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  1. Staticwolf#ThinBlueLine added a post in a topic Beta Testing   

    TeamSpeak Name: Staticwolf#HotshotsMiddleman
    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:23068042
    Why do you want to join the Fallout RP Beta Test?: Would like to help the server be successful by making it Bug Free.
  2. Staticwolf#ThinBlueLine added a post in a topic Remove the perk system/point system   

    Wrong section/forum area.
    People pay for level boosters and would need to be compensated because the level system is part of the perk system.
    You guys started playing after zeeptin decreased the amount of XP it takes to level up and increased the amount you get. You also now get XP for winning wars, people level up much faster now then I did when I started playing.
  3. Staticwolf#ThinBlueLine added a post in a topic Leave Of Absence   

    Dude this was from October, check forum dates before you comment on stuff please.
  4. Staticwolf#ThinBlueLine added a post in a topic December Military Staff Role-Call   

    GEN Staticwolf
    Super Admin
  5. Staticwolf#ThinBlueLine added a post in a topic Static Gave me a flase warn   

    We can not remove warns without Hotshots approval, When you asked me today to talk to me i said make a report as in @ chat because i do not respond to reports/Requests made in OOC/Advert. Not on the forums, the proper place to post this is in the Staff Abuse Section in Administration while following the format in the Post called Staff Abuse Format.
    I remember nothing about this situation aswell.
  6. Staticwolf#ThinBlueLine added a post in a topic Jeff LOA   

    Have a nice Christmas
  7. Staticwolf#ThinBlueLine added a post in a topic Question?   

    You cant demote people for what they say in TS. However Carly is right if someone is bullying you on the forums/TS/Steam, get proof and show it to Valkyri3 and it should get handled.
  8. Staticwolf#ThinBlueLine added a post in a topic PTSD coulsting   

    not making fun of him just staying the obvious im also not calling him a kid since I don't know his age and I asked a legitimate question that he needs to answer if he wants a answer to what he asked. I haven't said anything insulting if you feel that way my bad and welcome to the internet.
  9. Staticwolf#ThinBlueLine added a post in a topic PTSD coulsting   

    Okay I see that you edited this but the grammar and spelling is so horrid that I have no idea what you are asking. Are you a actual military veteran with PTSD or just a player either rp'ing this or trying to help actual veterans. You can go anywhere you want in the underground of US/RU base during peace but I do not believe you could be given a rank either way.
  10. Staticwolf#ThinBlueLine added a post in a topic Jeffe VL App   

    "why I want VL: I have had a lot of people telling me I should be VL/apply for VL.
    Why you should trust me: You should trust me because I don't abuse my rank or job, I use it to train/help others."
    These reasons are horrid, 'people telling me I should apply" dosent make me thing you really thought about this.
    Same with why we should trust you, I don't think you put enough thought/effort into this.
  11. Staticwolf#ThinBlueLine added a post in a topic Follow-Up to Grenade Spam Posts   

    Dude do you evenkl at post dates... This is a 19 day old thread that you just revived that dosent even do anything anymore since we don't use grenades anymore.
  12. Staticwolf#ThinBlueLine added a topic in General   

    Staticwolfs LOA
    I have a big swim meet for the rest of this week so I won't be in game today, Friday and most likely Saturday since I won't have my computer with me but I will be on TS and the forums a bit each day.
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  13. Staticwolf#ThinBlueLine added a post in a topic KennyS Gen Application   

    + Support
    But just saying you already have roster access and never help me with updating it soooooooo if you do get GEN I expect you to help me with updating it.
    Good luck as always.
  14. Staticwolf#ThinBlueLine added a post in a topic GRENADE SPAM   

    Lol US dosent deserve to complain, y'all have me don't complain. Rule hotshot implemented is 3 seconds in-between each grenade.
  15. Staticwolf#ThinBlueLine added a topic in US Army   

    Staticwolfs Colonel Promotion Application
    Steam Name:Staticwolf#ThinBLueLine
    In-Game Name: LTC Staticwolf
    Why do you think you should become a colonel (25-80 words): I am on as much as i can between admining or playing US and during  my timezone there are never any COL playing(i do know we just got one) But i think having a COL that can promote to CPT and who therefore can promote more people which will help retain people to the US Army.
    Who wants to see you as a COL: LTC Dino, BG KennyS
    Current Rank [U.S Army wise]: LTC
    Did you donate: Yes Platinumn, Tac Insert, Gold AK.
    Current Level:24
    Timezone: Central
    Permission (Must get permission from 2 CPTs+ Don't count yourself): LTC Dino,BG KennyS
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