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  1. Alsher added a post in a topic Yards T-MOD Application   

    Accepted! Please speak to me or Gustard to receive a staff trainer.
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  2. Alsher added a post in a topic Spawn's Trail Moderator Application   

    Accepted. Please Speak to me or Gustard to get a trainer.
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  3. Alsher added a post in a topic Zer0's Trial Mod Application   

    Denied, Not enough support from the community
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  4. Alsher added a post in a topic Alsher's LOA   

    Update: Storm basically over but no power... so I can't get on.
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  5. Alsher added a topic in Staff Announcements   

    Alsher's LOA
    Many of you have heard by now about hurricane Irma by now. I will be in able to be on today, tommorow and if my power goes out then I will have to wait until it's back up. Good luck to all of you that are facing this hurricane and I hope everything works out for me and anyone else facing the storm. #PrayForFlorida
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  6. Alsher added a post in a topic New Jobs   

    Denied.For the tank crewman, we literally already had this tank in and it didnt work well at all. Unless you find a different well working one that isn't very large in size then it wont happen. Then the little bird class is just a transport helicopter and attack helicopter which you know most people are just going to attack with it.
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  7. Alsher added a post in a topic RU Major General Cole - Leaving 60 hour notice   

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  8. Alsher added a post in a topic Arnold's Trial Moderator application   

    Accepted, Speak to me or Gustard to get your staff trainer.
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  9. Alsher added a post in a topic Jhonsons Staff app   

    Accepted, Speak to me or Gustard to get your trainer.
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  10. Alsher added a topic in RU Military   

    Russian Officer Meetings (All Branches)
    Every Saturday at 8 pm eastern Russian officers regardless of branch (2Lt and above) will be required to be on the the teamspeak for an officer meeting.
    During these meetings we will being up topics for new information that will help any and all officers do better at their job. We will give out any new forms and documents that you may need during these meetings as well. Also, if you attend the meetings, you have a chance to be promoted at it as long as you are active and do a good job as an officer.
    If you can't make it because you are busy or have work or whatever, You must post here under this format:
    If you fail to show up to a meeting and don't post here, you will receive a warning and then a strike; punishments will only get worse. You must also post it before the meeting and not the next day or anything like that. At these meetings, A general will host it and will give out any new forms or information about the RU that you officers may need in order to do your job better. If for some reason none of the generals are available for the meeting, It will be postponed or maybe even canceled. 
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  11. Alsher added a post in a topic Commander Jobs and may be Officer Jobs having a Transporter truck   

    I will share this with Zeeptin in order to get it added to commanders and generals! Thank you for the suggestion!
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  12. Alsher added a post in a topic Mario's Trial-Mod Application   

    Accepted, Speak to me or Gustard to receive a trainer. Due to the communities mixed feelings for you, you will be put on an extended t-mod period.
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  13. Alsher added a post in a topic Event Idea   

    Spawn killing would be to large of an issue especially split up into 2 armies attacking each other's bases.
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  14. Alsher added a post in a topic Event idea   

    This is already an event.
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  15. Alsher added a post in a topic Replacing The Mosin   

    Actually the fire rate is so low on each sniper that reloading between shots doesn't reduce the amount of shots per minute the rifle has. As for scopes each sniper has their own scopes some with more zoom others with less. So instead of complaining with what you have learn to use it more efficiently.
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