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  1. Hotshot added a post in a topic LuckyWolf777 - Staff Application WDRP   

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  2. Hotshot added a post in a topic All Of My WDRP Suggestions   

    Instead of telling us what to do and what to be done can you suggest what stuff is needed is stead of saying "Make it easier to make money" we dont know what you want to see in the server
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  3. Hotshot added a topic in Ban Appeals   

    Ban Appeal Format
    You must fill out this form in order to be considered for a unban.
    Steam Name: 
    Ingame Name:
    Ban Length:
    Admin that Banned you:
    Reason for Ban:
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  4. Hotshot added a post in a topic CPT snookiebear - PoliceRP Promotion   

    "Not Fit for the job"
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  5. Hotshot added a post in a topic Why do i have a strike?   

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  6. Hotshot added a topic in Police   

    Link - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dvioMCQn3rp-TqB6KM-yYiXZtvYh1De828YYNEiSYFA/edit#gid=0
    If not added contact Command
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  7. Hotshot added a post in a topic WOLFY,S CPT APP   

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  8. Hotshot added a post in a topic Venator Crew Guidelines   

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  9. Hotshot added a post in a topic StackableGold's App   

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  10. Hotshot added a post in a topic Michael's CPT App   

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  11. Hotshot added a post in a topic Dribbles Admin Application - Police RP   

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  12. Hotshot added a post in a topic Major Comander app   

    Doesnt state what battalion there are multiple Assault 
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  13. Hotshot added a post in a topic Hotshot 501st Commander App   

    Yes Private
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  14. Hotshot added a post in a topic Star Wars Commanders and Generals!!   

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:150431138
    In-game Name: Was Grand Admiral Hotshot
    Reason why you think you are ready to lead an army: I prob have one of the most experience's of leading troopers and sorting out an army and that i believe that i can make the Grand Army of the Republic be a success for the Server and make sure that i have the best commanders within the server and make it so we are able to beat the Separatist and the Sith. OR THE OTHER WAY ROUND IF IM NOT ACCEPTED FOR REPUBLIC AND MAYBE I CAN RUN FOR THE ONE AND ONLY GENERAL GRIEVOUS
    Qualification: Grand Admiral, Grand Master Yoda, General of the Army and prob the highest you will see
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  15. Hotshot added a topic in Accepted   

    Hotshot 501st Commander App
    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:150431138
    In-game Name: Grand Admiral Hotshot (WAS MY LAST INGAME NAME)
    Battalion (Applying for): 501st
    Why should you be Commander?:
    I Believe that i has the experience to become a Commander since i was the Grand Admiral of the ship i am strict i know what to do in all types of situations i am good at the front lines battalions along side the other Front line battalions.
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