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  1. [GL]Dirtytug added a post in a topic Another Face Reveal   

    This one was just to make Zeeptin look good!
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  2. [GL]Dirtytug added a post in a topic Another Face Reveal   

    Mines Free too lol
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  3. [GL]Dirtytug added a post in a topic Another Face Reveal   

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  4. [GL]Dirtytug added a post in a topic Rip me   

    I do wish you the best Unicornal and if we can help in anyway just ask me or any other person here. We are always here to help you! I don't want you to go but in all honesty I want you to live and I'm sure that you that you will be just fine during the surgery!

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  5. [GL]Dirtytug added a post in a topic Military Role play staff applacation   

    Get to know the community, Get ten posts, Put application in the right area!
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  6. [GL]Dirtytug added a post in a topic Military Police Skin Change Request / Suggestion   

    + Support 
    I agree on the skin change but i think there can be better player models then the woodsland model that you have shown that we already have on the server that would better fit the MP officer! This is my honest opinion and if you would like my opinion on the player model just contact me shawn when im on militaryRP! I would love to help you out!
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  7. [GL]Dirtytug added a post in a topic New Character Models!   

    Thank you for listening to us Zeeptin and we much appreciate you time for adding these models. It really means a lot to us the players cause it still shows us that you listen to the community and your love towards us :)
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  8. [GL]Dirtytug added a post in a topic Fix the shooting range!   

    Yes this really needed because this would help for tryouts to actually see if people are good at aiming not just randomly shooting at a target!
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  9. [GL]Dirtytug added a post in a topic The 6 God TTT Manager Application   

    + Support
    - Great Leader
    - Active
    - Very Freindly
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  10. [GL]Dirtytug added a post in a topic Rezi - TTT Manager Application   

    + Support 
    - Friendly 
    - Good Leader
    - Active
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  11. [GL]Dirtytug added a post in a topic New Character Models!   

    Will do Zeeptin :)
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  12. [GL]Dirtytug added a topic in Suggestions   

    New Character Models!
    I would like to see as well as other people would like to see an update or a change in models for the Taliban and the Russian Juggernaut! This is much needed to fix issues with the Juggernaut problem as many forum posts were made about it as well as the outdated looking Taliban character models!
    Russian Juggernaut
    First I will start off with the Russian Juggernaut which causes many issues with people that using the job being Team killed! I would recommend we use this character model that we already have on the server: (Models/mw2guy/riot/riot_ru.mdl) (Models/mw2guy/riot/riot_us.mdl) . With this model there are both a Russian and U.S model that can easily be distinguished by either side so no Team killing happens as well as they look like a juggernaut even though they are Riot Soldier. I really would like to see this update on the juggernauts! http://prntscr.com/cjne9r , http://prntscr.com/cjnegb 
    Regular Taliban
    As for the the Taliban I would love to see and upgrade on the player model cause right now they look like a potato! As for this player model, we already have it on the server and its called the (models/player/kuma/alqaeda_commando.mdl). Even though its called an Al Qaeda Commando it looks a lot of hell better then the basic Taliban we have now and it looks more threatening! http://prntscr.com/cjnekw
    Taliban RPG
    As for the Taliban RPG this character looks more fitting for the job as you can see he as Rpg ammo! Plus for this player model we already have on the server and it is called (models/player/kuma/taliban_rpg.mdl). He looks awesome and plus its just a better fit then what we have now! http://prntscr.com/cjneo6
    Taliban Sniper
    For the Taliban Sniper I would recommend the (models/player/heavy_1player.mdl). First we already have this on the server and plus it looks a lot better as well as it looks a lot more threatening then the one we have now! Even though it looks like a winter player model it still fits the job as a sniper! http://prntscr.com/cjnetq
    Taliban Leader
    As for the Taliban Leader we can have him as the (models/player/Assault_1player.mdl). The reason behind this is because its looks better and a lot more threatening then the one now! Even though it looks like the same one as the Heavy01 it has a color difference and you can easily tell between the two! http://prntscr.com/cjneyl
    PS: Even though the Taliban was kind of disorganized they still acted out as a army and caused a lot of damage to U.S Army! Plus it adds a good new look to the previous player models!
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  13. [GL]Dirtytug added a topic in US Military   

    Marine Job Rank Requirements!
    Hi everyone I would like to discuss with you about the requirements for each job in the Marine's  as well as the weapons that each job posses and a small Description for each of them!
    Lets start off with the requirements of being able to join the marines, so you need to be level 15 and a SGT in the U.S Army! Be warned if you do join the Marine's you will start off as a PVT in the Marine's! You will also need to complete and pass the tryouts for becoming a Marine! If you want to know what we do in the Marine tryouts look at this link: http://gaminglight.com/main/topic/4563-marine-tryout-info/ . We give you three chances if you fail even once on any of the tests then that counts as a strike and you will be kicked out until the next tryout for Marine is held!
    Marine Medic
    Same as the U.S Army medic the Marine Medic is more experienced and has the same First Aid Kit and Defibrillator! This job does not have any special weapons only the basic Galil! You must be LCPL to get trained for this job! You will be striped from you job if you don't preform well in wars and you must retrain for this job!
    Marine Heavy
    The Marine Heavy is very important for breaching and being on the front line, you must be proficient with call outs ! Your main weapon as a Marine Heavy is a Super-80 with a slug or buck shot noticing that the slug does more damage but does not spread like the reduced damage buck shot! You must be CPL to be able to get trained for this job! If you don't preform well in wars as Marine Heavy you will be striped from your job and must retrain for the job!
    Marine Scout Sniper
    Unlike the regular U.S Army Sniper the Marine Scout Sniper is highly trained and skilled at sniping! The Scout Sniper has a M-82 and the damage to leg's and Arm's is 36, body shot is 150, Head shot is 300 damage. You must be a SFC in order to tryout for this Job! Marine Scout Sniper you must tryout for the position it can not be given to you like the other  jobs!  If you do not preform extremely well during war, you will be striped from your job and must attend another tryout!
    Marine Officer
    This Job is similar to the U.S Army Officer but is more strict on rules and will punish you severely if you don't follow their orders! The Job has no special weapons only a basic Galil. You must be a MAJ + to have this job! You will be automatically given this job once you reach the rank of MAJ! This job can white list for everything in the Marines besides Marine Medic! You can't be striped from this position only if you get demoted SM or below!
    Hopefully this explains everything you want to know about the Marine Jobs and the Requirements for each job!
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  14. [GL]Dirtytug added a post in a topic Airforce GEN Applacation   

    -This guy knows how to fly 
    -Great leader
    -very friendly player
    But keep in mind we need you active!
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  15. [GL]Dirtytug added a post in a topic MilitaryRp at Night   

    Also Waldo,Vladimir,Plastik needs their in game moderates rank?
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