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  1. Kenny added a post in a topic Better Ranking System.   

    This is interesting but extremely complicated, I will have to look into it some more.
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  2. Kenny added a post in a topic Army Ranger Application   

    Accepted!, Speak with an Officer who is ranger trained in game
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  3. Kenny added a post in a topic Mazzy General Application   

    Accepted!, Speak with me in TS!
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  4. Kenny added a post in a topic Changes in Heirchy   

    Minge hour does NOT exist, if you screen shot and or record it I will deal with all involved. 
    For the "abuse of staff and officers" we have a report section for a reason.
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  5. Kenny added a post in a topic Levi's Moderator (or senior mod if people think so)   

    You don't apply for Moderator after your donor mod runs out. The manager will let you know if you are being promoted.
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  6. Kenny added a post in a topic Weezy BG Application   

    Closed. Old
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  7. Kenny added a topic in US Military   

    Operation Desert Storm
    Operation Desert Storm®
    Operation Desert Storm was created to protect the Civilians of Takistan.
    The Civilians of Takistan were tired of being pillaged by the Taliban.
    So they called onto the United States to help.
    Operation Date
    Operation Desert Storm will be in effect from
    6/22/17 - 7/8/17
    Operation Goal
    The Goal of Operation Desert Storm is to protect the Civilians, and take down the Taliban/Russians who are disrupting the peace!
    How we will complete our Goal
    All of our soldiers have been equipped with the latest tech, weapons possible. They have all been trained in how to help the Civilians, and take down the Taliban.
     BG+ Have authorization to enact Forward  Operating Bases through the civilian cities during non war time. You will do so by enacting a perimeter and by posting guards/patrols.
    This Operation is being Funded by the U.S. Government, and is being Led by GOA Kenny

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  8. Kenny added a post in a topic ElectricJolt's Mod App (MilitaryRP)   

    Get more active within TS and the Forums.
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  9. Kenny added a post in a topic SZ 1LT 104th JJames should get banned On MilltaryRp   

    Accepted, User will be perma-Banned
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  10. Kenny added a post in a topic Mass ban request   

    Accepted, players will be minged.
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  11. Kenny added a post in a topic Kyle II's Trial Moderator Application   

    Try to not get anymore warns for 2 weeks then reapply.
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  12. Kenny added a post in a topic Dobs USN Seal Application   

    Denied, Put more effort into your application and 
    "I think Aleks and Mike would like me to be a seal because they promote me the most and are active." They must recommend you, you cannot say I think they would.
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  13. Kenny added a post in a topic Perma Banned   

    Follow the correct format.
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  14. Kenny added a post in a topic Arnold's Trial Moderator application   

    Get more active on the forums and teamspeak
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  15. Kenny added a post in a topic Leon T-Mod App   

    Get More active and support from the community.
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