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  1. Alsher added a post in a topic WAC BUFF   

    With a recent update that came out all helicopters that had the flip issue have been fixed. As well as donation helicopters/jets are new variations that have new very powerful components.
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  2. Alsher added a topic in Updates   

    MilitaryRP - Update - 2/22/18

    [Added]New Vehicles to a majority of the higher ranking classes and to all of SZ/Marines and MP.New Class: RU/US: Light Weaponized DroneNew Class: RU/US: Heavy Weaponized Drone(T5)New Class: RU/US Spetsnaz KGB/Marine Marsoc: Juggernaut (T5) New Class: RU/US Spetsnaz KGB/Marine Marsoc: Explosive Specialist(T3)New Class: RU/US Spetsnaz KGB/Marine Marsoc: PointmanNew Class: RU/US Air Force: Basic Helicopter PilotNew Class: RU/US Air Force: Basic Fighter Pilot[Fixed/Changed]Spetsnaz Brigade changed to KGBDrone Distances and several small tweaks added.Changed the Helicopters/Planes of the donation pilot classes[Removed]Removed Class: RU/US Helicopter Pilot(T1)Removed Class: RU GRU Special ForcesRemoved Class: RU/US Spetsnaz/Marines Heavy GunnerRemoved Class: RUAF ADF Special ForcesRemoved Class: US Ranger Special ForcesRemoved Class: USAF MAJCOM Special ForcesRemoved Class: US/RU EOD(T2)Planned to all be in ASAP but not all of it may be in today. It may take a few days for the full implementation 
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  3. Alsher added a post in a topic Omnistars Trial Moderator Application   

    Denied, Mixed feelings in community, Please reapply in 2 weeks.
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  4. Alsher added a post in a topic Soileau's Superadmin Application   

    Denied, Due to recent controversy and a mixed feeling between the community and I, you will have to reapply in 2 weeks.
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  5. Alsher added a post in a topic Adding Blackjack to the UN room   

    I Will try to get these re implemented asap
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  6. Alsher added a post in a topic Syrup's Trial Moderator Application   

    Denied. Please wait a week or so to reapply as several people believe you need to be here a little longer before reapplying!
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  7. Alsher added a post in a topic Konrad's T-Mod App   

    Accepted Congratulations! Speak to me in order to receive a staff trainer.
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  8. Alsher added a post in a topic JAYS TMOD APP   

    Denied. No Support from the community
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  9. Alsher added a topic in Suggestions   

    Suggestion Format
    Please follow the format this will make it easier for us to see and understand your suggestion
    Before posting a suggestion please check the archive section to see if anyone has mentioned what you want to suggest. If you fail to do this your post will be closed and moved to archive. 
    Make your post short and simple and straight to the point, We will not read 8 paragraphs of text.
    What you want to see? - 
    Why should we add it? - 
    What are the advantages of having this? -
    Who is it mainly for? -
    Links to any content - 
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  10. Alsher added a post in a topic Scheffer - Staff Report   

    If this video has edited out an apology or anything else I would like to see the whole thing. Obviously Scheffer did a wrong thing here, but if he owned up to it without needing this post I would go lighter on a punishment. Please attach the full video or at least a few more minutes after the scene.
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  11. Alsher added a post in a topic Frantic's T-Mod App   

    Accepted! Congratulations! Please speak to me or Perry to receive a staff trainer.
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  12. Alsher added a post in a topic Adding new helis to The MAJCOM Transport job   

    I am doing a very large update for the server soon that includes large aircraft changes so don’t worry!
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  13. Alsher added a post in a topic My Time Has Come - Fairwell   

    To be honest, thought I would be dead before you resigned. Overall, I know we had our ups and downs as well. I hope that in the end my presence as a Manager and if I dare say so “friend” was a positive one. Good luck to where ever you go and I will continue to look after MilitaryRP.
    P.S. You can always message me if you need me to carry you in fortnite again ;)
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  14. Alsher added a post in a topic A Transporter Class   

    A Class similar to this concept has already been in the works and will be implemented in the future!
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  15. Alsher added a post in a topic Google's custom class (previous issues resolved)   

    Alright Thats fine thank you for the edit
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