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  1. Miller added a post in a topic Noah Rod- Not listening   

    First Off I cant staff restrict anyone and what I said is that valk said that if u lose your rank at that time you would get a staff restriction for 6 months but if you wait out the 48 hours there is no punishment.
    Think that should clear that up
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  2. Miller added a post in a topic Chiefs Promotion to LT   

    Please add a poll to this app or else it will not be looked at. And will most likely be denied for incorrect format. Thanks
    -Chief Miller
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  3. Miller added a post in a topic T Johnson Police App   

    -Chief Miller
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  4. Miller added a post in a topic THE SPETSNAZS CANNOT BLEND IN.   

    The only Issue is trying to find a different model that blends in more.
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  5. Miller added a post in a topic Health charge   

    I Like this Idea
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  6. Miller added a post in a topic Add a knife for taliban rpg   

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  7. Miller added a post in a topic Staff   

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