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  1. ✠UtilityThrone |Hans|✠ added a post in a topic Alsher - MilitaryRP Super Admin Promotion   

     -Brings good face to community
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  2. ✠UtilityThrone |Hans|✠ added a topic in Suggestions   

    MilitaryRP - Spetsnaz Suggestions
           Hello everyone! I have a suggestion for the Spetsnaz in the Russian army. So, often there are a lack of officers in the main Russian army, and seeing how the Spetsnaz has no power over them (From observation), it can become problematic with control. I suggest giving the Spetsnaz some power over the regular Russians. I'm not saying this out of power hunger or power in general, it's for the benefit of the entire Russian army. Obviously the Spetsnaz may not have control over officers, but a system must be established to efficiently maintain order between the different branches. How so is up to the higher ups, generals and officers.
           Additionally, the Spetsnaz alone has a rank issue that I've noticed. The ranks between the Spetsnaz seem to be gaped, I've noticed many Master Sergeants, Sergeants, and other low ranks, but not many officers or higher ranks. Due to this, it becomes problematic when it comes to giving promotions, and recruiting Spetsnaz in general. Additionally, control in the Spetsnaz would be more efficiently spread out if the ranks were also more efficiently spread out. Thank you for your time reading this, and I hope this suggestion can reach out to the higher ups of the Russian Army to create the best Russian Army possible!
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  3. ✠UtilityThrone |Hans|✠ added a topic in General   

    Vacation - Hans MOVED
    Topic moved here - http://gaminglight.com/main/topic/4839-vacation-hans/
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  4. ✠UtilityThrone |Hans|✠ added a post in a topic Who Deserves Promoted/Demoted   

    Your In Game Name: SFC Hans 9528
    Who Are You Recommending: I recommend Red and Carbon
    What Rank Are You Recommending Them For: Carbon for Captain, Red for Major
    What Is Their Current Rank: Carbon is currently a Sergeant Major, Red is currently a Captain
    Why You Are Recommending Them: Carbon is extremely active on the server, I see him on every day. He is highly mature, and has the leadership skills needed to be a captain. For Red, he has already led the Russians as captain for a while now, being active himself, with his mature stature, he definitely deserves a promotion.
    How Active Are They: Carbon I see on everyday for at least an hour, Red is on most days for about an hour.
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  5. ✠UtilityThrone |Hans|✠ added a post in a topic Favorite Youtube Video?   

    'That moment when everyone puts Jacob Sartorius songs as their favorite YouTube videos'
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  6. ✠UtilityThrone |Hans|✠ added a post in a topic Plastik- Military RP staff Application   

    -Gets on the server fairly often
    -Doesn't break rules
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  7. ✠UtilityThrone |Hans|✠ added a post in a topic Introduction (Hans)   

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  8. ✠UtilityThrone |Hans|✠ added a post in a topic How to make real money   

    Oh wow, nice set-up!
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  9. ✠UtilityThrone |Hans|✠ added a topic in General Discussions   

    Favorite Youtube Video?
    I know all of you have your favorite youtube videos... what is yours?
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  10. ✠UtilityThrone |Hans|✠ added a post in a topic Overwatch players?   

    I was thinking about getting Overwatch. Is it worth it? Is it any good?
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  11. ✠UtilityThrone |Hans|✠ added a post in a topic Favorite Type Of Music?   

    Classic rock and orchestraic.
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  12. ✠UtilityThrone |Hans|✠ added a post in a topic Favorite Game? Worst Game?   

    Favorite is hard to say... between Garry's Mod, Hearts of Iron 4, and Banjo Kazooie
    Worst is E.T.
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  13. ✠UtilityThrone |Hans|✠ added a topic in Introductions/Leaving   

    Introduction (Hans)
    Hello everyone! My name is Hans and I have recently started playing on the MilitaryRP server! Hope to meet the rest of the community.
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