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  1. iPoopLegos added a post in a topic What is your dream job?   

    Eh, I have a few…
    AstronomerAir Force Drone Pilot (All of the rewards with none of the dying on the front lines.)Video Game DeveloperUS DHS Border Patrol (Pretty much just sit there staring at the Mexican border for eight hours per day.)ICBM Launcher (All of the rewards with none of the dying on the front lines, plus not much work to do during peace time. You’ll only need to do anything if “Rocket Man” decides to play with his toy hydrogen bombs, and even then your job is essentially to punch in a few digits, and turn a key.)CongressmanLawyerJudge
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  2. iPoopLegos added a post in a topic Having In-game problems   

    I used to have that problem too, but it fixed as soon as I downloaded Half-Life 2: Episode Two. I’m not sure if there are any Half-Life 2: Episode Two texture packs on Workshop, (if you don’t already have Half-Life 2: Episode Two, nor want to buy it.) I already had the game, so I just downloaded it.I remember that that used to be a major problem back in MilitaryRP. I’ve never really seen it on PoliceRP, though… 
    I suggest using this so that your bug reports can be handled profesionally, rather than just being responsed to by a bunch of random, bored people on the forums: http://www.gaminglight.com/main/forum/90-bug-reports/
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  3. iPoopLegos added a post in a topic Andy's t-mod app   

    Inactive in-game.Inactive on forums.Far too many violations of the rules.No poll.No effort in application.No experience staffing.Riddled with spelling/grammar errors.
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  4. iPoopLegos added a post in a topic Thank you PoliceRP Staff   

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  5. iPoopLegos added a post in a topic Can You Kill without Signs   

    I suggest typing in console:
    bind "(key)" "say /advert WARN 1/2/3"If you do that three times with three seconds between each time, you are allowed to kill that person, (make sure that they know that it’s them being warned.)
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  6. iPoopLegos added a post in a topic What is your favorite job?   

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  7. iPoopLegos added a post in a topic T-Mod(Fixed)(Updated)   

    No poll.Staff on another server/community.
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  8. iPoopLegos added a post in a topic INXOGS trail mod app   

    This application was made literally one hour after their last one, which was denied because…
    Inactive in-game.Far too many violations of the rules.Been in a lot of sits with.Does not understand the rules.No effort in application.No experience staffing.Riddled with spelling/grammar errors.Staff restricted.
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  9. iPoopLegos added a post in a topic How To Play GTA Online   

    You guys should add the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas logic of “steal an ambulance, become a medic; steal a police car, become a police officer.”
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  10. iPoopLegos added a post in a topic State Trooper: Role Call [3 Days to respond]   

    In Game Name: Lego
    Rank: Trooper
    Unit Number: 142
    When you joined: Fifth of May, 2017.
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  11. iPoopLegos added a post in a topic Josh tmod app   

    Lied in application.No effort in application.No experience staffing. {With servers not of their own.}Did not answer all of the questions. (Have you read the staff guidelines at http://gaminglight.com/main/topic/8889-staff-handbook/? You will be tested on it:)
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  12. iPoopLegos added a post in a topic Ban appeal   

    +/- Support
    Punishment too harsh.Cons
    Replied to their own application.Lied in application.No effort in application.Gave little to no information.
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  13. iPoopLegos added a post in a topic Trail mod   

    Replied to their own staff application.No experience staffing.No effort in application.Riddled with spelling, and grammar errors.Very inactive on forums.Didn’t answer all questions, (why do you believe that you deserve the rank?)+++!!!Congratgulations!!!+++
    That was your 100th post :D
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  14. iPoopLegos added a topic in Forum Diplomat Applications   

    Lego’s Forum Diplomat Application
    In-Game Name: Lego
    Steam Name: [GL] iPoopLegos
    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:110421542
    Are you a Moderator+? Yes, I am a moderator for the PoliceRP staff team.
    How many post do you have on the website? As I am writing this, I have 307 posts.
    How often are you online on the forums? I am online whenever it is possible for me to do so. In fact, I’m likely online too much. I have lost at least one to two days worth of sleep on these forums, wether it be replying to posts, making my own posts, updating profile view leaderboards, completely re-designing profile view leaderboard layouts, making sure that my profile is always 100% accurate, etc.
    What timezone are you in? United States Eastern Standard Time (GMT +04:00) (Same as Zeeptin, assuming that he really is from Maryland.)
    Why would you want to join our Forum Diplomat team? I feel that forum rules—as well as rules in general—are only as useful as the people enforcing them, and I want to help maintain the quality of these forums, and protect them from bad people.
    Would you consider yourself to have good judgement? If so, how? It seems rather egotistical to say this, but yes. It is fairly rare that I need to ask for help from another staff member in the game—in fact, sometimes people trust me to help them.
    How would you deal with a situation where a user is spamming the shoutbox due to getting banned from one of our servers? The first thing I would do is mute the person, (or whatever it would take to get them to stop spamming the shoutbox. I would then find a good way to contact them, (forum private messages, TeamSpeak, etc.) and politely explain what they did wrong, and explain how they could fix their behaviour in the future. I would then use both their cooperation with me, and any previous offenses to determine wether or not I should give them a full forum strike. I would also at some point give them the appropriate links for an appeal. And I would of course at some point during this situation delete at least most of the unnecessary posts in the shoutbox, if not all. However, if any of their shouts were in any way racist, in any other way offensive, I would likely skip a couple of steps, and ban them for the appropriate time, as racism is untolerable.
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  15. iPoopLegos added a post in a topic John Kyle-Tmod APP   

    Replied to their own staff application.Allegedly screamed at people in OOC chat.Inactive on forums.I honestly don’t remember ever seeing a “John Kyle” online.Lied in staff application.No effort.
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