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  1. iPoopLegos added a post in a topic Stormzys Staff application   

    +/- Support
    Well-known amongst the community.Has experience staffing.Active in-game.Cons
    Inactive in forums.New to the community.No effort in application.Riddled with spelling/grammar errors.
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  2. iPoopLegos added a post in a topic Dela-where?   

    It's a requirement that we know essentially all of Delaware's history in our history classes, and being as we have less than a lot of it, it kind of makes it look like more.
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  3. iPoopLegos added a post in a topic my mod appication.   

    Inactive in forums.No poll.No effort in application.Riddled with spelling/grammar errors.Gave little to no information.
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  4. iPoopLegos added a post in a topic 10/11/17 - PoliceRP Update   

    Niiiice! Other than CERT tear gas, you've hit every single update I've ever wanted into this one.
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  5. iPoopLegos added a post in a topic STATE TROOPER Roster [NEW!]   

    Name: Lego
    Rank: Trooper
    CERT: Yes
    Number: 142
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  6. iPoopLegos added a post in a topic Dreams   

    I had a dream that I was promoted to manager. ;-;
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  7. iPoopLegos added a post in a topic Dela-where?   

    Wilmington, South Carolina; not all of South Carolina. They stole the name of our biggest city. Although you cannot ignore that South Carolina is a tad bit extremely racist.We’re still a good state. Our biggest feature is that we don’t tax customers in stores. Most of our taxes are pretty low, actually. A lot of large companies put their headquarters here, (aka one guy in an office to tell any IRS agent that comes along that these are definetely their main offices,) so that they get large tax cuts. Other than that we don’t really have a lot going on. Other states make fun of us… :(I know. You’re location tag is the reason that I know where Zeeptin lives. Yeah, we were the awkward border states, slave-owning Unioners. Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri.
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  8. iPoopLegos added a post in a topic What's the thing you love best of Gaming Light?   

    My favourite part about the GamingLight was really always the RP. The whole reason that I found this community was because I wanted to find a military-based game that didn’t involve you being the most super-elite so-good-that-they-were-made-a-team-leader-of-a-special-united-states-marines-super-duper-extra-elite squadron, but instead just had you as an average soldier that killed people sometimes, and had a complex ranking system. I saw GamingLight MilitaryRP - NEED STAFF, gave it a try, and fell in love.
    And because we have so many people in our community from around the world, you can come on at almost any time, and see other players to interact with.
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  9. iPoopLegos added a post in a topic Dumbest thing you've done while tired   

    I started a campaign against another MilitaryRP moderator.
    And that’s why I’m not a MilitaryRP moderator anymore.
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  10. iPoopLegos added a topic in General Discussions   

    Here is a nice little information guide for the great state of Delaware.
    First off, we are the 49th largest state in the United States, (50th is Rhode Island,) as well as 49th most populated (50th is Alaska.)
    We were the first state (none of that diamond state bullcrap,) as our great John Hancock (I think he was Delawarean… we have a life insurance company called John Hancock Life Insurance somewhere in Newark, so imma assume hes Delawarean) decided that having rights was for pussies, and signed the documents first so that Delaware could be something other than the United States’ favourite way to measure big things.
    We have three counties, all of which I will describe to you precisely the same as how a northern Delaware social studies teacher would put it. First we have New Castle County, home of Wilmington, #1 murder rate for a small city in all of the United States (yay?) Kent County, home of our capital of Dover, and the least cared about county, and Sussex, home of a beach. BTW Wilmington is the biggest little city, Reno can go suck a lemon.
    If it wasn’t for our lovely little murderous city of Wilmington, Delaware would likely be a right-wing state, but apparently people who shoot other people for a living don’t like Trump, so there’s just enough votes to make Delaware’s electoral college people vote for Hillary.
    Delaware was one of those awkward states during the Civil War where for some god damn reason the Union allowed us to be with them, but still let our “slower lower” (Sussex) have slaves. Just like Zeeptin’s very own Maryland.
    Delaware is known within Delaware for a bad font choice for all of our police cars. I’ve legit seen this same font on tubs of apple sauce: http://www.policecarwebsite.net/fc/rwcar4h/wilm.htm
    We as a state love to hire way too many K-9 Units, then rather than using them to stop criminals, we show them to random public schools, as well as land state police helicopters on students, (there was a track completely filled with every student in the god damn school last year for an assembly when the Delaware State Police decided “ooh, lets land a helicopter right here where all of the small defenseless children are.”) No, it wasn’t an emergency. They just felt like landing a helicopter instead of just driving a car like everyone else.
    Dela-where, you may ask. Here —> https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C9BKJA_enUS702US703&hl=en-US&biw=1024&bih=653&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=mhXPWfCtB4jXmAHe2q5Q&q=where+is+delaware&oq=where+is+delaware&gs_l=mobile-gws-img.3..0l5.4671.9359.0.9500.
    And I will now leave this off saying that Wilmington, South Carolina is a disgrace to us all; Sussex County needs to get some better education; and the Delaware State Police needs to stop landing helicopters on people.
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  11. iPoopLegos added a post in a topic Nolan's - Head Admin Promotion Application   

    +/- Support
    Didn’t he only just get Super Admin? I feel like you should spend more time as a Super Admin before you become a Head Admin.
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  12. iPoopLegos added a post in a topic Winterishcrane's Trial Mod Application   

    New to the community.
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  13. iPoopLegos added a post in a topic Beckett's half a Million giveaway!   

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  14. iPoopLegos added a post in a topic Warn   

    By the sound of the situation, the reporter should be banned for causing trouble to staff, (not for long, but for some time.) Bans have been issued to players who decide to refuse to listen to any staff in a sit, and just yell that they want a higher staff member instead, (nobody said that they were, but I bet you that they were saying that they want to go straight to Zeeptin, or something. The people that say that they are going to go on the forums because they’re unsatisfied with the decisions of staff tend to be the same people that are prone to minge, complain, player diss, etc.)
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  15. iPoopLegos added a post in a topic IIToxic_YediII Trial Mod Application   

    Inactive in-game.No experience staffing.Replied to opposing staff application.
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