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  1. [GL] Phoenix Overlord added a post in a topic Updates Coming to MethRP   

    This is a much needed change and I will it will help bring players and staff like myself back to the server as I never got on because it was never populated and always had 0 players in it whenever i got on g-mod.
    Also zeeptin what is going to happen to all the players like myself who had custom classes on the server because i had 2 with both having alot of money in them.
  2. [GL] Phoenix Overlord added a topic in General   

    Make MethRP Great Again (New Server Ideas)
    So myself, valk, and zeeptin were all in teamspeak chatting on how to get methrp populated again and I suggested to make it more like a drug rp and have different jobs for different drugs and such. As of right now Weed has been added back in and a much more complex meth cooking has been added with the possibility to make 150k per bath of meth. Yes you heard that right you can now make a whooping 150k per batch if its perfect and mind you to do this only cost just over 20k as I have tested it already.
    My suggestion to the community is if you guys want more drugs added in to make a more a variety of drug making you can do and not just meth anymore and make it a more of a drugrp than a methrp. Zeeptin stated to me in teamspeak that he will get more drugs added in if you guys want more but as if right now it's going to be just weed and the new meth system unless the community wants more.
    This is what we currently have in the server:
    Meth: https://scriptfodder.com/scripts/view/1210/another-meth-lab
    Weed: https://scriptfodder.com/scripts/view/3357/the-weed-plant
    This is the possibility of what could be added in if the community wants more drugs to be added to the server:
    Mushrooms: https://scriptfodder.com/scripts/view/1604/growing-mushrooms-youll-be-seeing-something-crazy
    LSD: https://scriptfodder.com/scripts/view/3238/final-lsd-mod
    Cocaine: https://scriptfodder.com/scripts/view/2381/enhanced-cocaine-laboratory
    General Drug Dealer (this job would be a general job that could make all drugs but at a cost of not making as much as a specific job such as just making meth or cocaine and such): https://scriptfodder.com/scripts/view/1823/gdrugs
    So if you guys want more give this post a like and plus support and comment below what drugs you wanted added in. Again if you guys, the community doesn't give support or doesn't want more than it will be just meth and weed which is where it was before.
    Thanks for the support,
    MethRP Super Admin Phoenix
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  3. [GL] Phoenix Overlord added a post in a topic @Valk And @Zee   

    I mean its good that they streamed it as it brought in alot of players but no staff were on and i had to get cube to get on and then jesse after cube left. As they also brought in a lot of minges and mass rdmers, and mass cdmers.
  4. [GL] Phoenix Overlord added a post in a topic Something I dont understand   

    I will back you up. Cug you were mass staff and player disrespecting when we were pd raiding. Plus you were a hobo who didn't advert anything so you were fail rping since you were in pd at the time plus we killed you and you came straight back breaking nlr hence why you got banned. You clearly have no intent to rp as you are constantly disrespecting players and staff and now you have an abuse report against you.
    And to go back on the whole taser thing, you cant taser someone if they are shooting at you aka a gunfight. It's called taser rush if you do taser in a gunfight as its a cheap way to end a gunfight and you wouldnt see it in real life were a cop rushes in no taser a guy shooting at them no they would shoot back and kill the person shooting at them,
  5. [GL] Phoenix Overlord added a post in a topic QUESTION ABOUT CUSTOM CLASSES   

    if it's under 6mb its included in the $50 price tag for the class but it's over 6 but under 15 then it's an extra 10 bucks to get it and if it's over 15 but under 25 its and extra 20 bucks to get it
  6. [GL] Phoenix Overlord added a post in a topic Phoenix breaking rules   

    LMAO Video shows nothing I had cameras so i knew what car you took so i setup an ambush nowhere near where i died so it doesnt break NLR also it was past the 3 minute NLR time anyways so good job. Also that video shows that you both got killed by cops and were salty. If you want to cry every time you get killed then go somewhere else we don't need toxic people like you in this community.
    Mind you later on you both of you were admin disrepecting but I only warned one of you and your base was completely against the rules but luckly you both were running your mouths how it was fine and jesse was with me and agreed with me.
    Massive -Support
    Also this not the right area for staff abuse
  7. [GL] Phoenix Overlord added a post in a topic Admin Abuse/Harassment & RDM   

    This First Photo I literally walked up to Valk with my Negev out and so he shot me and managed to kill me before I could kill him. Stop trying to make staff look bad just because ur a salty kid.
  8. [GL] Phoenix Overlord added a post in a topic Wanted System   

    The wanted system in general just needs to get removed as there isn't any point to having it. There is no jail so you cant arrest anyone. It just needs to get removed.
  9. [GL] Phoenix Overlord added a post in a topic Staff Role Call **STAFF MUST READ**   

    In-Game Name: PhoenixOverlord
    Rank: Head Admin
    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:18403459
  10. [GL] Phoenix Overlord added a post in a topic Bug List *Will Update as needed*   

    List has been updated with new bugs and glitches such as zombies spawning below the map and being to hit you still.
  11. [GL] Phoenix Overlord added a post in a topic WDRP Suggestions *Updated as Needed*   

    Added New Suggestions and Removed Old Suggestions that Have been added or removed from the server.
  12. [GL] Phoenix Overlord added a post in a topic New and Interesting Classes   

    I would have to agree to this and make it so that the sniper get the m82 and medics get the first aid kit and defibs. Also that these branches make it so they are vip only to give more of a push to get vip+ because right now there isn't much going or reason to get it.
  13. [GL] Phoenix Overlord added a post in a topic Sound in game   

    I've had the same problem. The map sounds are way too loud in my opinion. As far as gun sound I believe that FAS weapons were always generally loud. And as far a zombie sounds they are loud at all in fact they are the lowest volume at of everything else.
  14. [GL] Phoenix Overlord added a post in a topic Stacker Tool   

    true which is why i've always been against getting stacker tool and precision tool added in
  15. [GL] Phoenix Overlord added a post in a topic New and Interesting Classes   

    In deed like Noe Said it doesn't really fit in since there already is the military in the server. If you want check out my suggestions as i stated that they should add in a variety of military classes and have the military commander replace the mayor.