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  1. COL H Rad3c added a post in a topic WAC bugs   

    Agreed, it's suck, because the turrets is inaccurate, missiles blast radius is gas-ply awful.
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  2. COL H Rad3c added a post in a topic WAC Aircraft Improvements   

    Too bad, we are using WAC today because HVAP is broken.
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  3. COL H Rad3c added a post in a topic Resignation   

    Peace bro.
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  4. COL H Rad3c added a post in a topic Giving Tali more Freedom   

    Damn + Support
    Damn, long time since I done this before. Me and my old SZ friends always become the talibans and kill them, and Kidnapping as a mission in SZ.
    Good old days.
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  5. COL H Rad3c added a post in a topic Helicopters Bugged   

    yea, it's still bugged
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  6. COL H Rad3c added a post in a topic USAF free pilot   

    No No No, Attack helicopters is off limited. Boi I waste 50 or 60 dollars for helicopter class, when if it's free then that's a ripped off.
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  7. COL H Rad3c added a topic in Army   

    U.S to RU CORE/Transfer
    I have realized that some U.S are transferring to RU CORE without the Vice Commander+ permission. I have also checked the Roster to be sure if I'm right. Mostly the people that transferred or switching side is not on the Roster or the right rank, either self-promoting, or didn't put on the Roster, I don't know. In order to fix this, we to need stop bringing U.S to RU CORE from now on until we solve this. If you want to join RU CORE, you must apply on the forums and so it help us a lot. If we see you that is not on the RU Roster, you will be punish or blacklisted. I know we troops on the RU side, but we cannot accept people that wanted to self-promote and controlled players that don't have power. Coming to RU CORE is ok, but keeping the rank that you have on the other is not allowed unless you are transferring. U.S and RU ranks are different side, if you have a CPT on U.S and you're joining RU, you have to start as a PVT.
    What branch you came from:
    What Branch you want to go:
    Have you tell your commanders?:
    Need approval from the RU CORE Commander or BG+.
    Bad Grammar I know. (On Phone)
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  8. COL H Rad3c added a topic in RU Military   

    Rad3c/Hunt3r's LOA
    I won't be here in 2 weeks or weekends due to the Hurricane coming toward us. Me and my family are gonna excavating the area to avoid the storm/hurricanes. If you don't see me in couple weeks like 3 or 4 weeks, then I will gone somewhere else. I'm hoping that everyone will be ok during that time.
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  9. COL H Rad3c added a topic in RU Military   

    Stay Strong RU. SSR
    Ok, so we may have lost 3 or 4 Gens that was part of Russia and it's a terrible day for Russia in the history of Gaminglight, but we need to stay strong for now. I have been hearing about "What's Russia gonna do without them", to be honest, idk. We can still hold without them until we can find GENS or recruit them. Those GENS will be missed after all. I know it's hard for some people that we lost 3 GENS, but, we can still do this. I hoping for all RU to do well in war. Alsher must been upset about this.
    Memories of the GENS
    General Sith
    General Jarret
    Major General Cole
    Bad grammar I know.
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  10. COL H Rad3c added a topic in Bug Reports   

    Helicopter bugged
    The helicopters doesn't work no more. The pilot that spawned it, can't control it, or move it. Once they spawned it in, they just can't control it, I have been logging out and in lately, it's still doesn't work.
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  11. COL H Rad3c added a post in a topic RU Major General Cole - Leaving 60 hour notice   

    You're the greatest Dick Cheese friend I have known.
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  12. COL H Rad3c added a topic in General   

    Switching to U.S
    The reasons I'm doing this is because the U.S kinda needs some RU players help even though they're minges, unorganized, and dirty U.S PVT people, I would still help them, and it's rare for me that I play as a U.S. Now that doesn't mean I want or would transfers to the U.S, ya ya, ok? Also that I know that the U.S are very powerful due to customs classes that RU doesn't have or can't, I just want to ignore the OP classes. The RU people have no power at all, just the highers ups controlling the highers up like VCMDR+. The RU people have less than 15 troops every week. It's rare to have 20 RU on and I do not want to be one man army, that's what people called me. So I'm just gonna help some pilots how to help and you know what. Plus I am really good at it as a U.S  pilot that no U.S pilot done before(Mazzy saw it and he knows it too :).
    P.S, I can't get promoted to Commander+ in RU due to school by Alsher and it's suck, but ok.
    Bad grammar I know.
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  13. COL H Rad3c added a post in a topic Military kill leaderboard   

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  14. COL H Rad3c added a topic in Bug Reports   

    Military kill leaderboard
    I just realized that all the kills I have and the rest of the players as well has gone down, I don't what happened but please fix it somehow ty.

    P.S(I have more than a 10000 kills but it went down. idk what happened.)
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  15. COL H Rad3c added a post in a topic Mesa glitch   

    We know, but we just don't fix it, idk why. + Support.
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