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  1. Lucherr added a topic in General   

    Sorry for my Inactivty
    Hello everyone.
    I am making this to explain my inactivity honestly. I will not give some BS reason like exams or something. This will be hard for me, but I have to give the truth.
    I have been suffering from heavy depression because of many reasons, whether it was getting made fun of, or getting my ass beat constantly, I still tried to be as active as possible.
    I try to have as much fun as I can to hide the fact of it, but since I have been here for a few months, I feel like I can be open with everyone, regardless of how I feel about you.
    I am currently getting help for it, and I should be more active than I was. But I apologize for my inactivity.
    [This was a touchy subject, so it was hard to type]
    I am not looking for anyone to feel bad, I just wanted to explain my inactivity, if you want to talk to me like a friend, there is no need to pussyfoot around this.
    Thanks for reading!
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  2. Lucherr added a post in a topic Beta Testing   

    TeamSpeak Name: Lucher
    Steam STEAM_0:1:102650865
    Why do you want yo join the Fallout RP Beta Test?: I would like to join and help find bugs in the new map and the gamemode itself, I also want to experience a whole new gamemode which I have never played and help suggest new thing.
  3. Lucherr added a topic in General   

    Gaminglight has come so far and has finally made FalloutRP, I cannot wait
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  4. Lucherr added a post in a topic StarwarsRp Staff Meeting   

    Damn, who tourtures you with 11 hours of work
  5. Lucherr added a post in a topic FATE Gang Recruitment!   

    Do I look like a minge to you xD
    As I told Shawn, IV is a GTA game that died out very fast, and it's just, SO bland.
  6. Lucherr added a post in a topic Extending my LOA   

    New Update:
    My computer was fixed amazingly fast!
    I just needed a new battery (Yes, its a laptop)
    I am back for business everyone!
  7. Lucherr added a topic in General   

    Extending my LOA
     Hello everyone I will be at extending my leave of absence because of my broken computer because it's complete trash, but I will be back on soon please do not worry, I will be active and I will be doing my job within two days  so don't worry he so have a good day! 
    -[GL] Lucher
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  8. Lucherr added a topic in General   

    FATE Gang Recruitment!
    FATE Gang Recruitment! [Founded: 1/1/17]
    Founder: Lucher
    Who we are: We are a gang, and we are ruthless and bloodless. Originated in Rockford, we raid the PD, rob the banks, and we raid houses. We steal, kill, and we don't care. We kill with reason though, as we must have one. We are a gang, and we are ruthless and bloodless.
    Our Tag: FATE
    Recruitment Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1fWbNNvx6o0yAaHcn6nfHOlk2_51b4aa84H5Mw-FGTyM/edit
    Wanna see who is with us? Here is the roster: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17u_-RGI-gkVRCK-nbiBc5aJmRPfD6BhKURkotPJOVrc/edit#gid=0
    FATE Guidelines:
    You are not to minge, if caught, you will get 3 strikes
    If you get 5 strikes, you will be kicked and blacklisted from the gang
    You cannot kill cops without reason, if caught you will get a strike
    Even if I am not on, you do not get freedom to do as you wish, I have people who tell me what you do
    Don't ask for promotions, we only do them after something successful[e.g. successful bank raid, successful house raid]
    If you are FBI and you get patted down for a badge, you must reveal it, if not it is FailRP!
    You will not disrespect higher ranking people, if you do, you receive a strike
    Breaking guidelines will result as a strike
    These can and will be changed at any time!
    Join Today!
    -FATE Leader Lucher
    [Any questions? Find me on TS or PM me on the Forums!]
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  9. Lucherr added a topic in General   

    Luchers LOA
    I feel like I have been overworking myself on PoliceRP, so I will be taking a break ranging from 4-7 days.
    I am also sick, and I have to get better.
    I hope you understand, thank you.
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  10. Lucherr added a post in a topic For all to read but directed toward staff.   

    Thanks man!
  11. Lucherr added a post in a topic Luchers LOA   

    Don't worry, I love Home Alone
  12. Lucherr added a topic in General   

    Luchers LOA
    Its Christmas time, so I won't be on AS OFTEN, meaning I will still be on, but not for long amounts of time.
    I love you all!
    And as my Grandfather says...
    "Merry F***ing Christmas!"
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  13. Lucherr added a post in a topic Goodbye to All my MilitaryRP Friends   

  14. Lucherr added a topic in General   

    Goodbye to All my MilitaryRP Friends
    Dear All,
    I have resigned from MilitaryRP and switched to PoliceRP due to lack of staff members, and I felt like I was not helping MilitaryRP in general. Trust me, I will still come on from time to time and I will be active here and there. Just because I resigned from MilitaryRP Staff doesn't mean I have quit MilitaryRP, I have made lots of friends on there, and hope to make lots more or PoliceRP. I love you all who have supported on my time on MilitaryRP.
    Thank You
    Yours Truly
    -[GL] Lucher
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  15. Lucherr added a post in a topic FBI And SWAT What Do They Do?   

    Thanks for doing this, it really clears things up.
    -[GL] Lucher