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  1. Kieran added a post in a topic Transition to Fully SeriousRP   

    I hope ARC takes a second to reread all of this. Two. Maybe twenty times. This shouldn't be a big change for you guys considering you should be one of the most serious regiments already on the server.
    Also, as a side note, do not let me catch you breaking these things. ARC is officially cracking down.
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  2. Kieran added a post in a topic Questions   

    1: Assuming the universe is infinite in its constantly expanding mass that would also suggest the fact that a galaxy could exist in which looks extremely similar to the Milky Way plus or minus small details.
    2: Refer to what Link said.
    3: While every clone is indeed physically identical to the same person there were several training programs that clones would put through, a few examples would be: Commander Training, ARC genetic enhancement, the first prototype Bad Batch.
    4: There are thrusters on the ship.
    5: We use a very big green screen.
    6: Only known existing. Not only one.
    7: Galatic basic is English.
    8: For your convenience.
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  3. Kieran added a post in a topic How did you chose your name?   

    I kinda just rolled my head on my keyboard until something half-way coherent came up.
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  4. Kieran added a post in a topic How I piss off two kids today ( story time )   

    What you described there is one of the main reasons I love working in anything customer service. Just by being nonplus and direct about what my job requires me to do causes people to get upset so quickly and for the silliest of reasons while often making themselves into an entertaining show for myself and anyone on the side lines.
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  5. Kieran added a post in a topic What's happening with ARC?   

    You can count on Seal and I to take care if ARC while you're away
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  6. Kieran added a post in a topic 91st and ARC Commanders   

    Grats to the new commanders and the aforementioned promoted.
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  7. Kieran added a post in a topic Texas Admin Application   

    Gigantic +Support
    +Well suited for job
    +Knows exactly what he's doing
    -Calls me Korean
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  8. Kieran added a post in a topic Faze Seal's ARC CMDR Application   

    Huge +support
    +Previous Leadership
    +Knows there's a time and a place for goofing off and being serious
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  9. Kieran added a post in a topic Texas ARC CMDR App   

    Texas bby I love ya but you need to beef up your application. Show some enthusiasm about becoming commander to such an elite battalion. There's no doubt that you're  super active and fit for it so you have my gigantic support once you've given some bulk to the app.
    +Previous leadership
    +Extremely active
    +Has potential
    +Calls me Korean
    -Little too much focus on other candidate instead of self
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  10. Kieran added a post in a topic Dopey's 48 hour notice   

    Unit in question has completed his duty and has been given permission to vacate war field, all other units will remember the general with fondness.
    Roger Roger
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  11. Kieran added a post in a topic Snarlax Appreciation Post   

    I have to concur with Gustard here. I've been eyeballing the server and almost every time I've seen Snar in it. A huge thank you to ya Snar and to a giant success come launch.?
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  12. Kieran added a post in a topic Back to the original!   

    I'm torn. On one hand the new map and idea seemed fun but on the other the old map had already proven itself. All I know is rip the best little repair droid this side of the galactic divide.
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  13. Kieran added a post in a topic 48 hour notice   

    Summer seems to be claiming a lot of people. Be sure to come and chill in ts~
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  14. Kieran added a topic in Accepted   

    Kieran's B1 Security Commander Application(After Beta)
    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:27098911
    In-game Name: Droid LCPL Kieran
    Battalion (Applying for): B1 Security
    Why should you be Commander?: I believe I should be the B1 Security commander because of my previous experience not only with the old SWRP but through my continued dedication of the Beta launch. I have been there to help guide, recruit and manage those who are new, returning, or simply visiting. I have retained high ranking before, being the Ex-Major of Doom Company so I can correctly identify and apply various PoAs, problem solving, and leadership skill sets while not alienating those around me. To manage, regulate, and bring out the best in myself and everyone else who would stand up to the challenge I have always relied on LDRSHIP qualities and will bring those same attributes to each and every member of the B1 Security Battalion. Below will be the LDRSHIP attributes and how I will apply them.
    LoyaltyTo those you are sworn to serve. As Security we are charged in protecting various interests from both foreign and domestic threats. Each and every Security Droid will know the rules by heart and never hesitate to teach and enforce them.
    DutyEach and every day should be taken as if it is the most important part of your life and thus be given one hundred percent. There is no such thing as slacking so as a Commander I would have my Battalion to move and act with purpose and motivation without hesitation.
    RespectReal respect is not what is given to only those who are above you but also to your fellow Droid. As Security we represent what the best the CIS has to offer and will lead by example so that the respect given and showed is earned, not demanded.
    Selfless ServiceTo give everything we have while asking nothing in return. We will be the first to answer a call to defend our fellow Droids from both the Clone Army and our own dysfunctional units without hesitation.
    HonorTo live up to the values set forth by high command and to always demonstrate a firm understanding and dedication towards CIS interest.
    IntegrityTo do the right thing even when no one is watching. That is the very embodiment of what it is to be Security. Droids under my command will not only keep the peace but be role models within the the Droid Army as to how to act.
    Personal CourageNo matter the challenge, order, or circumstance Security will face everything without fear or doubt in their actions.
    Through intensive training, selection, and grooming I will be dedicated in bringing the CIS a strong, well built Security Battalion that will fight, serve, and uphold the values and goals of the Droid Army while always offering myself as not only a leader but as a fellow Droid so that no one is left behind regardless of the challenges presented.
    I know it was a long read but thank you for going through it anyway. See you in battle.
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  15. Kieran added a post in a topic Links ARC Commander Application (After Beta)   

    Giant +Support again
    +Shows LDRSHIP qualities
    +Fun to shoot in the face as Droid
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