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  1. [GL] Alec added a post in a topic Moderators power's   

    We believe that moderators do not need kick and ban powers, that is what higher staff and management is for. If you would like to have these powers you will need to be active and you will be considered for a promotion.
  2. [GL] Alec added a topic in General   

    PoliceRP Staff MUST Read!
    Valkyri3 is going LOA for a little while, during this time I will be in charge. DO NOT at ANY point message or poke Valkyri3 on TeamSpeak
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  3. [GL] Alec added a post in a topic I will be on and off   

    I understand, take all the time you need. Sorry for your loss and I hope you feel better soon!
  4. [GL] Alec added a post in a topic We need a shooting range in PD and town   

    If you find room in the PD for one, I will look to see if u can get one added
  5. [GL] Alec added a post in a topic My gangs have been deleted   

    please report this in the bug report section, but the issue is being looked into.
  6. [GL] Alec added a topic in General   

    37th is back!
    Since the former commander (Link) has taken over ARC, he has given the opportunity to take over the battalion. I will be striving to make it a semi-serious RP battalion which means that there hopefully be lots of role play with the medical bay and treating wounded in combat. If you are interested in joining the battalion, you can either message me in teamspeak or find me in game. I will be holding tryouts daily to try to get the population of the battalion up.
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  7. [GL] Alec added a post in a topic Did smalls cross the gate?   

    No, but it is clear you are cop baiting which is against the rules.
  8. [GL] Alec added a post in a topic December Military Staff Role-Call   

    Name: Alec
    Rank: SA
    Steam ID: Hotshot knows it
  9. [GL] Alec added a post in a topic Situation Wrongly Handled   

    We did not kick you, we moved you out for being very disrespectful.
  10. [GL] Alec added a post in a topic Bigg's 91st Commander Application   

    Great guy
    Knows how to rp
    Knows how to lead
  11. [GL] Alec added a post in a topic Flava's 501st Commander Application   

    Great guy
    Knows how to rp
    Great leader
  12. [GL] Alec added a post in a topic Flame Trooper Reccomendation   

    + support
    Great idea
    Adds more ways to have fun on the server
  13. [GL] Alec added a post in a topic Shawn - 107th Commander Application   

    Great guy
    Knows what to do
  14. [GL] Alec added a topic in Commander Applications   

    Alec 5th Fleet Commander application
    Name: CPT Alec
    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:61154797
    Level: 7
    Battalion you are applying for: 5th Fleet Security
    Current Rank in Battalion: CPT
    Estimated time in Battalion: 2-3 days
    What you could bring to leading the Battalion: As the highest ranking officer in the battalion, I think I could take over and lead the battalion. I have had experience in 5th before and have got high ranks in certain battalions. In my opinion I am a good leader and can take charge when other people are messing around and not doing what they were told to do. Gmod is my most played game on steam and I enjoy roleplaying on servers like this one. I hold multiple staff ranks on other GL servers and know how the game works.
    Current Rank (ex. Cadet, Moderator, Admin, etc.): User
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  15. [GL] Alec added a post in a topic Staff Role Call **STAFF MUST READ**   

    Greg Olson