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  1. IXI_Unknown_IXI added a post in a topic December Military Staff Role-Call   

    Name: Carbon / BG Carbon
    Rank: Admin
    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:68521502
  2. IXI_Unknown_IXI added a post in a topic Fluffy's LOA- OVER/ENDED   

    Hope your grandfather is gonna be ok :C
  3. IXI_Unknown_IXI added a topic in Suggestions   

    Changes to Bank Raid System/Rules
    1. If you don't get out of a bank raid alive, you must drop the money from the bank raid had have it removed (by a staff member or by shooting it) because of some pretty obvious reasons.
    2. If the robbers have a hostage, SWAT should be allowed to storm into the building if the negotiator cannot get the bank robbers to release the hostage and surrender (like in real life) before 2 minute left of bank raid, if it results in the hostage being killed, the SWAT member/team get an appropriate RP based punishment (demotion, suspension from SWAT, etc.) to make it more RP friendly.
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  4. IXI_Unknown_IXI added a topic in Suggestions   

    Changes to Police Cadet / Patrol Officer Job
    Police cadets and Patrol Officers shouldn't have driver sticks, only Senior Patrol Officers+ should be allowed to have them so there is a smaller possibility for the driver stick to be abused because Senior Patrol Officers usually want to be on the police force and aren't minges (mostly). Also, Police Cadets shouldn't be able to buy / spawn police cars because they have no idea about what they're doing and haven't got trained yet.
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  5. IXI_Unknown_IXI added a post in a topic KennyS's Police RP Staff Application.   

    - Great Staff Member
    - Friendly
    - Very Active
    - Mature
  6. IXI_Unknown_IXI added a topic in Suggestions   

    Increase the Bank Raid Timer
    The bank raid timer should be increased because it is not RP friendly at all. Every time swat tries to negotiate with the bank thieves, they're basically helping them rob the bank by holding all the cops back because the negotiations usually finish after the bank thieves successfully rob the bank.
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  7. IXI_Unknown_IXI added a post in a topic Alsher - MilitaryRP Super Admin Promotion   

    + Support
    - Mature (for the most part)
    - Active
    - Great Staff Member
    - Very Reliable(ish) lol
    -It's Carbon BTW
  8. IXI_Unknown_IXI added a post in a topic Revillance - MilitaryRP Super Admin Promotion   

    + Support
    - Great Admin
    - Knows the rules well
    - Very helpful
    -It's Carbon BTW
  9. IXI_Unknown_IXI added a post in a topic The New M(K Weapons Are broken   

    I agree as well, the M9K bullets reflecting causes massive lag for people that see it, the high fire-rate of the weapons makes it worse.
  10. IXI_Unknown_IXI added a post in a topic I'am Back....   

    Welcome Back!
  11. IXI_Unknown_IXI added a post in a topic Add a knife for taliban rpg   

    + Support in medium sized green text.
  12. IXI_Unknown_IXI added a post in a topic New New Tali Roster   

    You forgot to add me to the roster aswell...
  13. IXI_Unknown_IXI added a topic in Suggestions   

    New RU to Spetsnaz Rank Conversion System
    This system was suggested by SZ V COL Ranger. This is a system that changes the fact that everyone will start as a SZ PVT when they switch from regular RU to SZ, no matter their rank as RU. It will make it to where, if you are a certain amount of ranks above the requirement from SZ when you join, you will start at the rank that corresponds to how many ranks higher you are above the requirement. The highest rank you can get when you switch however, will be SGT. Since I can't really explain the system that well using words, I will make a chart thing that will give you all an idea of how it's going to work and what it will be like.
    Current Requirements to join SZ are: SGT+ and Level 15+
           RU Rank           ----------------->         Spetsnaz Rank
    SGT                  --------------->                   PVT
    SFC                  --------------->                  LCPL
    MSG                 --------------->                    CPL
    1SG+                --------------->                    SGT
    This system is for RU joining the SZ only, does not apply for people who switch from SZ back to Regular RU.
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  14. IXI_Unknown_IXI added a topic in Suggestions   

    Limit the Function / Number of Jets in War
    The jets need to be either "nerfed" or limited. The amount of jets per war needs to be limited to 3 or less for both sides. Most of the time pilots just suicide bomb with the jets which gets them a bunch of kills with no repercussions. After they suicide bomb with their jets, they just respawn and spawn in another jet in 15-20 seconds and do basically the exact same thing. Their should also be a time limit to where jets can only be spawned every 10 minutes, so basically 3 times per war. The jets should also drop bombs, shoot their cannons at ground units (does not include enemy aircraft), etc. only of they are called in by ground units. This will limit the amount of team-killing that the pilots accidentally get. If the other things aren't possible, there should also be a new unit, like a anti-aircraft specialist or something, that has access to anti-aircraft emplacements that they can spawn in (for a price of course) so that the aircraft aren't near-impossible to take down.
    So basically, I'm asking for there to be a limit to the amount of jets they can spawn, a time limit for spawning jets,  jets be able to attack ground units air units only when they're called in by ground units, and/or a "anti-aircraft specialist" type class.
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  15. IXI_Unknown_IXI added a post in a topic Who Deserves Promoted/Demoted   

    Your In Game Name: SM Carbon 3825
    Who Are You Recommending: Hans 9528
    Why You Are Recommending Them: Hans is very active, friendly and helpful.
    What Is Their Current Rank: SFC
    What Rank Are You Recommending Them For: CPT
    How Active Are They: He is on almost everyday if not everyday.