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
    There is no passion, there is serenity.
    There is no chaos, there is harmony.
    There is no death, there is the Force
    Peace is a lie. There is only Passion.
    Through Passion I gain Strength.
    Through Strength I gain Power.
    Through Power I gain Victory.
    Through Victory my chains are Broken.
    The Force shall free me.
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    You are the B1 Infantry Commander congrats!
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    You are our 501st Commander thank you!
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    We will also be looking into who is most active on the server so do not expect applications to be accepted right away!
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    New Section.
    United States Navy Related topics only.
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