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  1. [GL]Dirtytug added a post in a topic Are we allowed to Self-Demote?   

    You can self demote yourself but idk why you would because their is no gain in doing it but if you so choose to, you can.
  2. [GL]Dirtytug added a topic in General   

    StarwarsRp Staff Meeting
    Their will be a star wars staff meeting this Saturday at 5:00 PM (Mountain Time)! All starwarsrp staff including game master attend this meeting if you can't for certain reasons please reply to this post! 
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  3. [GL]Dirtytug added a post in a topic LOA Max   

    Happy Birthday
  4. [GL]Dirtytug added a topic in General   

    Promotion System
    StarWarsRP Ranking System
    Promotion Rules!
    1. No Self Promotion
      2. No Skipping Ranks
      3. Don't Promote out of Favoritism
      4. Jedi can only Promote Jedi, Clones can only Promote Clones, Fleet can only Promote Fleet
     5. You can earn the rank commander but you can not command a battalion unless applied on the Forums.
      6. If your are rank Captain up to Senior Commander you can only promote people in your battalion and ONLY Brigadier Generals up to General can promote anyone in any Battalion.
    Only Captain+ Can Promote!
    Captain = (Private - Sergeant)
    Major = (Private - Master Sergeant)
    Lieutenant Colonel = (Private - First Sergeant)
    Colonel  = (Private - Sergeant Major)
    Commander = (Private - 2nd Lieutenant)
    Senior Commander = (Private - 1st Lieutenant)
    Brigadier General  = (Private - Major)
    Major General  = (Private - Colonel)
    Lieutenant General = (Private - Senior Commander)
    General = (Private - Lieutenant General)
    Fleet Captain = (Fleet Ensign - Fleet Lieutenant)
    Fleet Commander = (Fleet Ensign - Fleet Lieutenant Commander)
    Rear Admiral LH = (Fleet Ensign - Fleet Captain)
    Vice Admiral = (Fleet Ensign - Fleet Commander)
    Admiral = (Fleet Ensign - Rear Admiral LH)
    Grand Admiral = (Fleet Ensign - Admiral)
    Jedi Master = (Jedi Padawan - Jedi Knight)
    Jedi Council = (Jedi Padawan - Jedi Master)
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  5. [GL]Dirtytug added a post in a topic Caboose's LOA   

    lol i live in utah
  6. [GL]Dirtytug added a topic in General   

    StarWarsRp MOTD
    StarWarsRp MOTD
    General Rules:
    1) Do not kill without reason. (RDM)
    2) Do not fail Rp, meaning doesn't perform something unrealistic.
    3) Do not metagame, meaning doesn't use the out-of-character info for in-game purposes.
    4) Do not mic/chat spam.
    5) Do not harass/disrespect other players or admins.
    6) If you are a recruit (first time joining the server) WAIT in the spawn for your training. Call Someone that is SGT+ by typing "/advert Need to be Trained".
    7.) No staff or player may harass another person! This can be considered Bullying and is not tolerated here! Any staff caught will be given a Strike. Players disobeying this rule may be punished by a ban depending on how serious the situation is.
    8.) No foul language in OOC. Using foul language in OOC is not acceptable and is punishable by a warning.
    9.) No offensive Roleplay Names or anything that is close to a offensive word in your name.
    Clone Rules:
    1) All clones must salute 2LT +, Jedi, Fleet.
    2) Once you're 2LT+, Jedi, Fleet you don't need numbers in your name.
    3) Do not self Promote.
    4) Don't shoot another Brother!
    5) If you are in a battalion you will have to wait 1 week until you can change!
    6) Don't shoot Sith when they are battling a Jedi unless their is no Jedi around.
    7) You can't call order 66.
    8) Don't run in front of a Jedi's lightsaber.
    9) SGT+ Can Train Cadets.
    Jedi Rules:
    1) When you are not in battle don't have your lightsaber out unless you have permission by Jedi Master+
    2) You can't promote any clone, only Jedi can promote Jedi.
    3) You can't switch to Sith unless you have permission by a Gamemaster/Admin+
    4) You can only command Clones below your rank and you can not command Fleet at all!
    Staff Rules:
    1) Only if you are a GameMaster or SuperAdmin+ you can spawn in props/Vehicles! (Unless given Permission)
    2) Absolutely No player disrespect!
    3) Do not abuse your powers.
    4) Don't disrupt events or role playing unless it's a serious matter!
    5) Must follow General Rules or you can be given a strike.
    GameMaster Rules:
    1) When you run an event inform all GameMasters that are currently online!
    2) Do not change models or health unless you're in an event!
    3) Don't Abuse your Powers!
    4) When you are online you need to be on TeamSpeak!
    5) Must follow General Rules and Staff Rules!
    Clone Ranks:
    Low Ranks:
    Cadet (CR)
    Private (PVT)
    Private First Class (PFC)
    Lance Corporal (LCPL)
    Corporal (CPL)
    Sergeant (SGT)
    Sergeant First Class (SFC)
    Master Sergeant (MSG)
    First Sergeant (1SG)
    Sergeant Major (SM)
    2nd Lieutenant (2LT)
    1st Lieutenant (1LT)
    Captain (CPT)
    Major (MAJ)
    Lieutenant Colonel (LTC)
    Colonel (COL)
    High Ranks:
    Commander (CMD)
    Senior Commander (SCMD)
    Brigadier General (BG)
    Major General (MG)
    Lieutenant General (LTG)
    General (GEN)
     Fleet Ranks:
    Fleet Ensign
    Fleet LT JR
    Fleet LT
    Fleet LT CMDR
    Fleet Captain
    Fleet Commander
    Rear Admiral LH
    Vice Admiral
    Grand Admiral
    Jedi Ranks:
    Jedi Council - General 
    Jedi Master - Marshall Commander
    Jedi Knight - Commander
    Jedi Padawans - Captain
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  7. [GL]Dirtytug added a post in a topic [Sub Battalion]   

    Their is no sub battalion for the 212th so if you do have a recite of any sort paying a sub battalion please show me! 
  8. [GL]Dirtytug added a topic in General   

    New Job
    My current Schedule will get messed up because I will be getting another job besides the one I have now. I'm going to be a Forklift Driver at a Beverage Company so ill be working 8 hours or more. I won't be able to be on as much but I will be on in the mornings and late at night most likely. I will update you guys on my schedule once I start my new job!
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  9. [GL]Dirtytug added a topic in General   

    Battalion Update
    I have removed the following battalions: 327th Battalion, Clone Commandos, Shadow Squad, Galactic Marines, Advanced Recon Forces, Doom Unit, Arc, 42nd, 107th. The Reasons for their removal is because they are really not used that much and I don't really see any activity in them! Another reason is that it makes everything more organized and I can make each battalion unique.
    If you are in any of those battalions that will be removed you will be put in the 35th infantry and keep your current rank! Please don't worry you will be able to join one of the existing Battalions!
    I will be updating the Guns, Special Equipment, Health, Armor on all remaining Battalions and jobs!
    If you have payed for the 42nd or 107th battalion you will be moved in the 187th battalion.
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  10. [GL]Dirtytug added a topic in General   

    Future of StarwarsRp
    I would like to anounce that StarwarsRp has been moderately well. What I mean is that the StarwarsRp Staff/Gamemasters have not been as active as much as I would like them to be but it will change because Ill be putting a few rules when applying for Gamemasters, which will include you can't be staff on another server and be Gamemaster because as a Gamemaster you need to be really active and dedicated! I will have Zeeptin add the section on the forums for Gamemasters Applications and we will be removing the Lore Section because I don't see any activity in it!
    StarwarsRp will be getting it's own custom built map made by me so it will take time (2-3 Weeks). Also we are heading into a transformation where we are going to have a MilitaryRp style with a Starwars twist! Their will be three sides (Clones/Jedi, Droids/Sith, Bounty Hunters). This is all work in progress so you will have to wait but for right now the StarwarsRp server will stay the same! 
    I will be updating is the battalions with document listing each battalion with a more balanced set of weaponry. 
    More vendors will be added on board the Ventnor ship like (Vehicle Vendor, Heavy Weapons Vendor, Ammo Vendor, Supplies Vendor). This will take time so you will have to wait!
    I'll be making a custom arena out of the ship where you guys can do your training Simulations by doing /training but remember only commanders/staff can start them!
    I'm always here for you guys,
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  11. [GL]Dirtytug added a topic in General   

    Battalion Updates
    I spend 5 hours of my time to create these documents so if you guys would like to see the updated Battalions here they are: 
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  12. [GL]Dirtytug added a post in a topic Taking a leave   

    Hope you get better :)
  13. [GL]Dirtytug added a post in a topic servre   

    The server has been switch over to a new host
  14. [GL]Dirtytug added a post in a topic Whats with all the drama   

    The drama should be over and done with and if people keep it up I will resolve it! :)
  15. [GL]Dirtytug added a post in a topic Punished   

    First of all I had multiple people tell me that you were talking crap behind my back in TeamSpeak and you were even one of two people that started a rumor that said Max and I accused someone that was going to go rouge! You apparently don't know you information and you created a lie to convince a person that Max and I were liars. 
    Also these statements along with other statements shows me that you are clearly power hungry for the manager posistion so don't even say I just wanted to better help the community! "This past few weeks I have been acting more like manager than you have." "  A lot of the people who have on will say that I have been more like the manager than he has for the last week or two." (Muggs Post: "Brady or Wolffe for manager. They are active and great staff members.") (Brady's Post: "me and wolffe could do what dirty and romeo are doing rn.") Well if you did want to help the community you would of come to me directly if you had a big problem with me because you know that im on Team speak most of the time and if it was really important you should poke me about it. I'm a very reasonable person and will help you in any way I can but creating drama on the forums containing that the server is dying and we need a new manager is not the best way to handle things. I even helped you when you had problems with peolple when you became commander of the Commandos. So don't say that I have never listened to you or cared about the players or the server!
    Secondly being a manager is a very hard job and even saying that you understand that it is hard still doesn't mean you understand what is like. Recently I had to deal with real life problems such as my job, school, family as well as one of the starwars managers leaving for a month does not help my situation! With that all to add I had to deal with problems in game and paperwork. So saying that you act like a manager is and overstatement because you clearly have no idea what it is like to manage a server. 
    Thirdly you're demotion is final and im not chaning my mind! You got off lucky because I'm a nice person and I feel everyone deserves a second chance. You need to think long and hard on what you have done because this is you last chance! 
    Ps: Oh and when starwars came back Romeo and I were lucky enough for Zeeptin, Weezy, Wolffe to let us do the things that we were able to do to make the server better and more orginized but during those times we spent day and night doing everything to help the server but eventually we need to take a break to do real life dutys! :)