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  1. Kenny added a post in a topic Tali   

    Technically speaking Rang is the Leader of Tali, But the GOA rank is a manager position so it can not be given out.
  2. Kenny added a post in a topic RUAF needs a better Jet with rockets like the US   

    I will look into getting a new jet, however for future reference instead of complaining suggest specifics. Its more helpfull...
  3. Kenny added a post in a topic Switch or change snipers for spetz and mc   

    We updated the weapons 1 day ago yet people still complain sigh* 
    (Mega I will fix that soon)
  4. Kenny added a post in a topic Deadcan- All good things must come to an end   

    Well, hope you have a good time on fallout man.
  5. Kenny added a post in a topic How does lockpick work   

    You must meet the Lock pick level of the chest than have a lock pick and press E on the chest
  6. Kenny added a post in a topic Fallout RP officially out?   

    /\/\ It will be out sometime soon guys! Bear with us!
  7. Kenny added a topic in General   

    FalloutRP MOTD
    Gaminglight FalloutRP MOTD
    It is suggested that everyone is on Teamspeak while on the server as it helps make roleplay more fun!
    General Rules
    1.)No Disrespect of any kind
    2.)No Hacking or Scripting
    3.) Be respectful in OOC (Out of Character chat)
    3.) Pornographic/Racist Sprays is a ban
    4.) Sitting on People is FailRP
    5.) Voice taunts like “Cheese” is FailRP
    6.) Inappropriate names are FailRP and will result in disciplinary action!
    7.) No mic spam
    8.) Do not use the alarm unless necessary! (Ex.Mobs are in the town)
    Factory Rules
    1.) You can capture positions at anytime    
    2.) There is a 10 minute cool-down between raiding a factory
    Ways To Obtain Loot
    Factories drop the best loot but are the hardest to hold!
    To hold a factory go up to one and type “/war”
    Factories drop loot approximately every 3 minutes so make sure you keep checking up on them!
    You can find materials around the map that can be use to craft new items!
    Press E to scavenge materials!
    You can find hidden chests around the map!
    Chests require lock picks which can be crafted or found

    There is no such thing as RDM!
     When you have the ability to kill a player you may take it and steal a persons loot!
     Unless you are in a admin sit!
    Team speak
    Make sure you listen to staff as they work hard to ensure you have a great time!
    From Kenny/Max
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  8. Kenny added a post in a topic Tali in war   

    No you CANNOT team up with the other side to defeat a faction I.E RU+US _ Tali.
  9. Kenny added a post in a topic Beta Test Start Time   

  10. Kenny added a post in a topic Beta Testing   

    Teamspeak Name:!Kenny
    Why do you want to join the Fallout RP Beta Test?: I want to Join the beta test because I believe I am good at getting stuff ready and Finding bugs
  11. Kenny added a post in a topic Gree's quitting from 41st commander gree   

    Welcome Aboard man!
    -Admiral Kenny
  12. Kenny added a post in a topic LOA   

    I hope everything go's good man! see you soon!
  13. Kenny added a post in a topic Remove the perk system/point system   

    Personally when im on and actively participating I do not let ANYONE pass convoy or I shoot them :P But now that I see confusion is being born from this I will be more strict about it, thanks!
  14. Kenny added a post in a topic Remove the perk system/point system   

    Convoy is the front lines, So your making no sense to me. I don't even allow my officers to push up past it.(Excluding Static)
  15. Kenny added a post in a topic Remove the perk system/point system   

    Lmao, thats what I meant, i Made it more specific, hope that rocks your boat :D