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  1. [GL]Dirtytug added a topic in General   

    Dirty's Mega Event!
    This Wednesday I'll be hosting a Mega Event  at 1:00 PM (Mountain Time) even if their is not that many people on! This event will be and infected event but with a unusual story line. I will need gamemasters/staff to be active this Wednesday!
    This event will contain cool weapon skins and awesome rewards if you complete certain tasks that will be discussed if you attend this event!
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  2. [GL]Dirtytug added a post in a topic StarwarsRp Change   

    With your guy's support for this idea we will begin updates this Friday but lets get the star wars population back up! I will be doing events and I will be hosting staff/Gamemaster Interviews this week!
  3. [GL]Dirtytug added a topic in General   

    StarwarsRp Change
    Hello Everyone, 
                               Zeeptin, Mr.Valkyri3_, Cam Newton and I have been planning that we change the Starwars sever how it is now to a MilitaryRp style and we would like your feedback! So please explain in detail weather why you do or don't like this Plan. 
     Their will be two sides to go against each other, which will be the separatist Droids against the Republic Clones. Jedi will be on the Republic Side and the Sith will be on the separatist side.
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  4. [GL]Dirtytug added a post in a topic Addon Links to Help Minimize Errors   

    Great Thanks
  5. [GL]Dirtytug added a post in a topic Battalion spawns screwed up   

    You can spawn them but you can't edit them 
  6. [GL]Dirtytug added a post in a topic Battalion spawns screwed up   

    Will fix it
  7. [GL]Dirtytug added a post in a topic SWRP Youtuber in our Midst   

    Awsome Video!
  8. [GL]Dirtytug added a post in a topic Staff on Two Servers?   

    Sorry but no since you are staff you would have to be admin plus and gamemasters are considered to be a little lower or maybe even to the moderator rank!
  9. [GL]Dirtytug added a topic in General   

    Server Transition Idea
    So I haven't really put this on the forums to see what the community thinks of this idea but please respond to this post if you like it or not. I'm not going to judge you or be mad at you if you don't like this idea but it would help me a lot to see what you guys want to see in the StarwarsRp Gaminglight Community.
    So the idea for what I have for the StarwarsRp Server is to try to make it into a militaryRp style but its still going to be the same old star wars server that we all know and love but the only difference is that their will be two sides fighting against each other every so often (30 Minutes). Plus there will be a third side faction like the mandalorians.
    The Separatist will have the sith where you can play as! (Must donate to receive certain Tier of Sith jobs)
    Hopefully we can get a custom map or a map edit on one of our star wars maps soon but I would not worry about it to much as we can use one of our big maps.
    There will be a lot to fix and things to add but I think you guys will like it because their will be no more sitting around on the Venator. There will be constant action!
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  10. [GL]Dirtytug added a topic in General   

    Staff on Two Servers?
    I'm opening staff applications for people that are already staff on another Gaminglight Server, but you MUST be active on StarwarsRp as well as the other server your staff on! If I don't See you active then you will be Removed without a warning!
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  11. [GL]Dirtytug added a topic in General   

    Choose which battalions you would like back and you can only choose one! The top two battalions will be added back! 
                     Galactic Marines
                     Clone Commandos
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  12. [GL]Dirtytug added a topic in General   

    Applying for gamemaster
    I don't know why its become a problem but if you really want to become a game master go on the forums and apply their! Please stop asking me to do interviews for game masters because I have little to no time to do those and its easier for me to look at applications on the forums! 
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  13. [GL]Dirtytug added a post in a topic Serious Lack Of Events   

    To be honest i'm really busy with all the stuff in real life so if you want more game masters they can always apply on the forums in the application section because I've opened them up! Plus if you want more game masters encourage people to apply for it!
  14. [GL]Dirtytug added a topic in General   

    Beta Test Start Time
    We will be starting the fallout RP beta test at 8:00pm Eastern so if you are not their its your own fault! Please be in Teamspeak in the fallout RP Section so we can talk about any bugs or glitches!
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  15. [GL]Dirtytug added a topic in General   

    Beta Testing
    Hello Everyone! 
                                  We are having beta testing on 1/22/17 or this upcoming Sunday. You must be on Teamspeak and be ready on Sunday if you do not show up that day it's your own fault! What we need you to do is to help us out and find out any glitches or any bugs! Suggestions do help out too so if you have any ideas please post them on the forums in the Fallout RP section! So if you want to join all you have to do is reply to this post with the following Information.
    TeamSpeak Name:
    Steam ID:
    Why do you want to join the Fallout RP Beta Test?:
                                 PS: We don't have the exact time when the Beta Testing will start but I will be posting exactly when it will start soon!
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