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  1. Toxic added a post in a topic FBI Report   

    Administrative inquiry opened by the Commisioner and Deputy Commissioner into this matter.
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  2. Toxic added a post in a topic Leaving the yukis   

    Wow, I’m not thanked after I tried to solve so many problems....okay
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  3. Toxic added a post in a topic Sheriff Model   

    Already being looked into by Sheriff Command.
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  4. Toxic added a post in a topic Bring back PoliceRP 2 ( the photon serious rp one )   

    Moderator to Manager. Seems legit, my boys.
    We don’t need to add a second PoliceRP FOR NOW. We have way too many projects behind the scenes already. Also, no offense, but their are plenty of people here who know GLua (Not that hard, been doing it for about six years), it doesn’t entitle you to a position and development and managing are two different ballparks.
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  5. Toxic added a post in a topic Mikedagamer - False Warn Report   

    Insufficient Evidence
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  6. Toxic added a post in a topic Any information.   

    Just saying this because I have the ability to strategize as a criminal, why not try to get information about other gangs that you dislike, and throw them under the bus to BSI? Good strategy.
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  7. Toxic added a topic in Civillian Department   

    San Andreas Civillian Affairs Department

    San Andres Civilian Affairs Department
    Any individual wishing to join our new FiveM server as a Civilian should fill out the following application
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  8. Toxic added a topic in Blaine County Sheriffs Office   

    Blaine County Sheriff's Office Application Interest

    Blaine County Sheriff's Office Interest of Employment
    Any individual wishing to apply for employment as a Deputy Sheriff under the Blaine County Sheriff's Office should fill out this application, please fill it out truthfully and to the best of your ability.
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  9. Toxic added a topic in General   

    Current FiveM Staff

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  10. Toxic added a post in a topic Last played song.
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  11. Toxic added a post in a topic FBI Discord???????????????   

    You guys realize you could have asked Snar and I to make private channels for you...
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  12. Toxic added a topic in Community Annoucements   

    30,000 Members!

    [An open letter to all members of the Gaminglight Community]
    We are very pleased to announce that we have reached over 30,000 members in our Steam Group! We could not have done this without the assistance of every Player, and Staff member. Every member of SMT is truly grateful for all the hard work you all do to populate our servers, forums, and our big family as a whole. Every single member of this community is valued, and that will always remain the case. It's so amazing to see that from February 21st, 2018, where we reached 29,000 members, to now 3/19/2018, where we have reached 30,000 members! Gaminglight will continue to thrive and we hope you all will support it for years to come!
    [NOTE: Seeing as no other member of SMT has posted this, i took the initiative to do so]
    Kind Regards, 

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  13. Toxic added a post in a topic Staff report on Deathstrider and Ryan the epic guy   

    Not going to post an official response at this time, but I am going to correct the staff members on this post who I hope will reread the handbook as some of them should know by now, per the staff handbook:
    Failure to be on-duty when the amount of staff per players is under will result in a staff strike, This includes if you are AFK or have previously been on, Their is no excuse!
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  14. Toxic added a post in a topic State Trooper spawn   

    Fixed issue awhile back, locking thread.
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  15. Toxic added a post in a topic Deputy's weapon restriction   

    The new policy has been placed, and I will politely ask you to watch your tone, I have plenty more to do then just watch people in a department, that was the whole point of the Supervisor addition to Sheriffs.
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