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    Im looking into it
  5. Kenny added a post in a topic Requesting forum Mod tag   

    Unfortunately there has been a bug not allowing me to join the server, Its should be fixed soon however I will give you your forum rank.
  6. Kenny added a post in a topic Mayor/FBI - What To Do! - Idea's needed!   

    Its a civilian branched military that deals with but is not limited to EOD, Terrorist Situations, Guarding High Value Personel/Intel
  7. Kenny added a post in a topic Mayor/FBI - What To Do! - Idea's needed!   

    Possibly national guard instead valks.
  8. Kenny added a topic in General   

    MilitaryRP MOTD
    MilitaryRP MOTD
    Use @ to contact an Admin
    Joining our Teamspeak ( is a REQUIREMENT when playing on our server!
    Workshop Link -
    General Rules
    Do NOT talk out of character in voice unless told to by a staff member!
    No RDM
    No team-killing
    No spawn-killing
    No disrespect in OOC/Advert
    No Hacking, Scripting or Exploiting
    Do not shoot down Helicopter or drones without a valid reason (after war)
    The job Officer is only used by CPT+
    Aircraft (Planes/Helicopters/Drones) in US/RU airspace (Above/Hoving) Must be warned 3 times before they can be shot down. ( Use /advert Aircraft in US/RU airspace fly off now or be shot down!) The warnings must be spaced by at least 5 seconds, And must be done 3 times before you can engage. (BG+ Can Advert KOS in airspace and Base however this only last for 1 peacetime)
    You must move in squads. You can NOT leave base and go to war by yourself.
    You can not invade another base.
    Do NOT /advert warn.
    You can NOT kidnap people!
    Capture Point Rules (Disabled Until Further Notice)
    You can capture positions at any time.
    You can only kill people who are actively trying to defend or attack a position.
    You only have one life per capture raid (You can not run back).
    The raid on the capture point must be lead by an officer.
    RP Rules
    You must always listen to your high-ups
    Never ask for a promotion (Otherwise You Are Subject To A Demotion)
    Any rank below CPT can not Promote
    Taliban Rules
    The Taliban's Main Role is to hinder the US and RU (This does not mean Spawn Killing).
    If you have a weapon out, you make be KOS’d (Suicide Bomb is counted as a weapon)
    Taliban's may kill anyone outside a base the Player must be a reasonable distance (Min 100m) from the base before they can be killed (War or Not the Player can be killed).
    Taliban Bombers may only Enter a Base during the war and blow up Anyone around the outer walls; You can NOT Spawn Kill anywhere near the Ammo Crates/Spawn Zone’s/Debrief.
    Taliban’s are always KOS in US and RU base.
    Custom Class Rules
    No using stingers to lock on to People, Ground Vehicles No Grenade launcher spam, You must wait 6 seconds between each shot 
    Training Guide
    You must be a Cpt + or be an Instructor to train Recruits
    You MUST be a Training Officer (TTO+)/ Drill SGT+ to Train or be given permission from a higher-up to train recruits
    Left Face - 90 degrees to your Left
    Right Face - 90 degrees to your Right
    About Face - 180 degrees on your right shoulder
    Font Face - Where you face your Commander
    Do in chat /me Salutes
    You always salute Officers and Generals
    Show them the formations
    To use radio use shift R and then again to turn it off
    Make sure they get TeamSpeak and get connected to ours (
    Make sure they are connected before continuing training.
    They MUST be on TeamSpeak to complete training!
    You must listen to you Officers and General and even people who are higher rank than you within the force
    When training is complete, the trainer should call for a staff member to whitelist by using /ticket staff needed for whitelisting."

    US and Russian Ranks
    Low Ranks
    Private (PVT)
    Private First Class (PFC)
    Specialist (SPC)
       Lance Corporal (LCPL)
    Corporal (CPL)
    Sergeant (SGT)
    Staff Sergeant (SSGT)
    Sergeant First Class (SFC)
    Master Sergeant (MSG)
    First Sergeant (1SG)
    Sergeant Major (SM)
    Officers/High ranks
    2nd Lieutenant (2LT)
    1st Lieutenant (1LT)
    Captain (CPT)
    Major (MAJ)
    Lieutenant Colonel (LTC)
    Colonel (COL)
    Vice Commander (VCMDR)
    Commander (CMDR)
    Brigadier General (BG)
    Major General (MG)
    Lieutenant General (LTG)
    General (GEN)
    General of the Army (GA)
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  9. Kenny added a post in a topic Can I get my Trial Moderator Tag?   

    There are not tags on the forums for T-Mods. 
  10. Kenny added a topic in General   

    Military Update MegaThread/Ideas
    Military Update MegaThread/Ideas
    Google Form UPDATE questioner:
    /\ Read Below Before Filling Out The Form Above!/\
    Fill The Form Out Completely
    Military RP
    Voice Your Opinion!
    (As long as it's not dumb XD)
    Weaponry for the factions (I.E., RU Army, US Army, Etc.) ( )
    1. I understand that there are PLENTY of complaints about the weapons so give me some ideas.
    2. Recently the CW Khris 2.0 Pack was deleted off workshop causing us to replace the CZ with the AK-74 (Now the Basic RU Primary for everything including Special Forces.) 
    3. We have attempted to minimize lag by deleting every weapon pack besides FAS Killing Floor and the basic CW 2.0 Packs. (If you have a suggestion about adding a pack make sure ONE> It has more than four weapons and TWO> It is less than 15 MB) 
    4. Do NOT suggest overpowered weapons. They will NOT be added.
    5. I do not want to add a new gun for every faction (For Example, An AK for RU Army, An AKU for Spets.) I want to use a universal gun for RU/US Main Core and a Universal gun for RU/US Special Forces (Like Seals, GRU and MARSOC)
    6. Sniper Rifles are allowed to be diverse but not OP!
    Player Models For The Factions (" ".mdl)
    1. I understand that some player models are too similar to different factions player models.
    2. Player Models packs can be suggested but (can't be more than 10 MB and have to have more than three different models in the pack)
    3. We don't want crazy HD Ultra Quality Models!
    4. Make sure you don't suggest Ragdoll packs
    5. Be specific to what pack you want to add to what faction.
    1. From what I understand people want more diverse vehicles however This is NOT POLICERP!
    2. If you have a suggestion about adding a car pack (It cannot be SCARS/GIANT/Singular) and you have to have a good reason!
    3. I'm mainly looking for recommendations about what classes should get access to what vehicles 
    4. No NeuroTech as it takes up way to much space.
    5. We are not changing HVAP!
    1. I understand recently there has been some controversy regarding the universal ranking system we now use.(We use it, so it is easier for new players to associate who is with what rank!)
    2. If you have a recommendation of changing the ranks, I DO NOT want to add too many ranks. Only Change the ones we currently have to what you think!
    3. Make sure you suggest real military ranks!
    1. This is your chance to give your definite opinion on specific changes that I have not gone over!
    2. Feel free to give your opinion but PLEASE avoid complaining and make sure you are respectful! 
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    Why'd you tag?
  13. Kenny added a post in a topic Branch Ranks & Abreviation   

    Vice Admiral
    Captain Lieutenant
    Senior Lieutenant 
    Senior Michman
    Master Chief
    Chief Petty Officer
    Leading Seaman
    US--------AdmiralVice AdmiralCaptain CommanderLieutenant  Commander1st Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant Ensignmaster chief petty officer of the navymaster chief petty officerchief petty officerpetty officer first classpetty officer second classpetty officer third classseamanseaman apprenticeseaman recruit    
  14. Kenny added a post in a topic Favorite Veteran?   

    Gotta be the best phrase ive heard all day "My favorite veteran is Chris Kyle, He always one shotted people".